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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 12 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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KTC John
Wetumpka, AL

Was it the non-inclusiveness of Mormonism, which he clearly misunderstood, that thwarted his progress? Or was it actually his lack of a desire to live the commandment to be sexually pure and chaste? His non-embrace of the restored gospel says much more about Bill than it does about so-called Mormonism.

Salt Lake City, UT

Seems like I have heard these descriptions of our view on heaven before. They come from anti-Mormon literature and films put out by other groups, particularly the Baptist Church, which Clinton is affiliated with. I have family that is Baptist, so I have seen many anti-Mormon literature. "Recruiting Presentations"? Latter-Day Saints don't have those. It sounds like he went to a Baptist revival and heard the pastor say our beliefs about heaven. My opinion is that he is only saying this to get political attention.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Recruiting Presentations"?

I believe he's referring to the missionary discussions.

@KTCJohn and others who made comments along this line
"Or was it actually his lack of a desire to live the commandment to be sexually pure and chaste?"

Get over yourselves. Seriously. Do you think other Christian churches don't have similar beliefs against adultery?

"and Democratic Party simply adores President Clinton and how they seem to have totally forgotten his immoral behavior while leading the country. Its Never mentioned"

We haven't forgotten, it's basically impossible to forget it but I have to ask... why does it have to be mentioned all the time and why can't we like other things about Clinton like his speech-giving ability?

Cedar Hills, UT

I knew the comments section would be much more entertaining than this article.

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