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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 12 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

@liberateSandy, UT

In your case, you might be judgemental and critical of others. I'm not sure how you know what some 15 Million people think, or be in a position to determine that. What is your reference point? What studies are you quoting?

When I see a woman come in the chapel with a sleevless dress, I walk over welcome her and introduce myself, if she is a member of the ward, I still walk over welcome her and say hi. I think, I'm glad that she came and joined us today. When I see an adult man with his shirt unbottoned two buttons from the top with no sign of anything underneath....I think that man has two buttons unbotton from the top....when I see a man not wearing a shirt, I think that man is not wearing a shirt. When someone passes judgement and uses a sweeping generalization of a group of people I think that person is passing unfair judgement. Hitler blamed the Jews-gays-ethnic groups etc, Demos blame repubs, repubs blame demos, low income blame rich, lazy worker blames boss, unions blame business...you can go on


isn't it obvious to most Mormons that the majority of people in the Celestial kingdom would not have been Mormon in this life? Do the math - it's obvious that Mormons will be a minority there.
7 billion people in the world today
14 million Mormons -perhaps 50% make it right? So do you really think that of the nearly 7 billion people in the world today fewer than 7 million non-Mormons will make it to the Celestial Kingdom? You can't possibly think that 50% of Mormons will make it while less than 1% of 1% of the rest of the world will make it.

Provo, UT

One of the very few decisions that I would have agreed with Bill Clinton making in his life.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

When one leaves the state of Utah, it will become easier to understand former President Clinton's point of view concerning the LDS/Mormon Church, it's teachings, culture, etc.
Take a trip, give it a listen at some distant locations.
Come on back and comment on the DN board. Share your views. We'd all love to hear about YOUR experience :)

Far East USA, SC

"I'd take Bill Clinton over Hussein Obama any day. I know Bill Clinton loves America. The other guy, I'm just not so sure..."

That says infinitely more about you then either of them.

Manti, UT

When the Jews brought a woman caught in adultery to Jesus before stoning her according to the laws of Moses, Jesus eventually said to them that whoever among you is without sin, let him cast the first stone on her. The would be stoners went away. Then Jesus asked her if there was anyone left to condemn her. She said, "No one Lord” Then Jesus said to her: "Then neither will I condemn you, GO AND SIN NO MORE." Repentance is for all people. The atoning sacrifice of the Savior is available to all. Clinton may have committed a major sin, but if truly repentant, he could be forgiven and the Lord would remember his sin no more. Now, if only the good Mormon people would remember the Atonement, and the danger of judging others by casting verbal stones, they would be so much better Mormon people. Clinton may not have agreed with those young missionaries of long ago (neither do I because only the Lord knows the intents of our hearts and doesn't put people into pyramids) but at least he listened and maybe he is listening still.

Cowboy Dude

The point Mr. Clinton was making was that Mormons believe that most will go to heaven, even Hitler and Stalin, likely in a lesser kingdom, yet there is a Celestial Kingdom to also aspire too.

I think there are many Mormons that only see the Celestial Kingdom as heaven, while others see heaven as any kingdom prepared by their Father.


Eternity is a long time. Perfection is a long road. I believe there is a path for anyone to get to their choice of heavenly kingdom. The last will be first and the first will be last. Those that accept the Gospel of Christ last will receive all the blessings as the first.

The reason to accept the Gospel early in this life is to make a piece of heaven on earth...to have the blessings of God now, not just after some time of final judgement. Heaven on earth is not made of judges.

It is better to be employed in the vineyard of the Lord than to be in the square wondering if you will ever be hired, even if the payment of one penny is the same.

Lehi, UT

I really feel bad that President Clinton was given the wrong impression on Mormon kingdoms, I'm not sure if that was a teaching error or an understanding error. The way I understand it is that there are several tiers to heaven. Those allowed to live in the constant prescence of God (the highest tier) will be those who were faithful, good people, who accepted Christ and his atonement either in this life or the next and have recieved the ordinances of the temple. Because not everyone will want to or have the chance to recieve the ordinances of the temple in this life, Mormons perform temple work for the dead that they are free to decline or accept. So while it may seem like Mormons believe only Mormons will be in heaven, our true belief is that anyone can make it and simply being a Mormon will not automatically get you into heaven (you still have to accept Christ and his atonement).

Sugar City, ID

Bill Clinton's era of economic prosperity was largely handed to him, mostly by the Greg Norquest faction. And we know that when Bill Clinton looks the nation in the eye and points his finger, what he says will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Cedar Hills, UT


I agree that I would take Clinton over the mess we have now in the White House but what I am disappointed with in Clinton is his ability to be "bought off". Clinton knows that our national debt is going to destroy us and the path Obama has set us on is a disaster . Clinton knows that raising taxes is also a business killer and will cause unemployment to go up substantially. Clinton knows that Bain Capital is a GREAT company and is the engine of capitalism. Clinton knows all these things and has - over the past 6 months - made comments contrary to team Obama. Then comes the DNC and suddenly Bill has changed his thinking??I don't think so. The man and his wife are political players first and American's second and when the political candy promised becomes too tempting to turn away then principles are thrown out the window. That is NOT impressive.


We should all remember that bill clinton has been known to have memories of events that that never happened. For example, he once stated that he had "vivid memories" of black churches in Arkansas burning down when he was a child. Problem was the state historian and fellow Arkansas democrats proved there were no such incidents during that time period.

Brother bill may be the best politician of our era, which means he is the best liar. So I, for one, don't necessarily believe this encounter ever took place.

Iowa City, IA

re: Dave D; The Book was the Bible, John 8 to be exact and if I'm not mistaken the story ends with the words, "Go and sin no more." Are you really saying Clinton has repented and hasn't sinned since? Love to see your sources.

You may want to read that great book even further. Saul (who became Paul) had to do a lot of repenting and confessing to the church members of that day because the last thing they were inclined to do was trust him. When Clinton become like Paul, then I'll let him judge me and my religion more.

sandy, ut

It is hilarious to me that all of these people who claim they are christians on this comment board are saying where Clinton will end up for eternity. As if they somehow know him personally. Also it seems they are stating these things as if they are facts, like they have died before and seen it themselves. We really don't know how it will be there. People make mistakes. It seems they do no believe in repentance, for if they did they would recognize that the sins he has done have been done by many in their congregation. People can be forgiven. It is quite sad, really. One lady even said he will be in the same place as Hitler and Stalin - kind of a stretch, don't you think? Comparing him to 2 murdering dictators... Right. Maybe the judgemental attitude is why alot of people are turned off by the church.

Orem, UT

It's like saying, "I don't want to go to college because I'll have to leave all my friends who didn't graduate from high school".

Just like the dropout who didn't put in the effort to graduate can't join you as a fellow college student, those who don't accept the gospel and repent of their sins can't make it into the Celestial Kingdom to be with you (assuming you make it there).

It doesn't mean you can't go visit them just like college kids can still visit dropout friends. Never going to college just because all your existing friends can't join you is a poor decision.

Riverside, CA

It's not too late Bill! Yeah, you'd have some repenting to do, but don't we all.

The irony is that LDS beliefs re the afterlife are the most inclusive of any religion as far as I can tell. No one is condemned if they didn't have an opportunity to hear the Gospel. And we're told that the afterlife will ultimately be a pleasant place, even for those who did awful things in this life.

Allen, TX

OK, just about everyone here missed the whole point.

This exchange had NOTHING to do with the Church or Bill's spirituality. It has everything to do with Bill doing everything he can do to get his buddy "Big O" reelected.

The Obama administration declared over 8 months ago that their goal would be to discreetly paint the LDS Church as "weird", and hence discredit Romney (and by extension all Mormons).

Dubious recollections which tell half-truths and inaccurate depictions of LDS doctrine fit right into their big picture plan.

Buffalo, WY

What Really Really Annoys me is how the media and Democratic Party simply adores President Clinton and how they seem to have totally forgotten his immoral behavior while leading the country. Its Never mentioned and the man gets "star" attention! OK, everyone makes mistakes yet Clintons lack of self control is in my view Over the top for any national leader.

As far as LDS people being very judgmental; maybe thats true in UT but in my ward folks are pretty easy going , Wyo folks are like that.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

Brahmabull is right in his assessment. Mr. Clinton has a lifetime to repent of his sins just as the rest of us. His sins are between him and his Father in Heaven. Yes, he may have got some of the teaching mixed up. So what, it really doesn't matter. What does matter is whether he has or will repent, just like the rest of us.

Joseph Smith once stated I believe that we would have two surprises if we make it to the Celestial Kingdom. One surprise is that we actually made it. Secondly, the surprise as to who else made it. Many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints won't even make it. Many will be in the Terrestial Kingom, in fact this is where the bulk of the membership will be. So before any of you decide who will be in the Celestial Kingdom and who will not need to really understand that the only person you have to worry about is yourself. You can't force your wives, your children or anyone to be there. It is up to their own decisions and mistakes.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

There is something else that we as members need to understand and that is we are required to forgive everyone regardless what they have done. We leave major sins such as murder and such in the hands of the law. We don't take into our own hands to become, judge, jury and executioner. Mr. Clinton made his mistakes and though I've never called him my President, he was President of these United States. We all have made mistakes and some of us probably some pretty grievous ones. However, it isn't up to us to say he not done anything to ask for forgiveness. We don't know. As the Lord has stated, "he will forgive who he wants to forgive, as for us we are required to forgive everyone".

We are human. We aren't perfect and neither are the prophets of God. Since, we aren't perfect we can't require someone else to be perfect. However, too many members and probably even myself seem to require it.

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