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Published: Sunday, Sept. 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Washington, DC

Cougar fans - Utah beat you with your own tax dollars - $10 million per year of them. No BCS athletic department should ever receive a penny of taxpayer subsidy. We can't do anything about the loss tonight, but we can work together to end the subsidy of the Ute athletic department.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

So much for the senior quarterback bologna! Perhaps the cougars were over rated again. After all Utah got the win without their starting quarterback, their leading rusher, a pair of their best densive backs, and a very poor showing from their punter. BYU even got some help from the Utah fans. Other than that, they can spin the story of BYU fumbleing away the game.


Thanks to the BYU and Utah teams for working hard and giving us a great game. Both teams are filled with men of conviction, grit and toughness that requires the best out of each other.

I hope that the fans can practice the same type of sportsmanship and talk about what a great game this was - played by two very good teams. These men played their hearts out and deserve the kind of sportsmanship and good wishes from both sets of fans.

Congratulation to my rival Utah. You played a great game. I wish you the best of luck until next year.

South Jordan, UT

BYU football: great people. Just not a very good team.


Wait, wait, wait... So he credits the Utes' defense at several points for intimidating the BYU O-Line into 2 errant snaps and multiple false starts, and then he finishes with, "And that's a shame for a very good BYU defense. One of two defenses on the field that did not deserve to lose"? Umm, so Utah's defense DID deserve to lose? After forcing five fumbles (and other near fumbles), one interception, scoring 1 TD, blocking 1 FG (on special teams defense), and making Riley Nelson's demeanor appear absolutely defeated at certain points in the 3rd and 4th quarter? Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Utah defense earned that one.

Franklin, IN

Nice article Richard! Spot on...

Not one me tion of John White joy playing however! It would have benn closer to last years score with him around.

Right Duck and Worff? Right? You all must still be sleeping I guess. Sleep must have been hard to find last night...nightmares are hard to sleep thru!!!

Syracuse, ut

I posted this on another article, about sums up how I feel-

First off congrats to the Utes, they played hard and wanted it more. Once again out-coached and out-played. I was quite happy with how the defense played, they really only gave up 17 points, should be good enough to win. The offense? Yikes, they looked awful at times, I love Riley and he has the heart of a lion, but he looked and acted shell-shocked the whole game. For a senior qb, it was just really strange. I am sure we will beat the WAC nobodies, but it looks like Riley will get flustered against good defenses. And how about the line block somebody on field goals at RES? Good grief. Utah owns us, nothing else to say, congrats again Utes.

Barney Google
Beaver, UT

Great Teams Force Turnovers.

The Utes are in the Cougies heads.

Last year it was a Thump. This year it is a Thunk!

Thunk; the sound a football makes when it hits the goal post at a football game.

Like the Y's commercial, "Its Game Day Every day" for the next 365.25 days!

Hang in there Band of Little Brothers.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Right on the money! No offensive creativity by Doman at all in the 2nd half. Every snap was from the shotgun, and therefore, our offensive production was limited to scrambles and good hands on sloppy throws by Nelson. The stronger team won. There should have been 7 more turnovers last night.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Spin it however you want but neither of these teams is very good right now. Riley has the heart but not the skills. Utah has a good D line but that is about it. If BYU had a decent blocking game, a good QB could have tore apart their secondary. 4th and 12 and BYU converts it? How do you let that happen? Go watch the last play when 1 second was put back on the clock at the end. BYU's receiver had once again burned his coverage and was wide open. If BYU had a QB with a decent arm (which they do in Hill but for some reason he isn't seeing the field much), that would have been a game winning TD.

Both teams are in for a long year.

South Jordan, UT

There could be four plays from the game in "ESPN's" NOT Top 10". The two goofy snaps past Riley, the Ute fans and players on the field, and the last play-clanking the ball off the left upright.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU plays its worst game against Utah every year. I actually think BYU is now intimidated...as much as that pains me to admit.

Wrubel and Lyons were right. BYU played "jittery" the whole night. 8 false starts, fumbles, mis-snaps, and missed easy field goals.

Look forward to basketball season...

Proud Ute

"Like a rerun, a haunting repeat of a year ago, BYU's magic, luck, living right, whatever ran out of the blessing piggy bank."

Really Dick..... BYU blessing piggy bank?
How inappropriate for a football game.

Ben H
Clearfield, UT

The BYU defense deserves much more credit that you are giving them in this article. This game could have turned into a blowout in the 3rd quarter, but the defense held firm and gave their team a chance to win. Yes, there were pass plays and breakdowns on 3rd down that gave fans headaches, so they do not deserve an A+, but they do deserve an A-.

Salt Lake City, UT

Where is Duckhunter with his snide comments and ridiculous decorations? I'm sure he will stick his head up sometime around July.

MoTown, CA

You can say whatever you about the game, the truth of the matter is that Whitt is in BUY's head, the Ute's defense forced BYU's mistakes, the Ute's exicuted when they needed to. This was the Ute's games last night from start to finish.

I still predict that BYU will not field a team in 5-6 years...the writing is on the wall.

Overton, NV

Utah's D played well. They always do. But they did NOT force all of BYU's mistakes. Two plays directly led to 10 of Utah's points: the interception and the bad snap that was picked up by Utah and returned for a TD after TWO Cougars failed to fall on it. Utah didn't cause either of those. On the INT, Nelson had time. He didn't have anybody on top of him. He just threw a horrible pass. On the other, it was just a lack of focus. It may be the crowd factored into that one, but it wasn't the Utah D. In fact, I give a ton of credit to the crowd. They made it hard for BYU to hear and I'm sure were the cause of many of the false start penalties on BYU.

Again, Utah's D played well. BYU's did also, except for the last drive that allowed Utah to bury the Cougars deep at the end. But the Cougars' miscues were largely their own doing.



Yea and I don't want the byu athletic dept to get any of my tithing money. Show me where the State of Utah Legislature gives the UNIVERSITY OF UTAH Athletic Department 10 million dollars.

Highland, UT

Oand gonefishn, yes utah won, no utah is not a very good team. Sadly it seems that BYU has issues when it comes to playing these guys and it isn't a talent gap. It starts with Bronco, who simply does not prepare his team very well for this game, and then ocntinues on down the line. Pretty pathetic.

But please do celebrate as this will once again be the sole highlight for utah this year. It is always the biggest game they play and you can tell they consider it to be that by how emotionallly hight they get. If BYU cannpt ever match that then BYU will not beat them very often.

You need to prepare yourself for a bunch of utah losses the remainder of this season though. Nothing they did last night, other than win I guess, was particularly impressive. Far from it really.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Did you not look at the stats? Byu had more total yards. The game was pretty even. It was not dominated by anyone. Without the unforced fumble, Byu wins. Utah did not force the bad snap, just the received a gift on that one.

Last year the y got thumped, but they turned it around and had a better year. Top 25. Utah cant say the same.

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