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Published: Saturday, Sept. 15 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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m.g. scott

Obama making a "fresh push" on the economy as things are now, and have been for over 40 months is like the Japanese making a fresh push after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Alpine, UT

I'd rather take a risk with a man with a proven track record than stick with a man who is a proven disaster on the economy, gas prices, energy, jobs, foreign policy, liberty, and the sanctity of life. And sorry liberals, it's not Bush's fault. And to those who say Romney is rich. Get over your envy. So is Obama.

Mcallen, TX

An educated society wouldn't re-elect Obama!

They know of what he does. Not what he says.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

worf isn't much into reasoning, is he? If "educated" folks are all for Mitt, then why do states with the best reputations for higher education tend to go blue on election day? Why is the GOP's now centered in places NOT known for academic distinction? Texas, excluding Austin, is a pretty good example.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

marky b
the answer is "educated" libs. you know, those that like to spend everyone's money but their own. lib states like california, massachusetts, new york, all known for outstanding intellectuals in politics. all in bankruptcy.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Obama had a tough 1st term dealt to him but he has proven during that time that he's not been up to the task. Even if Romney performs the same as Obama has it's time we take a chance and make a change at the top.

Imagine a President of a Fortune 500 company over promising and under delivering as Obama's done, he'd be looking for another job after 4 years. It's time we make a change.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

if you're satisfied with 8+% unemployment, $1.5 trillion deficits, pay-offs to campaign contributors with federal funds, surpressed religious freedom, constant attacks on the family, reduced personal income, and anemic economic growth (if any), go ahead and vote to re-elect the current mistake in the WH.

Cedar Hills, UT

HA!!! Fresh push huh? What exactly does Barack have to offer that is fresh??? 8.3# unemployment? Nope. 16 trillion in debt and climbing? Nope. Jobs being created and companies hiring? Nope - most think we are sinking into a double dip recession. Yes fresh push of..... oh I guess fresh push of hand outs maybe? That's about all the man can offer and sadly there are many who won't work and wait around like a baby bird with their mouth open ready to suck in the next welfare payment.

spring street

what passes for intelligent and civil dialogue on these threads has really taken a nose dive. thanks DN nothing like catering to the lowest common denominator.

Mcallen, TX

An educated society:

* doesn't have, half its people on welfare
* can see when a president is a failure
* can figure out what to eat
* can find ways to make a living without making others pay.
* can see through lies
* can reason, without some reporter doing it for them.

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