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Published: Sunday, Sept. 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

This letter has lots of tough talk, but what does all of this verbiage mean? Sounds like the expression "big hat, no cattle". There is a lot of rhetoric coming from the right but when it comes to actually sacrificing for your principles it's a different story. When a tropical storm hits Louisiana, famous conservative Bobby Jindal is on the phone in 15 minutes begging Obama for federal disaster aid. When Mitt "saves" the Winter Olympics, who foots the bill for $342 in Olympic expenditures? You guessed it the federal government.
It reminds me of one of my Tea Party tenants, who after attending a Tea Party rally, and railing against "big government" returns home, and collects her SS, and Postal Service retirement checks!

Sandy, UT

Yes, Sandy. You must stick to your principles. But is there no common ground? Politics is not a war between good and evil. It is a rivalry between different philosophies of governing. Surely both sides believe in doing what's good. Let's see the good that each side has to offer and build on that rather than vilifying the other side to the extent that any concession whatever, no matter how helpful, is considered traitorous.

Springville, UT

So the world is black and white. How naive and unthinking. And is it just what you say it is? Maybe it's the Democrats who have truth and should therefore not compromise. Ever think about that?

salt lake city, utah

How convienent to think that the world consists of simply right and wrong and not often just dfferences. If this is true there can only be one true form of democracy..so England sorry you're wrong. Thanks for letting us borrow some of your ideas..but in the end you're wrong. I presume this also means the federalist and the anti federalst we're just a bunch of spineless compromisers..and oh wait a minute how can we be right if we have a mix of both. One has to be right and the other wrong so..?

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Very few of our political decisions in involve right and wrong. They tend to involve better or worse. Is a top marginal tax rate of 35% better or worse than a rate of 39%? Should the defense budget be 500 billion or 525 billion? Again it's a case of better or worse, neither position is intrinsically right or wrong, and you can make a valid case for either one. Most of our political decisions are like that.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

This type of mentality in this letter is just scary.

What Sandy is advocating isn't Democracy nor freedom, but Totalitarianism.

Why even have political parties if one is wrong and the other is right?

Heck, based on your logic, why even have an election since you seem to think that one party endorses your religious/moral beliefs while the other is/does the complete opposite?

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

To compromise with political opponents over, say, tax policy, is not a betrayal of core principles. It's an attempt to get something done that's important.

American Fork, UT

It might be incredibly stupid, but we've always done it that way.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

If only there was such a thing as truth. And if there was just a way to know it if we see or hear it.

In all forms of government only a select few are allowed to decide what is truth. In a democracy we think the weight of numbers point to the true. Though the failure of democracy to always be correct persists, many of us believe it to be the best.

If a person believes democracy to be the best he should seek those who would allow the choice of the people to reign. And be able to recognize what sort of government actions lead to personal freedom and the ability to be a voice in government.

Those touting independence, self reliance, voluntary participation in society and lack of control from government would take away a person’s personal freedom. Their motivation is that they themselves wish to control and enslave the people.

Even though those characteristics are regarded as good they also weaken the individual in his ability to deal with the world in general. And thus make him a readymade victim for those who would enslave him.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Someone once said, "All roads lead to Rome". Another said, "Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it".

Where is Rome today?

How many are walking the "straight and narrow"?

How many are trying to tell us that there are many ways to compromise (our principles) so that they can claim "unity"?

There can never be a compromise on principles. Principles are black and white, wrong or right. Shades of gray only exist with those who are willing to compromise. They, like Rome, will cease to exist, while those who hold true to principles will be endowed with eternal responsibilities.

God does not compromise. We must never compromise when the question at hand is about morals or about ethics, i.e., we can compromise on how much should be spend on defense, but we can never compromise on the necessity of spending for defense.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

Right now we have two competing views about how to solve our economic mess. Unfortunately, both sides are a little bit right and mostly wrong. Real solutions will involve changes that most Americans are not yet willing to accept. But for the parties to not compromise gives us the worst of all possible worlds. Better to compromise for an imperfect solution than to simply sit in our respective corners and pout if we don't get our way--while the house burns down.

And Mike, how do you know God does not compromise? I can think of a few examples from the Bible where he was talked into allowing something he had forbidden (the Israelites wanting a king comes to mind). I always find it amusing when people take it upon themselves to declare what God will and will not do. Thin ice there, in my mind.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah


Who chose a King, the people or God. I find it amusing that you would blame the choice of a people on God and that you would tell us God changed his mind, when, in fact, it was the people who rejected God. Do you see anything like that going on today?

When people compromise their principles, they often put the blame on God for the consequences that follow.



No gray area? Everything black and white?

Garden of Eden:
God: Don't partake of the fruit.
Multiply and replenish the earth.

Mostly the world is not black and white. Perhaps there are two extreme ends of any spectrum, but between those ends is a vast area of gray. If the world were just black and white, we could let a computer do the thinking/reasoning for us. Life is intensely complex. Look again.

Huntsville, UT

"My values and beliefs cannot be compromised. I must stand and defend them rather than excuse or dilute them."


You ASSUME that your truth and values are the only truth and values.

You couldn't be more incorrect about that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sandy Thackery represents today's conservative "base," and it's irrational letters like this that say the most about why we can expect President Obama to be re-elected in November.

And btw, Sandy, I am convinced to the core of my very being that my moral compass is correct and that yours is out of whack.

Now then, where does that leave us if no one is willing to compromise?

Rexburg, ID

The letter writer is trying to point out that on certain issues we as a nation have reached a point of impasse. Each side has a few issues that have a yes-or-no answer that they cannot give up.

But the reality is, those issues are few in number and the rest we can give and take on. We ought to focus on those.

Othello, WA

All the leftists ranting on this board about the virtues of compromise, need to start preaching to their president. Name 2 compromises he has made to accomplish any sort of public policy, or regulation that is significant and noteworthy, and has pushed progress forward in governing the nation. Don't want to hear about vague half-truth promises he has proposed with his fingers crossed behind his back. No, real compromise that was actually inacted!

salt lake city, utah

So Mike does God want a 35% tax rate or a 39% tax rate? One has to be right and the other wrong..right..or wrong?

Saint George, UT

All the repubs ranting on this board about the virtues of compromise, need to start preaching to boehner, mcconell and kantor . Name any compromises they have made to accomplish any sort of public policy, or regulation that is significant and noteworthy, and has pushed progress forward in governing the nation. Don't want to hear about vague half-truth promises they have proposed with fingers crossed behind their backs. No, real compromise that was actually inacted!

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


Well said.

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