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Published: Thursday, Sept. 13 2012 7:00 a.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

Mr. Felt, Wasn't there a cancelled game due to bad weather between Logan and Ogden in 2005. The score was heavily in Logan's favor and I believe it was cancelled early in the third quarter. I could be wrong but thought I would ask. The game was played in Ogden.


Aug. 17, 2007 Just curious! was this game between jordan 27 and nothridge 26 ever made up?

stockton, UT

2002 Tooele VS Mountain Crest was also a canceled game tied at the half due to wind blowing over a scissor lift and badly injuring two film assistants. This was a turning point for both teams, Mountain Crest was highly ranked going in with the best QB in the state Zimmerman while Tooele was 0-2. From that game on Tooele went undefeated and won state while Mountain Crest couldn’t ever recover and never lived up to expectations.

Millville, UT

I thought there was a suspended game between Mountain Crest and Tooele. I can't remember exactly when, but it had something to do with lightning. In the last 8-10 years or so.


12eadyornot - ironically despite the fact that Jordan has the same people (AD, principal, coach, etc.) in the program, they did not have a problem counting the game as a final of 27-26 in 2007 in their favor. The game was called and never finished and Jordan was given a win. It's funny how that tune has changed in 2012 when Jordan is down by 1 point.

Sandy, UT

Jordan: 31, Alta: 21. BOOK IT!! Jordan is finally gonna beat Alta. 6 years of losing is gonna end tomorrow night Alta. I guarantee it! Book it! Mark it down! Do whatever you want but this is the year Jordan beats Alta! Kick the hawks to the curb Diggers cause Jordan is the favorite to win the championship!!! Whoooooooo!

Mokie1735, UT

Interesting that either not enough research was done, or the small school get left again. And judging from all the comments, I would think it is the research side.

Enterprise High School had 2 games last year effected by weather. One was against Lincoln County, NV and was delayed from lightning. The game made it through one quarter and then was cancelled and played the next day. (So not really a time shortened game). The second was with Kanab. Lightning again cut this game off in the 3rd quarter and the coaches decided to call the game final.

Washington, UT

Guess you forgot about southern Utah once again. Dixie and Hurricane are both undefeated. It's kind of an important game in Region 9.

Provo, UT

Yeah, how can the Hurricane-Dixie game be forgotten!!! Huge game in southern Utah this Friday! Go tigers!

South Jordan, UT

Ha because its in Southern Utah!

And either Team would compete in the Valley!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Hurricane beat Skyline, who is a fading, NOW 4A school, who may not even make there own playoffs!!!

Oh and One more thing Tiger25......

Alta #2 in state, Jordan #3 in State! STATE!

5A schools! Biggest and the Best!

Why talk about some 3A title game in St. George! Im sure allllll of St. George will be at that amazing game with Dixie and the TIGERS.

So dont worry about it!
People all in 3A know who Hurricane and Dixie are and how good they are!
But no one in 4A or 5A cares!

Alta Jordan two of the most hated schools in the valley goin at it!

Plus Alta loses about 1000 kids this year to the new Draper High School! there athletic program is going to be SHOT in half!
Which makes this game even more important for Alta!
Jordan will win both games when Kafentzis is a junior and Senior because of the split of students wanting to attend Draper.

Good Luck Alta! Humble the Diggers please!

West Valley City, UT

Speaking of Alta splitting...with the new region realignment, will that put Alta and the new Corner Canyon school in 4A?

Provo, UT


What if i told you not everyone cares about the "big bad" 5A schools. calm down man, he was just making a point that basically the title for best team in southern utah will be played tomorrow. that's all. lets take a deep breath we're going to get through this.

Washington, ut

@ Irrelevant

I like your comment. Gotta love the big timers that think they're so important.

why play

Carl Franke at Desert Hills is a first-time head coach that has only one loss to Syracuse, but I forgot, no one that reads the D News cares about anything but 5A.

The biggest game in the state this week involves a PAC 12 team and a team ranked in the Top 25. I'm curious, what 5A schools did both the starting QB and the #2 QB (for the team ranked in the top 25)attend? Oh wait, they both attended 3A schools, how could that be because no one below 5A knows how to play football?

Pretty sure "cubs4life" never played football

Salt Lake City, UT

In 2000, under the direction of Coach Georgelas, East found itself in a similar situation, but not as favorable. They were trailing at half when lightning hit an electrical substation, knocking out power several blocks surrounding East High School. The game was called, Coach Johnson's Falcons chalked up the victory, and a pocket of Salt Lake City received power a couple of hours later.

G Felt
Salt Lake City, UT

To Felt's Facts' loyal readers: On Hurricane vs. Dixie, I'm guilty as charged. The game was highlighted in the rivalry section, but not as a game between unbeatens. I apologize for the oversight as I do my best to cover and include every team in the state.

On other interrupted games, Logan did defeat Ogden 48-0 on Sept. 23, 2005 in a game that ended in the third because of lightning.

I was aware of Enterprise and Lincoln, but it wasn't included because the game was completed the next day. There have been several of those types of games over the years. I wasn't aware of the Enterprise vs. Kanab game, which ended in the third because of a power outage. Enterprise won 28-7 on Sept. 16, 2011.

Thanks for calling those to my attention.

The Tooele-Mountain Crest game was tied 14-14 as the second half was to begin when the tower used for filming collapsed. Both filmers were airlifted to the hospital where they recovered. The game was cancelled and the game and stats did not count.

Thanks for reading.

Provo, UT

I think another golden era for Skyline was from 1976 to 1979 where Skyline won three state titles in four years, with the other year a trip to the semi-finals and those teams produced tons of college players. Of course Skyline has to be regarded as the best football school in Utah but I think Skyline won three state titles in the late 1960's. I heard that these Eagle teams actually produced several NFL products and many college players.


Another interesting fact to add coming into the Hurricane vs Dixie game tonight is Hurricane is undefeated (at home) for a total of 28 games--2008, 2009, 2010, & 2011 seasons--would be 29 but last year's West Jordan vs Hurricane game was played at Dixie State College last year, and holds a win streak of 17 straight games now.

Logan, UT

G Felt I love that you come on here and help clarify when the commentors take you to task. You do a great job keep it up. Love reading the facts!!

Provo, UT

You do a great service Mr. Felt, always love reading your stuff!

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