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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 11 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

The rivalry is different. To be honest, I don't care that much about playing Utah anymore. I would rather play other PAC 12 BIG 10 or SEC Schools than Utah if I had the choice. It sounds like Utah would rather play Northern Colorado or other Guaranteed Win Games.

George Spelvin

I am perplexed by the Church-owned school's decision to play football on Sunday. Everyone knows the Utah game will run into Sunday. Now how do I teach my teens that their dates must end and they must be home before midnight on Saturday evenings?

Pocatello, ID

Kickoff is at 8. If the game goes into double overtime, then yes, it could go past midnight, but it's not terribly likely.

And it's not like this is a new thing. In the old WAC days, the Hawaii game for both BYU and Utah would routinely go much later into the night due to a late start and the time zone difference.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I don't "know" that the game will run into Sunday. I really don't think even you "know" that it will. Most games only last 3 hours so this should be over by 11:00. You just be a good example to your teens and turn off your TV if it goes to OT and runs over.
Enjoy the game.
Go Cougars!

Green Eyeshades
Draper, UT

@ Furry1993

Sometimes defending against evil requires us to do more than just express our opinions. If I can legally do something to stop elective abortion, I will. If I can legally do something to stop same-sex marriage, I will. That is my right to exercise my agency. There are certainly enough individuals (even within the Church) who are pushing the other way which is their right.

As a society, we deny agency to others all the time. I don't have the right to kill my child just because he's inconvenient, that includes even if I'm in poor health or I can't afford to take care of him, etc. I fail to see much of a difference just because he's outside the womb vs inside the womb but I do allow for the Church exceptions. I'm not allowed to marry my sister even though we're not hurting anyone else. Why? Because it's the law and it's a good law and I will do everything in my power to keep it the law because it conforms to my personal values and moral beliefs. That is my right. Now, substitute same-sex marriage.

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