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Published: Sunday, Sept. 9 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Umm, BYU Deek, I'm a former Coug player and I bleed blue. You are correct in that I was mistaken about playing in Logan. That said, I really don't think we need to be barking about beating Utah until we actually do win in Rice Stadium. If you don't understand why, then there is no point in me telling you.

Heber City, UT

Coach Biff, I do not know what year schedule you are looking at, but USU plays at BYU again this year. Coach Anderson said he is not happy about coming here twice in a row. Please look at a 2012 schedule, not a 2013 or later schedule.

BYU Deek
Spanish Fork, UT

Biff, I didn't say anything about not overlooking the Utes. I also thanked you for playing. . . meaning, thanks for being part of the team. Questioning your loyalties is completely different. I questions Whittingham's loyalties all the time, he's a former player. Being a former player doesn't mean squat. I used to work for a former Y qb, and he wasn't necessarily an honest person. He also bleeds blue, yet. . . never made me question my own loyalties. So, again. . . Thanks for playing.

Highland, UT

Good luck to both teams. I hope that they both play their best and that we have an exciting game. I can't wait to watch it! I know that the Utes will be fighting hard after a tough loss last week and BYU is going to be out for blood after last years loss, so it should really be a good one. As for the fans, I know you guys think you know who's going to win, but until it actually happens and we have a winner, maybe you should keep your pre-game celebrations to yourself to avoid being embarrassed.


Cinci Man

BYU. This will be Game 3. Good enough so far to win. Still waiting for the record after 4 games. That will tell SO much about this team. But from my point of view, BYU was not good enough against Weber State to beat the worst of Utah teams in Utah. You better concentrate on every down, every player on the field. This weekend will clearly show why we play the game. Good luck to both teams. I also hope that both teams leave it all on the field.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

Hays looked coming in at Logan. Still it is hard to believe this game will be as easy for Utah as last year. BYU seems to have problems with the offensive line producing for them. I guess I need to go in at left tackle or somewhere.


I think Utah is better off with Hays than Wynn after watching Friday's game. BYU always seems to find a way to make the game close when we should win and to lose when it should be close-so if we can stay focused and play our game I will be happy.

In general I cheer for Utah whenever they are not playing BYU, but after the cockiness of some of the Utah posters on these boards I figured I should share this quote from the lead article on ESPN:

"At what point does Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott start having buyer's remorse about his league's two new members? If only conference expansion offered a two-year, money-back guarantee."

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Big difference this year is no Heaps in the lineup

Mission Viejo, CA

To the Ute fans:
This game will be close and nasty as they all are. 54-10 won't happen again for a long time. If BYU wins, I'll be happy for a couple of hours, but Boise on the smurf turf will only be few days away. Utah will need to refocus on their schedule which looks a lot tougher now with 5 PAC12 teams ranked. But maybe they'll get their first ever win against my Dawgs, who looked pathetic against LSU.

To the BYU fans:
This is the first of 4 really tough road games. And lets not forget Oregon State who just beat Wisconsin. One game at a time. I'd prefer to see some restraint in the smak talk for a change, but probably won't happen, whoever wins. But for me, Utah is just another game, one BYU needs to win. I'll take a 1-point win and be glad for it.

Las Vegas, NV

The problem with this game is even if Utah wins, so what? They will still have to face at least 3 other ranked opponents in the PAC (Lets hear how crappy the PAC 12 is now BYU fans)

A win would be nice, but Utah has bigger fish to fry.

But make no mistake, if Utah wins it will not count. The #1 reason being that they are still "bottom dwellers in the PAC 12.

I would like to see fans on both sides take a loss like a man for once. Go Utes!

Mapleton, Utah

If the Utes lose Saturday, It's because:

1. The PAC (insert your own number here) Officials were mad at Utah for embarrassing the conference by getting beat so ugly by USU.

2. Coach Whit made the team do too many wind sprints this week following the debacle at USU.

3. The 30,000 fans that come to the games on sunny days, were still angry about the debacle at USU and decided to forgo the game in favor of checkers at Pioneer Park.

4. The 103 Ute players were all still suffering from altitude sickness after their two long days in Logan.

5. The 103 Ute players were still in a fog.

6. The players all blamed Coach Whit for being a BYU grad and throwing the game.

7. Navalvet, socalute and a few others couldn't post any words of encouragement to the team because their world collapsed on Friday night.

If the Mighty BYU Cougars win Saturday at RES:

1. They were the better team and didn't give the ball away 7 times.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

"A win would be nice, but Utah has bigger fish to fry."

Who are you kidding? A win, just like last year, would be Utah's ONLY highlight of the year.

btw, you're already bottom-dwellers...

in the WAC!

Allen, TX

I have a 2-part question. Who broke into the top 25 this week, and who lost to a team they said they would thump?

Nuff said.

Kaysville, UT

I don't see much changing in this matchup in a single year. Utah losing to hands down the best team in the state (kudos to you Aggies because you know you are) does not mean an automatic win for BYU in this matchup.

It will be a closer game than last year, but I predict Utah by at least 10.

Kaysville, UT

Not a Ute, but I think the Y fans are counting their chickens long before they hatch a little here.

I just don't see much of a difference between the starters in this matchup versus the starters last year. I can accept (and am even glad) that the Y has apparently improved over last year to a certain degree, but we are largely talking about the same players and the same coaches that brought you last year's 40+ point blowout spread.

The truth is that Utah losing to certainly the best team in this state last week is not necessarily the humiliating defeat that the Y would like to think it is. The Aggies will be the WAC champion this year, make no mistake. Next year, they will be one of the more competitive teams in the MWC. If there was one team in this state who could find its way through the Ute D, it was the Aggie offense.

I am going to go out on a limb and state for the record that BYU's offense is a far cry from U State's. My prediction, Utes by a minimum of 10 (maybe more).

Overton, NV

"I just don't see much of a difference between the starters in this matchup versus the starters last year."

One huge difference: Riley Nelson over Jake Heaps.

Having said that, I'm not going to predict an outcome either. I absolutely want BYU to win, but it always seems like the Cougars come out flat against Utah. Meanwhile, Utah comes out fired up and ready to go from the start. If BYU can keep it close through a quarter or two, they'll have a chance to win at the end. But the key is going to be avoiding turnovers. That's why the blowout happened last season: too many turnovers. Pure and simple.

Also, I am still worried about the offense. So far the slimmed-down line doesn't impress me. They are still getting pushed around way too much, especially early in games. That has to change if they want any chance of winning any of the next three games.

Proud Ute

So glad to see our two (unless they're as I suspect, one and the same)favworite trolls addressing me personally when I merely gave a thumbs up to another poster who pretty much has you guys dialed in. Gave me a little bounce to my day knowing I was in your head though.

Not sure what alternative dimension you pulled the "bitterness" angle out of troll but then again, you're probably packing for Tulsa as we speak so no point in even getting into a conversation with you.

If cougars win, I've give the Y team the same congrats I gave the Aggies, no excuses. Can you both say the same?

Gilbert, AZ

"I just don't see much of a difference between the starters in this matchup versus the starters last year"

Then you obviously haven't been paying any attention to Utah's offensive line - the Utes had a HUGE drop off in talent on the O-line that they're still struggling to address.

Edmond, OK

Boy, the game of the season for both utah and BYU is next Saturday evening. I sure hope someone cleared Coach Mendenhall's calendar - it would be a shame if he has a scheduled fireside to attend and we don't see him on the sidelines. That he missed watching the utah/utah state football game (two future opponents THIS season) is unbelievable to me. I'm sure others are watching for him and giving him a very detailed report of all he needs to know, but still, is he a fan or what? How does he relate to the players? I'm sure everyone of them thought watching that game was very important. I love BYU's values - one additional one be to honor and cherish mothers. Very important and their are many more. But the subject before us is football. Religion in private, football on the field. Go Cougs.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Can you spell D-V-R? I think that he will be plenty prepared for the game, thanks.

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