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Published: Sunday, Sept. 9 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Just Wondering...
Gilbert, AZ

...does beating an unranked Utah team help or hurt your ranking?

San Diego, CA

I hope the AP ranking doesn't go to the heads of the BYU players, like it already has to the heads of some of BYU's fans. BYU hasn't played anybody good yet. Washington State barely squeaked past Eastern Washington yesterday. BYU hasn't been able to run the ball up the middle against two weak teams, and they won't be able to do so against Utah. Utah will have something to prove coming off the loss the Utah St. and will bring their A game. If the BYU players go into this game overconfident, they will come away humbled once again. BYU players, please ignore the new AP ranking and just remember last year's score and play like you have something to prove.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Just Wondering...

...does beating an unranked Utah team help or hurt your ranking?


Just wondering, when did you beat Utah?

Oh, yes 2009.

Iowa City, IA

Very nice for the Cougs but I don't put too much stock in polls until after the 5th or 6th game. However, road wins at Utah then Boise St. after a 5 day turn around...top 15 for the Cougs.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Be careful what you say about the BCS utah utes - they're getting real sensitive. And to make things worse, their new arch rival Colorado got beat by Sac State. If you get my drift.

Draper, UT

According to BYU fans the Pac-12, with five top 25 teams, is the worse conference in the country. The irony behind this mentality is comical. Bottom dwellers of the Pac-12 just beat last years Big 12 and Big 10 champions. Also, UCLA beat ranked Nebraska. Colorado and Washington State are pretty bad; with that said, pounding your chest after beating a Washington State team that barely beat Eastern Washington is pathetic.


I just want every byu player to remember last year, and give the Utes everything you have. Leave it all on the field. Make them remember this year!

Bountiful, UT

"Bottom dwellers of the pac 12 just beat last years Big 10 & Big 12 champs"

I thought the utes just got WAC'd by a team from the WAC conference?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

4D - you had credibility until your "list" of "bad teams" didn't include utah. Any conference of champions team that gets beat by a WAC team would qualify as "bad", don't you think? And you do remember the Colorado/Utah game of last year, don't you?

highland, utah

keep it up cougar fans...i do believe you might run into a big mad buzz saw ur next game....keep laughing for now!!

Overton, NV

This means absolutely nothing. Yet.

Ignore the rankings. Just win the next game. We'll worry about the rest afterwards.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Someone is really unhappy about last Friday night.

Springville, UT

Personally these early rankings mean very little.

But on the other hand I truly enjoy seeing Ute fans go into a foaming at the mouth, 'bitter and jealous' rage every time BYU is mentioned in a poll that the Utes are not.

Sandy, UT

Polls are a joke

Washington, UT

I seriously doubt BYU has anything going to their heads. On the other hand, Utah has some issues too, not to mention at QB, and their defense is not as stout as they pretended. BYU vs Utah is nearly always a tough, close game. BYU has not yet played it's best, they will on Saturday. Look for BYU to extract revenge in a close win.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


I thought the utes just got WAC'd by a team from the WAC conference?


Cougars aren't the only team that beats themselves. The difference is we didn't get beat by 6 touchdowns.

If Utah doesn't come out with a "chip on their shoulders" after that embarrassing game @USU then this Ute team will be lucky to win 6 games because UCLA and Arizona look good so far.

Is BYU a top 25 team? I guess but we'll find if they deserve to stay a top 25 team on Saturday.


Frisco, TX

I agree with Bronco - there should be no rankings until Week 5.

BYU has proven nothing with wins against Weber State and Washington State. We'll know a lot more about BYU over the next 11 days. All along I've said that Utah, Boise, ND and GT would determine our season, and I'm sticking by that assertion; although I may have to add Oregon St to the discussion.

I'm really looking forward to the rivalry game this Saturday. It should be a good one. I feel bad for Wynn, but Hays clearly played better than Wynn against USU. Has anyone heard if Wynn will be back on Saturday? I'm hoping Apo and Dulan will be back, and I'm hoping Riley's back is okay. Go Cougs!

Utah Soldier
Bountiful, UT

It may be easy to knock Eastern Washington, but they were the 2010 NCAA Football Champions for the FCS.

u mad bro?


Wow, you must really enjoy our company to keep posting comments on BYU articles. Or maybe you're secretly a BYU fan who is just fishing for compliments.

Ogden, Utah

The college football gods truly are just. John L Smith's Arkansas team, with their loss at home to Louisiana-Monroe and subsequent drop in the polls from 8th in the nation to outer darkness has got to put a big smile on many Weber State fans faces.

Karma, got to love the Karma.

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