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Published: Saturday, Sept. 15 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

Would someone do their homework on Stansbury?! Their wins have all come from doormat teams.

Boys of Fall
Fillmore, UT

My 2A Top 5 remain the same (1-Manti, 2-SJ, 3-S.Summit, 4-Emery, 5-Millard), but this week will tell a lot with Manti headed to S.Summit & Millard going to Emery. Would be nice to see someone in the South Region step up & give SJ a little competition. No matter what happens this weekend, 4 of the top 5 teams are in the North and we'll have to wait until SJ gets to face one of them in the playoffs to see how good the Broncos are this year.
Good Luck to all the teams.


draper, ut


I agree with you 100%. Stansbury will end up like Granger, all the hype about being undefeated,just to get stomped on by a LEGIT 3A Team... enjoy it while its there Stansbury,if you keep doing what youre doing you might meet a Team Called JUAN DIEGO or HURRICANE, LEGIT 3A Teams that have played good teams to be ranked Hurricane #1 and JD #2..


USC Fan in Utah
Spanish Fork, UT

I agree. Stansbury's opponents are 4-20. The only team they have played with a winning record is Bear River, BR's schedule has been soft as well.

Logan, UT

maybe, but 5-0 is 5-0

draper, ut

True that 5-0 is 5-0 ..until you play a legit 3A Team like Hurricane,Juan Diego or Dixie, just to name a few,then it will be 5-1.


utah County, UT

The Wasps keep on rolling! Excited to see if they can keep up this play!

South Jordan, UT

Cmon Deseret News where is Herriman in the 4A rankings...They are for sure in the top 5 in the state. Doesn't really matter, however the SL Trib has them at #2 in the state.

Orem, UT

Let me clarify my take...I am not a Stansbury hater. They ought to be 5-0. But teams like Grantsville, Judge, Wasatch, Juab, Desert Hills, Pine View, and even Delta or Snow Canyon would be 5-0 with that schedule.

Stansbury may be very good. In two weeks, Desert Hills travels north to play Stansbury. I imagine the outcome will be a rude awakening.

Spanish Fork, UT

Sampson has no cred...

He mentions Delta would be 5-0 with Stansbury's schedule, Delta was beaten by Stansbury. Come on Sampson...

Yes, the 2A south is pretty week. Be nice if the Richfield game were on the road to make the game a little more challenging.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

To: Boys of Fall...Look for South Sevier to win the rest of their games and then compete with San Juan in the playoffs! Last week vs Beaver was a hiccup.

St George, UT

3A Rankings
2-Juan Diego
3-Spanish Fork
5-Desert Hills
7-Pine View
10-Snow Canyon

Somewhere, UT

Good luck with that JD. SS will be lucky to split the next 4 games. Grand and Richfield will take you down. 57-0 is not a hiccup its first class beat down. I am curious it looks like San Juan already thumped you on your home field so what makes you think that you will compete with them in the playoffs? Or does compete mean show up on the same field at the same time to you?

Central, UT

JD Books: A hiccup? That cracks me up, the score was 57 - 0. It was not even a last second fluke.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

Yes, a 57-0 score is usually considered a hiccup. Coach Z will have them ready for the second part of the season. They should make a deep run into the playoffs1

Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with Boys of Falls assesment of the 2A, the best teams by far are in the north, and San Juan is up there. Just because Manti has a loss which is too the number 2 team in 3A shouldn't put them at number 2 until they get beat by someone in the 2A there still the top team. There not far behind last years team and there kicker is better this year. Just missed a 52 yarder wide left last week. The north region is tough, Emery is a very good team, and it looks like S. Summit & Millard are good again, so it'll be interesting. And JD Brooks getting beat by an avg. Beaver team by 57 at home is not a hiccup, it's a wake up call. They may be just good enough to spoil it for someone but not for a deep run in the playoffs.

Boys of Fall
Fillmore, UT

JD, you might not be the most realistic fan, but what you lack in reality you make up for in enthusiasm. Love to see you on here cheering your team on. After the shutout of Enterprise I thought the Rams were onto something this year. But then the "hiccup". I could see the Rams winning out the rest of the season since the South region is pretty much up for grabs after SJ. None of the teams have really shown they are that much better than the others. All the teams getting whooped by SJ and then battling for 2nd will make an interresting 2nd half of the season in the South (for all the teams but SJ that is. They just have to bide their time until the playoffs). Only 2 I see not competeing for 2nd are Parowan & Enterprise with S.Sevier having an outside shot & Kanab a long shot.

utah County, UT

OneManWolfPack- Like seeing Juab at #8- excited to see if we can climb into the top 5 after we battle with Spanish Fork at home.

St. George, UT

Pine View is NOT a top 10 3A team!!! take pv out, move everyone below them up one, then add wasatch and theres your list.

St. George, UT

Its been sometime since I graced these walls,
to write of hits, scores and falls.
Your writings are all so sublime,
But none compete with REGION 9!
So I agree with all who echo this,
our playoff runs will be pure bliss!

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