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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 12 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

If Bill goes to the Celestial Kingdom (anything is possible, he still has the chance to repent of his sins and accept the Gospel, either in this life or the Spirit World, and it is not my place to judge where anyone will end up even when I am polar opposite politically and think some of the stuff he has done in is life is disgusting), he actually wouldn't have to leave his friends behind who don't make it to the Celestial Kingdom, because those in the Celestial Kingdom can visit those in the lower kingdoms.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Boy, this isnt the first time bill has gotten something wrong.

Provo, UT

I personally believe that every one of us - everybody - will be surprised at what heaven is. Indications from Joseph Smith tells us that even the Telestial level of heaven (you know, where Hitler and Stalin are believed to be headed) is unfathomably more glorious than the veil of tears we currently inhabit.

Further, as the article mentioned from the LDS Newsroom, the highest levels are for everyone that wants them. Making the Celestial glory is not like trying out for your high school basketball team, with the less capable getting cut. Basically, all honorable people who are valiant in the testimony of Christ make it. I don't know of any time limit for those that are moving forward. God is not going to say, "sorry bub, you're moving too slow, you're done."

But I have observed a social phenomenon that I'll call the National Enquirer effect. People love to see celebrities get their comeuppance. Readers feel that their lives of quiet desperation are brightened when the rich and famous have to endure indignity. Clinton is rich and famous, and the thought of him going to hell sounds really great to some people.

Farmington, UT

In the next life we will all associate with those with whom we are most comfortable. And we will be happy to be with them and not others that would make us uncomfortable. Who makes us feel comfortable being around says much about us, not them. JMHO

Brigham City, UT

Mr. Clinton, (for whom I voted), where do you think the Catholics think they are going? Or the Baptists, or the Methodists or the Lutherans?? To the top. I expect every religion to believe their way is the right way, or else, why even have a message or a church? I hear many people tell me Mr. Clinton was a great president, perhaps; yet that doesn't make his 2012 views okay; his endorsing same gender marriage three years ago was a disappointment; same goes for Schumer of New York and Biden of Delaware and Reid of Nevada, they all put law school and popularity over the Bible and principle.

Sandee Spencer
Longwood, FL

I agree we can all work on being non-judgmental! As for having folks come to church that were wearing sleeveless etc. I think that just alerts us to the opportunity to greet and extend friendship to folks that might not be regular attenders. Sorry to hear that President Clinton misunderstood a lot of LDS teachings. A good reminder that we need to patiently explain to those that might not yet fully understand.

Rawlins, WY

To deny that a person needs baptism, would be to deny Christ's words, where He said a man must be born of God (by baptism, and power of the Priesthood, by those who have power and authority to act in God's name)or he cannot enter the kingdom of God.


It is amazing to me how my feelings toward Clinton have mellowed over the years. He was a talented man. IS a talented man I suppose. He clearly has a way with people and could teach Mitt Romney quite a bit in that regard. So what if his politics are different than mine. I don't have to hate him just because I didn't vote for him.

As far as knowing how he'll be judged, I know he'll get the same grace I desperately need. What that judgement will yield is not up to me.

Personally I can't imagine a ward described by some that judges others so easily. My little branch welcomes a broad range of fashions, political beliefs, family structure, etc. I don't know if living 10,000 miles away from SLC has anything to do with it but it might.

Layton, UT

Samwise nailed it. Too bad Bill couldn't be told that at the time his concerns first surfaced.

What a remarkable day we have that heads of state and presidents discuss the Plan of Salvation!


It's funny that people can only remember Clinton for his personal foibles. In my opinion he was the best President from a policy standpoint in my lifetime. He balanced the budget, he reformed welfare, and insured millions of children. But all people can talk about are his foibles. His foundation does more good for more people than any former president I can think of. Not many of his critics can lay claim to doing a fraction of the good this man has done, since his presidency. He certainly made mistakes, and has a huge target on his back. But he stays in the public eye and continued to try to make the world a better place.

Sugar City, ID

This is Slick Willie at his best. He is merely campaigning for anti Mormon (Romney) votes by casting Mormons as elitist "better than you" people.

Kearns, UT

Oh come on. If Clinton was actually investigating, which he wasn't, he would have been more interested in the multiple wives thing.


@3grandslams - who knows? If he had joined the church, maybe he could have had the Spirit strengthening him to resist temptation in the first place. ;-)

@Aggielove - Obama shows his love for America by wanting to correct what's wrong with it and make it better. Conservatives show their hatred for America by trying to keep it stuck where it is, if not make it worse.

Far East USA, SC


Quite the negativity (from many, some took the high road) towards someone who seriously thought about your religion.

Is the bashing because he has some moral failings, (which I assume that you dont), or is it because he is a political foe, or is it because he turned you down?

And I thought religion was supposed to reach out to those with imperfections. Instead, you denigrate.

Merritt Island, Fl

I was raised a Catholic and still practice my religion through deeds. When I was young (10?), a friend took me to his church; I have no idea now what denomination. It was interesting but missed something. When I told my Sainted Irish mother that I went there, I am happy to report I still have my head.
It is sad how judgmental people can be. Having the tryst with Monica was a mistake but when you see what the impeachment prosecutor was doing at night maybe you should direct your attention to his failures (Gingrich). Leaving a wife because she was "too ugly to be a first lady"? Just how much of a hypocrite can you be? Maybe the far Right is there just for people like you, makes finding you easier for your brand of god.
Everyone makes mistakes. As others have said "Judge not least you be judged". Ask your spouse.

Roosevelt, UT

The good thing about this life is we all make choices, mostly based upon our belief system. Were we to truly love ourselves we would be less likely to judge someone else. Too often we judge ourselves by tle laws of mercy and others by the laws of the land.

When we are perfect we are encouraged to become stone throwers, til then we sin when we cast stones or judgement on others.


Dear Liberate,

Sleeveless dress, my thoughts? Nonmember or less active, therefore needs someone (me) to make sure to help her feel comfortable and welcome.

Man with buttons undone? No thoughts at all. I don't make a habit of trying to peer down men's shirts.

Love your neighbor. Be kind to all. It's not rocket science and most members I know are doing very well at both things. And the ones who are not? Repeat the first two sentences of this paragraph as often as required.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I don't think Brother Bill has a really good history with truth telling. However, if he is telling the truth, it's clear he never received a testimony from the spirit or he wouldn't be saying what he did about the LDS belief in Heaven.

Bill Clinton reminds me of a Shakespearian tragic hero. He had the capacity to be a great president or even a great man. Unfortunately, he has always had a tragic flaw--his lack of character.

Bill's not evil. But, Bill and "The Truth" have, unfortunately, been distasnt strangers for many years.

san antonio, TX

Seems strange to me that a well-educated person such as Bill Clinton would go out and share such a misinformed explanation about what heaven means to believers of a religion to which he has no affiliation. It seems somewhat ironic that he would purposefully distort any religion when the Barrack Obama, the candidate he endorses, puts out a statement that says, "we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions." His thoughts are incorrect. He knows better. He was purposefully not caring if he offended the LDS people so he could take a swipe at Romney. At this point in the election the masterful campaigner is trying to instigate a defensive response from Romney or, at least, those who support him. Those who point out the obvious about how the commandment against adultery would be a more likely "sticking point" for Clinton are simply falling for the ploy. If someone tries to pick a fight with you so they can bring you down to their level, even if they insult your beloved mother or your religion, it's best to just walk away.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'd take Bill Clinton over Hussein Obama any day. I know Bill Clinton loves America. The other guy, I'm just not so sure....

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