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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 12 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Iowa City, IA

You know Clinton is leaving himself wide open when he comments on the rightness or wrongness of religion. After the Lewinsky affair, I'm surprised to think he is actually going to be in heaven.

Dave D
Pocatello, ID


I seem to remember a story about a woman taken in adultery. I can't quite remember the ending, but I think the same book says something about the ability of men and women to be forgiven. What is the name of that book?


That's kind of what I was thinking. Slick Willie might be more concerned about being left behind than leaving anyone else behind. I seriously doubt that Heaven is any place for adulterers.

Cache county, USA

3 grand slams
People make mistakes. Wait, it's that what Christ told us?
Clinton is a angel compared to Obama.
Believe it.
Obamas aren't mistakes with morals, rather purely insane elite attitude and hatred of the USA.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

@Dave D

I'm not sure of the name of the book either, but I think its the same one that says "judge not that you be not judged."

Salt Lake City, UT

@Henry Drummond
But aren't you judging someone who is judging someone who is judging Bill Clinton? For that matter am I judging you for judging someone who is judging someone who is judging Bill Clinton?

"rather purely insane elite attitude and hatred of the USA."

Well that's just silly.

salt lake city, utah

"hatred of the USA" where in the world do you people come up with this stuff?

Centerville, UT

Too bad he didn't stick with it. He had a lot of talent. He wasted a ton of it.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

He stopped investigating after the 4th discussion where it says you can't smoke weed (inhaling or not) or have extramarital relations (including White House interns).

Florissant, MO

Please tell me that all of you that are posting these pious judging comments are not LDS. Not that I would expect more from LDS, but this is an LDS paper and an LDS related article and yet some of the comments are not the kind of comments that I would want to hear from my fellow members of the church.

So while you were all passing judgement, did you not notice that what he claims he was taught is not what the church teaches? "Zeke Miller, reporting for BuzzFeed, added that the "two or three Mormon missionaries" teaching young Clinton described heaven "as a pyramid with many levels that put Hitler and Stalin at the very bottom, faithful Mormons on top, and everyone else in between." Sadly these missionaries were teaching an opinion, not doctrine, no one knows for sure where Hitler and Stalin will be, they too have a chance to repent. Also, there will be many people, besides faithful Mormons on top.

Question, is a faithful Mormon one that passes judgement?

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, as a Mormon, I'm still shocked that we feel we can assign people to Kingdoms. I think we'll be surprised who actually is in the Celestial Kingdom.

Once the majority of Mormons become less judgmental, I think more of us would actually be happier, more loving people and perhaps the outside world might view us more favorably. JMHO

Ogden, Utah

Sounds like a lot of people on here want to pull that mote out of Clinton's eye...

Provo, UT

Quite honestly, I am disgusted by some of the comments of my fellow "Saints" on this article.

San Francisco, CA

You should have stuck with it, Brother Bill! You would have discovered that the objective of the gospel is not to leave all those friends behind, but to do everything possible to bring them along with us.

Magna, UT

I'm calling the former president out.

I don't believe he ever studied Mormonism with any intent on joining. His comments are made up for political purposes.

Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder what Bill's friends thought about this: "He didn't want to go to Heaven and leave me. Am I to be happy that he wanted to stay with me, or upset that he thought I was not going to heaven?" Greater love hath no man than this that he give up his life for his friend. This is probably not the intended context.

I don't think Clinton has done anything for which he can not be forgiven and thus get into Heaven. But, that doesn't mean he's not going to catch flak from us in mortality until that time. And that may not be the christian thing to do, but hey it's fun and he earned it.

There are two reasons for everything: first, the one that sounds good and reasonable that we tell people, and the second, the true reason.

I think were getting the first in this article.

"It wasn't the religion's beliefs, it was all those rules."

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Open mouth - insert foot. Nuff said.

the truth
Holladay, UT


You have demonstrated why that particular scripture is NOT about judging others,

but is about being a hypocrite!

The scriptures, in context say God MUST judge us as we judge others else we will be guilty of hypocrisy,

therefore judge righteously!

That is what those scriptures are all about,
why no one gets it is puzzling.

except the desire to want to point fingers.


You nailed it. God does not want to leave anyone behind, but agency means we must be held accountable for our choices and actions.

@Dave D

Christ never forgave the woman as the story is recorded (he would not immediately condemn her and punish her according to the law of moses), he simply said go and sin no more. If she repented she would then earn forgiveness according to the new law.

Lets's understand and get the scriptures right and not just flippantly, ignorantly and unrighteously judgingly throw out scriptures.

Sandy, UT

As a devout practicing Mormon I will say Mormons are among the most judgmental and critical people out there. If you don't believe me, ask yourself what your first thought is when you see a woman walk into a chapel with a sleeveless dress. Ask yourself what you think when you see an adult man with his shirt unbuttoned from the top two buttons but no sign of anything underneath.

We are happy to pat ourselves on the back for our adherence to the word of wisdom, law of chastity, etc., but forget the very basics of the Gospel itself, charity and service of those around us. It will be interesting to see who really does make it to the top.

Al Thepal
Salt Lake City, UT

Mormons should not be as judgmental as they are, I agree with that. However, I think I have seen just as much people be judgmental against Mormons as Mormons being judgmental. As for the questions raised by liberate, I personally don't really think anything when I see those people. I have not gotten to know them, so how can I judge them? That is honestly my first thoughts, however I will admit that it didn't used to be.

Bill (or the missionaries that taught him) frankly got the idea of the Kingdoms of Glory wrong. You don't actually have to be a Mormon in this life to go to the Celestial Kingdom. Those who accept the gospel in the post-mortal Spirit world have the same opportunity as those who accept it in this life. I actually believe that there will be far more people in the Celestial Kingdom who were not Mormon in this life than those who were, considering the very very small percentage of the World's population that is/has been/will be Mormon in this life. The atonement of Christ extends beyond the bounds of this mortal life.

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