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Published: Saturday, Sept. 15 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

Romney would be a much stronger candidate if he did not have to placate the right wing of his party.

That group WANTS him to shoot first, aim later. They want that over-the-top reaction to anything Obama. And in giving in to them, Romney comes off as less presidential.

Gotta talk birther. Gotta talk about shootin vermin. Gotta walk back Romneycare. Gotta scream lower taxes.

If Romney was allowed to use his instincts, experience and intelligence to govern, he would probably be a good leader and one that I would consider voting for.

Payson, UT

Let's remember that at this point anything done by either canidate is probably about getting an extra vote or two.

Centerville, UT

I don't think the race is as tight as it seems. Romney is going to win.

Mcallen, TX

How much worse can a president be, to make it a clear choice race?

Centerville, UT

I have completely agree with Worf. How awful can Obama be before Americans supporting him will finally see how destructive he is to the country? He is hurting small business, his policies are keeping unemployment numbers and our economy stuck. His spending is limiting our options and ruining future generations wealth. His federal reserve printing of money is causing inflation with food and fuel. The Obamacare taxes haven't even kicked in yet, but when they do the country will triple dip into recession. His poor leadership is causing class warfare, which is part of his re-election plan, as is the effort to make more Americans dependent on government handouts, and yet entitlement spending is bankrupting our country. Really, how short-sighted can Americans be to support Obama for a 2nd term? Voting him out of office should be a no-brainer.


World events are troubling. While most of the coverage is on the problems in the Middle East there are troubling events in Asia as well. China continues to press Japan on the Senkaku Island issue and there have been huge protests in China. The world is very tense right now. We need the President to lead out. Back up Japan, back up our allies, and make sure to show a strong front to this violence. It is my opinion but I believe if the USA doesn't show its resolve to protect its interests, it will embolden others to attack and demean our country. Whoever leads this country, Obama or Romney, has a hard road ahead. Let's pray they have the courage to lead.

m.g. scott

A1994 may have an important point. If you check there must be 50 different polling companies out there all polling every week or more. Right now, I really believe that many of them poll to get desired results as much as they poll to find out the truth. Some are Democrat, some are Republican. Any bogus poll now will be long forgotten. The only time these polls want to be right is about 2 weeks out from election day. Watch for the numbers then to get a realistic reading of where things really are. If I were a Democrat, I'd worry about the over-sampling of Democrat voters that many polls use. And the model. If they are using the 2008 model, it may be really off. They did not see the T-Party 2010 election coming, and it may happen again.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Tight race?...


Obama = 332
Romney = 209

270 electoral votes wins!

Read all the polls you want if it makes you feel good and helps you sleep better at night.

JowBlow nailed it.
This was Romney's election to loose - and loose he did by catering to the 5% uber-far-right who've high-jacked the GOP rather than sticking with capturing the 40% of the Moderates/Independants in the Middle - ala Big Tent GOP/Reagan Democrats.

History will blame the Tea-Party for loosing the 2012 election for the GOP.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

In foreign countries, gambling on the U.S. presidential election is allowed. In all of these markets, Obama has a huge advantage over Romney, on the order of 2 or 3 to 1. These are people who are putting up real money on this contest, and they don't bet on sentimental favorites.

My prediction is that Obama will win every state he carried in 2008 with the exception of Indiana and S. Carolina, two Republican states that went Democratic by a tiny margin last time. This will still give President Obama more than ample votes in the electoral college.

Mcallen, TX

LSD Liberal,

List some reasons you like Obama.

Salt Lake City, UT

Roland if you are correct then the country and all the left wing extremists that vote for him deserve the epic fall from economic security and prosperity, which the Obama administrations is orchestrating and leading. Never in the history of the country has there been a greater need for different leadership. Any person would be more honest and better than the current corrupt group the Democrats have chosen to lead this country. And, no matter all the rhetoric to the contrary, every single policy of this administration has been poorly conceived, except to curry favor with one group or another. Another word for this is pandering and this is the only thing this administration does well. Have to hand it to Mr. Obama, he knows what it takes to be well liked, even if it is leading to the end of the America we and the rest of the world knew, respected and loved.

Alpine, UT

Years ago, when security wasn't as tight as today, my step-dad was able to approach and ask President Truman a simple question after listening to him speak in Utah. His question was, "How much power does the President of the United States have?" President Truman stuck his index and middle fingers into my step-dad's chest, looked him straight into his eyes and said, "The President of the United States has the power to sale this country!" After witnessing the actions of many presidents, I have seen many "For Sale" signs listed.

Alpine, UT

Worf, asking a liberal to list why he doesn't like limited government is like asking a two-year old why he doesn't want to be potty trained.

Alpine, UT

LDS liberal--"History will blame the Tea Party for losing the 2012 election for the GOP." Yahhh, kind-uv like history blamed the Tea Party for the 2010 takeover of the House. And people are more awake now than they were in 2010, thank goodness.

m.g. scott

Re: Worf

I realize you were trying to engage LDS Liberal in a debate about what that person likes about Obama. Truth is LDS Liberal doesn't so much like Obama as he/she hates Republicans and conservatives.

Kaysville, UT

It is not just the jobs and economy that are at issue, even though they should have been addressed 4 years ago. Lack of integrity is a great problem and has caused some of our moral decay and lack of leadership in Congress and in the White House. The Court system may be suffering also but as citizens we don't have that much influence on the U.S. Court system that are being loaded to one point of view. State courts are then required to follow many of the Supreme and Circuit court rulings that were skewed to one position. It is important to elect a good President of the United States that believes in principles of what our Founding Fathers included in our direct and indirect form of government at the State and National level. Entitlements have made it so people can get the dole and not the kind of pineapple. We have to vote for good people. Good people don't want to subject themselves to that kind of ridicule for being a good person and serving others? People don't get out and vote as they believe their vote doesn't count for good people today

Eugene, OR

I'll answer:

"List some reasons you like Obama"

LDS Liberal hasn't answered yet, but I will:

*Saved the American auto industry.
*Ending active combat in Iraq and pulling back in Afghanistan.
*Got the widest reaching health care reform in decades passed.
*Student loan reform.
*Stopped the Great Recession from turning into the Second Depression.
*Restoring our standing in the world after two terms of Bush.
*Being a reasonable man in unreasonable times.
*Working to compromise with and reaching out to a petulant party that has done nothing but throw tantrums since he was elected.

Want more? I've got them...

Mcallen, TX


You're kidding! Right?

You're wrong on all points. GM still owes tax payers forty billion, and they were bought.

Restoring standing in the world? We're a big joke. Watch the news dude.

Denying the Canadian oil deal, and giving billions to other countries is reasonable?

Do you know what's in the healthcare package? Don't be a fool!

Student loan reform? He's buying votes. How did he pay for his college?

the truth
Holladay, UT


Rolling on the floor laughing!

Not a single item is even true.

Every single item is demonstrably false.

One could easily go item by item and show it is nothing more than a demcratic party or extreme left lie.

Eugene, OR

"Demonstrably false"? Says who? Fox News? Glenn Beck? Some tinfoil-hatted website that says that President Obama is a secret Muslim Marxist?

I tell you, these forums are going to be a blast to read after he's reelected...

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