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Published: Monday, Sept. 17 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

momentum? really. jobs, failed. american security worldwide, failed. gas prices $4 a gallon, failed. leadership, failed. economy in the toilet, failed. sounds to me like a new definition of momentum. I guess it is true you get momentum when you go downhill.

Durham, NC

Yes, we are now moving off the "I am rubber, you are glue" phase to the "I know you are but what am I" phase campaigning.

I anxiously await the debates to see how there gents work in a less scripted environment, and one where they have to talk about themselves rather than pointing out the flaws in the other candidate. One can hope..... but expectations are extremely low.

Obama needs to explain how he intends to pull the nation off its 1 trillion plus over spending habit.

Romney needs to explain how he really thinks he can go into an economic war with China without damaging the US economy..

Lots more to be told on how they plan on doing things, and mush less on pointing out the other's flaws.

Ogden, UT

I would love to see Willard forced to discuss specifics intead of the general mish-mash he spouts now. I'm tired of his trying to play etch-a-sketch time after time -- it's well-past time to tie him down to something.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

These shifts in strategy in the Romney campaign are because what the campaign has been based on so far are not working. Banking on voter discontent with Obama is not going to carry him to victory. They see that now and time is running out.

Salt Lake City, UT

It sounds like his campaign is in shambles and in need of a "turn around expert". Much like the 2002 Olympic Committee needed in SLC back in 1999?

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

This article is a great example of Associated Press selective fact presentation journalist editorializing

"The struggling campaign" - Why didn't the author point out that Carter was 6 points ahead of Reagan at this point in the campaign

"Lack of momentum" - Romney has continuously narrowed the gap and is on course for November. The supposed convention bump of Obama has disappeared and he still polls below 50%, which is horrible for an incumbent (even in skewed polls that over sample Democrats).

Carter attempted to portray Reagan as a mad warmonger much the same way Obama has tried to portray Romney as a vulture
Carter lost when he debated Reagan and it became obvious Carter was lying.

Obama will face the same problem

Salt Lake City, UT

Tax returns, Mitt. Your credibility suffers more and more every day you don't share them.

And btw, the best tweet seen this week: "The Dow is now at a 4-year high. Obama is the world's worst socialist."

Brigham City, UT

I would love to see BO forced to discuss specifics intead of the general mish-mash he spouts now. I'm tired of his trying to play etch-a-sketch time after time -- it's well-past time to tie him down to something... Giggles.

Ogden, UT

People are discovering the true Mitt. They aren't liking what they are finding. Not in Utah, mind you. Nationally, his numbers are dropping like a rock.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

The biggest hurdle Mitt Romney faces to election is a mainstream media that DESPERATELY is trying to get Barack Obama re-elected.

The last few months they have mostly been "spinning" the facts. Over the weekend I began to see them actually "fibbing".

As desperation sets in for the mainstream media, I suspect it will get much worse.

Durham, NC

Ned, if you aren't sure what the policies are... you're not looking very hard. You can see them every day - for better or worse - because they are in force right now. Hence why there haven't been a lot of questions about "what are you going to do"..... he is doing. Like it or not.

On the other hand, one man is running for office that isn't currently president yet. And he is the one who has the burden of proof to detail what he would do if he had the opportunity to serve. One is doing... the other wants to do. Therefor, yes, the burden on Romney is a bit higher.

This is much along the line of the "Repeal Obamacare" change. That in its self isn't something that is actionable. If you are going to undo something - you must do something else. That something else has never been detailed. Perhaps Obamacare would be easily overturned if we had an option. But this is like discussing with our kids what they will do today - when all they will answer is what they won't do.

Hayden, ID

@ Oldrunner. You are right; people are discovering the real Mitt, not as the Democrats have tried to paint him but as he really is! That’s why he is leading Obama in many of the most recent polls. You can fool some of the people all the time, but nobody can fool all the people all the time! Obama has fooled some people but he isn’t fooling most people!

Richard Larson
Galt, CA

Willard changes his mind yet again?

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

barry never changes his mind? right? gay marriage. i wish barry would as his decisions continue to be disastrous

Ogden, UT


You only need talk to a few Olympic vollunteers to find out that Mitt is not the man he is trying to paint himself as. As for his hiding income tax returns, he has either been less than truethful to the IRS or to the American people. If he releases those documents, it will expose him. It isn't the press that is causing him to drop in the poles, it is his own actions, or lack of action. He has almost no chance of winning in November.

Stephen Kent Ehat
Lindon, UT

When I listen to a speech presented these days by President Obama I feel like I'm listening to a Republican candidate for president. No wonder there's a perception of little difference between him and Mr. Romney. Not only should Mr. Romney clarify his message, to show differences between his and President Obama's policies, but he should also clarify the differences between President Obama's actions and his 2008 promises and his renewals of those promises in 2012. President Obama's speeches and promises do not speak as loudly as his actions and Mr. Romney would do well not only to clarify his own agenda but continue to clarify that President Obama's agenda is revealed more by his actions than by his speeches and promises.

Durham, NC

Changing you mind with a logical rational behind it is a good thing. Only complete fools never change their mind. I don't mind if either change their mind on a issue from time to time, or have those mature over time.

Thank heaven some people have changed their views on race, women vote, equality for all people, non-land holders having the right to vote, people being valued at 3/5th the value of others, segregation, religious freedom. All these represent deviations from the days standard thinking.

A willingness to learn and change you mind shows a thriving intellect. Those who refuse to be open to new ideas show a level of arrogance that I would never want to see in the White House - no matter the party they are aligned to.

Salt Lake City, UT

We've gained private sector jobs 30 months in a row. You conservatives have weird definitions of "failure" and "making things worse".

@Counter Intelligence
"Why didn't the author point out that Carter was 6 points ahead of Reagan at this point in the campaign "

Because that sort of comeback isn't the norm, and Romney is no Reagan.

@ute alumni
"barry never changes his mind? right? gay marriage."

It's obvious that Obama always supported gay marriage during his political career and just kept his view closeted for a while. After all, what the heck does "evolving" mean? It means "like heck am I going to support this until the rest of the nation gets to where having this view doesn't make you unelectable". Basically, it's the same sort of logic that leads Romney to be on just about every side of just about every issue.

Salt Lake City, UT

"That’s why he is leading Obama in many of the most recent polls. "

Real Clear Politics averages of recent polls...
Nationally: Obama 48.5 Romney 45.5 O+3.0
New Hampshire: Obama 47.3 Romney 43.3 O+4.0
Ohio: Obama 48.5 Romney 44.3 O+4.2
Virginia: Obama 48.3 Romney 46.8 O+1.5
Florida: Obama 47.8 Romney 46.5 O+1.3
Wisconsin: Obama 48.2 Romney 46.8 O+1.4
Iowa: Obama 45.0 Romney 44.8 O+0.2
Colorado: Obama 48.3 Romney 45.3 O+3.0
Michigan: Obama 48.0 Romney 41.7 O+6.3
Pennsylvania: Obama 48.7 Romney 40.3 O+8.4
Missouri: Romney 50.3 Obama 43.0 R+7.3
Nevada: Obama 49.0 Romney 45.7 O+3.3
North Carolina: Romney 49.8 Obama 45.0 R+4.8

Before the conventions they were about tied, since the conventions Romney only had a 1-2 point bounce and Obama had 3-4 from his so it's left Obama back up to the 2-3 point lead he had pre-Ryan pick.

Saint George, UT

romney has been running for the POTUS for 8 years...

For Pete's sake.

Surely, by now, with only 50+ days left, undecided voters have got to know the specifics regarding his laser-like formulas to make everything all better real fast?

Now, undecided voters find that the romney campaign will get back to them on specifics?


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