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Published: Monday, Sept. 17 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hayden, ID

That Ute fan (student or not) will always have to live with the shame of his behavior. Punishment enough! Low class always seeks its own! Welcome to RES!

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

non-issue, this is stupid. Just the BYU media trying to put make BYU look tough.

utah, UT

The U must be so proud of their boy. Ask Kyle what he thinks of his fans. Glad Im an Aggie!


Always dissapointint to see someone act like that. I though Coach Mendenhall handled it wonderfully, (Always been a fan of his). No need for a fan of any team to act like that. Good luck on thursday BYU.
Go Utes!!!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Soundtrack: Grrrrrrrr!
Translation: Guess we whupped you pansie boys again!

Soundtrack: Ruff! Ruff!
Translation: Don't you turn your back on me when I'm taunting you!

Soundtrack: Yipe! Yipe! Yipe!
Translation: Mommeeeeeee!

Salt Lake City, UT

Just because a fan buys a ticket doesn't give them the right to do whatever they want at a game or yell whatever they want at a player or coach without a reaction. Fans need to stay in the stands.

I'm with Bronco and Falslev on this one.

Tempe, AZ

I'm a proud Ute fan, but this fan is a fool. He should not have been on the field (rushing the field for anything other than a championship is ridiculous).

Good on Bronco for putting him in his place and good on Bronco for keeping his cool. I hope this fan enjoys the years of jabs, swipes, and ridicule this video will afford him.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Okay, so I'm not overly proud of my last comment. Even (theoretically) adults occasionally do childish things.

I'm sure JD will regret that one instant for some time to come. This fan will probably come to regret his moment of fame/shame for some time too.

Why do we let athletic events define and occasionally tarnish who we are and what we are trying to become? My hats off to the civil Ute and reasonable BYU fans who have set a better standard for me and others.

Omaha, NE

What did contention do for either side. The fans were ridiculous after the win. How sad. What was Bronco going to do? Stare at him for what purpose? I for one am glad that this rivalry will slowly die. The games are not worth the resulting behavior.


Lynchburg, VA

Some BYU fans on here, all I have to ask is, really?
Yeah, let's make sweeping generalizations about an entire fan base based on the actions of one dumb kid. That shows a lot of class.

At either rate, this video was hilarious; I think we have finally seen the face of Chris B! Just kidding Chris, no hard feelings. But Bronco would have messed this kid up had the kid come any closer, and the kid knew it. Props to Bronco on not acting or saying anything, being the bigger man (physically and in maturity) and allowing this guy to get his due by getting his mug on camera.

Once again, good game Cougs, and I for one hope this rivalry keeps going, but that my fellow Ute fans actually act like we've been here before.

Go Utes!

Murray, UT

I am a big Utah fan but this type of fan behavior is truly embarrassing and uncalled for. No visiting coach or player should have to put up with this kind of fan behavior. Chris Hill and the U need to take a strong position against this type of behavior by identifying these fans through pictures, videos, etc and prohibiting them from entering Utah athletic facilities and/or buy seasong tickets to U athletic events for a justifiable period of time. Only then will fans like this get the message. And I for one do not want them in the stadium.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Let me try and tone down my initial comment. The Utah fan was waaaaay out of line. Embarassing. It should never of happened, and I applaud Bronco for keeping his cool!

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Re: Wookie,
"Stare at him for what purpose?" Are you a parent, or have you ever been in a position where you know that all you have to do is give your counterpart a certain look? Bronco's an intelligent guy, and he likely knows that anyone like that will do just what he did with a simple couple of steps toward him. Despite being upset about the game, he likely smiled to himself after sending that punk scurrying.

Albany, NY

This fan acted very inappropriately. I am ashamed of the students who act like this. Come on fellow Utes, get it together and for goodness sake stop rushing the field. Act like you've been there before. Kudos to Coach Roscoe for showing restraint. More than ever I would like to see the game go away for five years. Let's get some perspective folks on both sides.

Furthermore, (per the first portion of the video) will my fellow Ute fans stop wearing head dress to the games? Did you not see and hear the AD's pleas to respect the Ute tribe by ceasing this juvenile and stereotypical behavior? Please.

Highland, UT

Frankly this is not uncommon behavior for utah "fans". The attempts to pretend this sort of behavior goes on equally between both fanbases is also ridiculous.

At the last BYU/utah game in res I attended. On my way into the stadium a utah "fan" came running up to me. got directly in my face and started yelling "You leave! You leave now!". Never in my life have I seen that occur at LES from a BYU fan to a utah "fan". Once in the stadium my seats were on the west side. 2 rows in front of us was an obviously drunk idiot, he had a flask he kept drinking from. Every time the KSL helicopter flew overhead he would jump up, flip it off and yell "blanking Mormons!" as loud as he could. Not one utah "fan" told him to cut it out although I could tell many were embarrassed by it.

Really this is not uncommon behavior for utah "fans". No it is not all of them, it isn't even most of them, but it is a large percentage of them. Classless and low.

Shreveport, LA

Perhaps some of you do not know that a longer version of this incident has been posted on You Tube. The one there is a full minute longer than this shorter one, and it shows that the behavior of the guy in suspenders is much worse than the video here suggests. The longer video shows the guy heckling Coach Mendenhall at the beginning of the video, and it shows Bronco looking over his left shoulder for part of his walk down the field. Then we see suspenders boy get in Broncos face again. That indicates that the guy followed Bronco a good 30 yards or perhaps more down the field, probably heckling him all the way. There are also a couple of girls who get in Bronco's face squealing until they are pushed aside by one of the officers accompanying Bronco. Kudos to those Ute fans who have called out this bad fan behavior, but you Ute apologists who have tried to minimize and justify the behavior, you need to rethink your position. Suspenders boy stalked an opposing coach down the field. And by the way, show some respect--it's Coach Mendenhall or Bronco, not Roscoe.

salt lake city, UT


you need a tissue there little guy? ok lets say you've never heard of any byu "fan" do what you "say" happened to you *rollin my eyes*, lets take to youtube and type in "JD Falslev on field after loss to utah 2012". haha yeah your fans and players are both oh so classy...



Duckhunter, I've never been to a game at LES, so I can't attest to what you say, but what I can say is if you don't think it goes on with any consistent frequency, your ignorance must be fulfilling. The last time a friend of mine, a Ute football player from Utah county, went to the mall back home wearing his warm ups, with no provocation or drawing attention to himself (aside from wearing red), he was flipped off by several groups of young men (who, if he had chosen to react, would have gotten it much uglier than whatever Bronco would have been able to give this guy). While leaving the stadium Saturday, I had some guy in a BYU track suit walking behind me and my date barking obscenities much more offensive and hateful than your "blanking Mormons" friend. So, what, are we gonna have an open forum on all the mean things someone from the other side has done to them? Get over it, man.

West Jordan, Utah

This fan obviously made a bad call shouting negative comments towards Bronco. I don't know that he turned cowardice to Bronco's stare. This is becoming the common interpretation since Kevin Graham sold it as so a few days back.

Sure, maybe this fan finally had a reality check when Bronco turned square at him, meaning what was he going to do now?

Still, I don't know if the fan was physically afraid even though if it came down to it, the fan probably would want no part of Bronco. That said, the fan might have just recognized that Bronco, the police, and media cameras around him would have him in the slammer if he laid a hand on Mendenhall.

I don't think Bronco would fight unless the fan touched him first. Bronco is in control.

I think Bronco was calling the fans bluff, knowing the police would arrest this guy if anything else took place (beyond what did). That way Bronco saves himself from any wrong doing and wins the battle without having to battle. Bronco is a head coach who knows what he is doing.

This fan might need therapy now (embarrassing).

Layton, Utah

Yep Max Hall was right yet again. What fan goes after the HC of the other team?? ONLY a Ute fan. Pathetic.

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