Comments about ‘Supreme Court's health care ruling could weaken charity tax breaks’

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Published: Friday, Sept. 7 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

How can they use the phrase "unintended consequences"? 60% of the nation want this bill repealed. There are rallies and people protesting it. It's very clear that a good number of people understand how this bill is going to steal their money. We have made it known to the leaders, and they stood by and did nothing to stop it. We are given two words when everything hits the fan "Unintended Consequences" kind of like "Collateral Damage" or in lay man terms "oops".

So much for the best and the brightest leading us. I'll give them some unintended consequences such as early retirement, stripping them of the power given to them by the people, taking away their cadillac health care and retirement package.

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