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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 12 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Danbury, CT

I say let's knock off this nonsense and get in a major conference....NOW!!

Springville, UT

Idaho and New Mexico State? Is this what independence gives us? Heaven help us!

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

In response to the question: Yes, Notre Dame's ACC alliance will impact the BYU-Irish series. Expect no change in the 2013 game, one trip to Provo about 2016, and a buy out for the remaining three games. This new alliance does provide an opportunity to initiate discussions between the ACC and BYU that could be favorable for all parties. A potential compromise would be a home and home series with three ACC teams rather than a buy out of the remaining three Notre Dame games (perhaps Wake Forest, Virginia Tech and Maryland). The Notre Dame series is probably over, but this could be a positive opportunity if properly managed.

Sandy, UT

Notre Dames rivalry with USC is forever.
That's never changing.
Notre Dame wants to play on the West Coast every year.

Therefore, Stanford is in the picture.
Not sure that has the tradition of a USC.

Perhaps BYU can alternate with Stanford and BYU can play Notre Dame in the LA Coliseum.
It would be a bigger ticket than N.D. Stanford by every measure.


Perhaps BYU can strike a deal similar to ND's new deal??? Perhaps BYU aligns partially with the Big 12 - playing each one of the Big 12 teams every 3 years would be nice.

I love independence. It allows for fans to travel all over the country and see lots of different teams/stadiums. After a while, I tire of playing against the same teams in the conference so my hope is that we stay independent.

Farmington, UT

Too early to tell, except that the landscape continues to change.

The Big 12 let Texas keep the Longhorn Network, so who knows what the future holds?

Don't go wobbly, stay the course and exercise a particle of trust in the future.

Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting statement:
"It (Notre Dame) abhors playing weak opponents. It's never played a team from the former Division I-AA and does everything it can to avoid a non-BCS team.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Quite obviously, Notre Dame doesn't consider BYU a "weaker" opponent, unlike the Utes, who were completely embarrassed in their lone audience granted by the Fighting Irish in South Bend.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Which one is more likly?

A) One BYU fan thinks ACC is around the corner with 3 games.

B) Yet another thinks BYU will be playing Notre Dame in PAC-12 Country in the LA Coliseum after they cancel the series with a PAC-12 team, USC, and then alternate with Stanford.

C) Two others think Big 12 will be calling because the 40 year discussions are coming to a end.

D) New Mexico State agrees with BYU.

My guess is D. But then again I could be wrong.

Provo, UT

Good news, I don't think the alliance happens or goes into effect until 2015 with the legal arrangements ND has with the Big East in other sports. So the games should not be effected until then.

The bad news is that ND will be committed to at least five games with ACC teams. I'm sure games with Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, USC and Navy will take precedence over games with BYU because these are traditional rivalry games for ND. Even Stanford, a relatively new opponent for ND has a longer history. This means 1-2 games might be left on the schedule for BYU to slide into.

It will have an effect probably.

South Jordan, UT

So far, most of the BYU major opponents have the upper hand in scheduling. We play the first game at their place. Or, we play two games at their place in return for one at ours. And when we do play them, they usually have their conference officials. Didn't Ole Miss and Texas have their conference refs? Note that the Washington State game there were PAC 12 officials. It will be interesting to see where the refs are from for the Utah game.

Currently, the ESPN contract, while lucrative, dictates BYU playing on Thursday or Saturday nights. (How many people outside of the Rockies ESPN thinks will watch BYU-Utah, especially at a 10 PM EST kickoff, is anybody's guess.) Wouldn't 2:00 PM be much, much better for us?

Major conferences would love to have the BYU fan base glued to their TVs. They don't want much, if anything, to do with no Sunday play, however.

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

Notre Dame will cancel the last 4 games in the series and won't make a trip to Provo. BYU will play Idaho and New Mexico State in November games, along with the service academies. BYU will also stack its September and October schedule with good teams from around the country. Die hard "Football First" fans needs to get in line with the priorities of the school and church.

Danbury, CT

BYU has 2 major problems:

1- Without membership in a BCS conference, they will never get in a BCS bowl game or share in the revenues of the teams in the conference who do get in. That's where the money is...

2- We have a listless program that is really no better than it was in the 70's and 80's (1984 excepted). Don't believe me? Just watch Saturday which team plays with more emotion. As independents, unless we win EVERY game, we won't get into a BCS bowl.

Heber City, UT

Dear We're. The PAC12 require all games played by a member must have PAC 12 referees. The only games that don't would be the Nc game. That way the close calls are in their favor

Hank Pym

@ Floyd Johnson

"This new alliance does provide an opportunity to initiate discussions between the ACC and BYU that could be favorable for all parties"

Your *solution* is a unilateral advantage for BYU. Sure, a payout from the Irish. But, 6 games to replace 3 or 4?

If it were a 2 away & 1 home with say Clemson & VA Tech that might be doable.

There is a chance to access that National fan base I keep hearing about & numerous missionary moments; How can Holmoe pass those up?

River Falls, WI

Honestly, the only course of action BYU has currently is to remain independent. The Big East is no longer "a major conference" and with all the realignment going on BYU would do well to remain as they are and wait things out. If they do well this season in football than scheduling will continue to improve. If they do poorly... than they still have a pretty decent schedule for the near-future, comparable to what they faced in the MWC. If the Big 12 ever calls we should jump at it, but I don't think that's happening until we get a BCS bowl under our belt, which may take a few years. Fortunately, things are going pretty well in football right now and the basketball time is starting to establish itself as a real power. The future is bright for BYU. Go Cougs!

Mister J

@ eastcoastcoug 5:57 a.m. Sept. 13, 2012

"BYU has 2 major problems"

Just 2??

Columbus, OH

Can we all stop talking about BCS bowls. Did everybody miss the memo that the BCS is done after next year? The Big East has no ties to a major bowl, and with the dissolution of the BCS, I don't see a major advantage to being in that conference. Definitely doesn't serve BYU. The future is the four-team playoff, which will likely expand. If BYU can continue to put together good schedules, they will likely have the needed sos to sneak into the top 4 if they ever go undefeated.

Mission Viejo, CA

@OHBU - I was going to write your post. Good job. The BCS bowls are coming to an end, so it is win, baby win, and SOS. The SOS factor will cause teams to think twice about scheduling Savanna State and Eastern Washington. They'll have to schedule big boys like BYU.

Boise, Utah, and Hawaii all got BCS bids by going unbeaten in weak conferences. Won't happen anymore. BYU should stay independent. The name teams will come calling, and BYU doesn't care who they are - they'll play them.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

byu pretty much owns college football. Noter Dame will have to do anything we tell them to do.

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