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Published: Sunday, Sept. 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Another great game. Lets not ruin it by speaking ill of each other.

I offer my hand and congratulate the Utes on a great win. Until next year I wish you good luck.

This was one for the ages.


This is where the excuses will start to flow, and I will say it again BYU cannot beat UTAH.

Enid, OK

Don't know if Utah "won" so much as BYU gave the game away.

Take away BYU's mistake of the bad snap/fumble/Utah recovery/TD and BYU wins.

Not only that but if the ball were 6" to the right and the game goes into OT my money was on BYU to win because by that point in the game, momentum was rolling in BYU's favor.

Too bad the Utes are too "afraid" to play us for the next 2 years....

GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!!!

West Jordan, Utah

Rivalry stats. Outside of 1984 ya'll, the last 20 years has seen Utah go 13-7 vs. BYU. The Cougars still have 1984, but that is not their best team in my opinion. I will take the 1996 Cougars Cotton Bowl year. Yes Utah has two BCS bowl wins, but the parameters in 1996 had the Cotton Bowl like a BCS game. It wasn't the big payout, and it was the bowl coalition then. BYU was left out, but got the next best thing in the Cotton Bowl which almost became a BCS bowl later on. 1996 was a great season.

Still Utah has the edge the last 20 years, the edge (record wise) overall as well.

West Jordan, Utah

Utah State missed a last second FG against Wisconsin. Aggies could be 3-0 and ranked. Too bad.


I like the excuses. Riley's back hurt. we were sloppy, etc. etc. The best one I've heard is Bronco told the kicker to miss because they didn't want to play on Sunday. Tired of hearing BYU beat themselves. It's not how many mistakes you make, it's how you bounce back from your mistakes. Every team makes mistakes every game. BYU got beat pure and simple.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Both teams are awful. Never have I been so disappointed in a win. Utah was clearly more athletic and yet Whittingham's "play to keep from losing" offensive mentality kept BYU in the game. Ridiculous. His offensive play calling leaving Utah with second and nine got old fast. Then there was fourth and twelve with seconds left - are you kidding me? Utah is in for a very long season after it dives into PAC12 play against teams that match its athleticism. As for BYU, with multiple turn overs that they "luckily" recovered, they are simply not that impressive. The heavens did everything in its power to hand them that game and they still couldn't win.

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

Great teams force Errors. Cant spin it any other way.

We own you Band of Little Brothers

Salt Lake City, UT

Nelson has cemented his legacy ay BYU. He will never be listed among the greats. Nothing he does this year will redeem him from losing his senior year to Utah. Bring on the freshman!

St George, Utah

No excuses for the loss. If BYU can't win a game the officials pretty much gift wrapped, they do not deserve a win. Utah had 4 starters out, including its starting RB and both starting safeties. And still found a way to get it done. Seriously, I am impressed. I give Utah all the credit for getting the win.

That being said,
Riley Nelson is TERRIBLE. Passes were wobbly and inaccurate, horrible decisions. He was mentally and physically dominated by the Utah defense, and you could see it in his face. There is no excuse for 8 false start penalties, and a blotched snap returned for 6. The O-line is weak. We have some seriously talented skill position players, but no QB to get the ball there, and No line to make holes. The offensive play-calling is painful to watch, and Bronco's emotionless blank stare on the sideline tells it all. It's pathetic really. It is becoming glaringly obvious, BYU has reached it's ceiling under Bronco.

Idaho Falls, ID

Early Merry Christmas Utah
You're Welcome


Salt Lake City, UT

@ Bleed cougar blue
Your statement is ridiculous. Star dominated your center and was in the backfield all game. Why all of the sudden are snaps going askew? It's not a coincidence.

Wally West

@ BleedCougarBlue

Really? If you want to go that direction; What about Pass interference on Hoffman's TD reception... Michael Irvin couldn't have done any better.

@ mtseatss

Agree. K Whit keeps channeling his inner Tony Sporano and/or Dave Wannstedt. As a Dolphins fan, that worries me... alot!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

News for both Utah and BYU

Both of you are not very good and the best quarterback is in Logan.
Watch as the season unfolds the win/loss record.
Nelson goes two more games and gets replaced.
#72 on Utah's return team, runs down field a little more cautiously from now on.

South Jordan, UT

BYU football: great people but the team is not very good.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Aside from BYU's offense being afraid of Utah's defense two years straight (they should be), BYU's corners giving Utah's receivers 10 free yards on every down made Jon Hayes look like a first round draft pick. Van Noy is the only bright spot for the men in blue.

BYU should be grateful that Utah is kind enough to give them a bye for the next couple of years.

Very ugly Bronco.

Highland, UT

This was an incredibly inept game for BYU, and even at that they had their chances, probably should have won. But they didn't and it has to be blamed on the coaches. Why Bronco thinks that he doesn't have to take this game seriously and get his team fired up for it is beyond me. The pessimist in me say's that he really prefers to lose this game just because he dislikes the fans so much and wants to put them in their place. Of course that isn't the case but he is definately wrong in how he prepares his team for a big game. It is also time to replace Weber, he is a terrible offensive line coach, extremely bad.

I'm not really sure why BYU plays this way against utah, I was not impressed by utah at all, but for some reason it is in the BYU teams head and untill Bronco coms down off of his high horse and admits his approach to this game is terrible we are going to continue to see results like this.



When playing the "you didn't beat us, we beat ourselves" game, why would you stop at the coaches? Who hired these coaches? Why BYU can't hire better coaches? Why can't they play in a BCS conference? Why can't they recruit, and retain the best players?

Of course once you undertake a more accurate, holistic analysis, simple explanations like "it was Bronco's fault" don't tell the whole story. BYU is beating itself alright, but in many ways.

By the way, the "talent gap" is beginning to become apparent (to those who will see) and I expect will become more apparent in the next few years.

Highland, UT


So are you claiming that BYU didn't perform horribly? Are you claiming utah performed well? Neither of those is the case, in fact as I said it is exactly the opposite and yes I put the blame on the coaches.

But please tell me where was this so called "talent gap" apparent to you? Was it the utah wr's? They performed far worse than the BYU wr's. Was it the rb's? Once again BYU's rb's out performed them. Was it the rushing defense? Uh BYU's was unquestionably better. Was it the Passing defense? Who held who to less yards?

BYU actually had the edge in every statisical categorie, although admittedly the most important one, the final score, they did not. But please explain where this "talent gap" was evident? I'm confident you cannot and are just blustering away. We'll see the aggies in a couple of weeks and we'll see if there if you try to claim a non existant "talent gap" there as well.


I agree with you Duckhunter.

This statement about Riley kills me. I admit I am the anti-Riley. But he truly needs to step down from the starter role.

"Nelson, playing with an injured back, completed 17-of-35 passes for 206 yards and two touchdowns."

If he has an injured back why is he playing? Doesn't Bronco have a responsibility to keep his QB safe? I understand Riley will play injured or not. But if reporters, coaches, players, and fans are blaming Riley's poor performance on his back injury, why was he in the game? We don't have a prayer against the tough teams ahead if our QB can't perform.

Wake up BYU and bring in Andy Reid. Maybe Provo can help him through the grieving process with his son's passing.

Bronco this not just another game. You're inability to coach in pressure situations is embarrising for the program.
Please fix it!

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