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Published: Monday, Sept. 10 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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What's up?
Salt Lake City, UT

Not sure how much of an unset the USU game was? A 7pt underdog winning at home is not earth shaking.

Highland, UT

@What's up?

Anytime Utah loses it is considered an "upset" by utah homers like Rock.

Pocatello, ID

You forget that Dwight Eisenhower was a pretty good football player for Army back in the day. Maybe even better than Ford was at Michigan.

Cedar Hills, UT

still picking Utah to win this game with the Y. Look for Utah's defense to dominate. Nelson is going to struggle.

Highland, UT


Still pegging you as a utah "fan" pretending to be a disillusioned BYU fan.

Spanish Fork, UT

BYU will have some big motivation from last year, but I don't think it is nearly as much as how angry the Utes will be from losing to Utah State. They may not get all of the O-line stuff completely fixed. But the D is going to want to make a HUGE statement. Most of the Y fans I work with agree, that Utah is going to be very fired up and the Y will have their hands full, the Utes as well. Too hard to call this game, it will be a major defensive battle.

Springville, UT

As much running as Chuckie was able to accomplish against the Utah 'stellar' defense last Friday expect Riley to accomplish as much, if not more.

Riley's passing will exceed what Wynn put up and then some as well.

Then let's talk about the TE and WRs!

West of I15, UT

@Sammy..Keaton is a much more of a threat then Nelson is.

Unfortunatley the injuries are piling up and will be without key players this week. Wynn done, Blechen suspended and it sounds like John White and Eric Rowe could both be out this week. I see this game being very close my predictions below. The Y has two talented receivers that will make plays no matter how the ball is thrown to them. On Defense they have Vanoy that I have to admitt is a beast absolutley and NFL guy. Him with 47 and the big NT our O-line will have their hands full again.

Utah 34 Y 21.....If White and Rowe play
Utah 23 Y 17 in OT....If White and Rowe don't play

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