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Published: Thursday, Sept. 6 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Slam dunk.
Obama 2012!

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

A President not looking to hand over our country to special interests and billionaires.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

That's funny; four years ago, he said that if he didn't have the economy turned around in three years, he deserved to be a one-term president.

He's right. The challenge can be met. Just not by Obama. He has been weighed. He has been measured. And he has definitely been found wanting.

Choose Romney-- the true path to economic recovery!

Cedar Hills, UT

re:one vote

Special interests have dominated the entire Obama presidency - where have you been???? The man is attached at the hip with lobbyists and union bosses. As far as millionaires and billionaires - where has your golf happy pres spent most of his waking hours - other than golf? With Hollywood millionaires and billionaire buddies like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Oh and don't forget his biggest billionaire buddy and influence - GEORGE SOROS. Yes the American hating socialist billionaire. If you want to vote for 9.2% unemployment (as the CBO projects for next year) then go ahead. If you want to vote for 20 trillion in debt which is the projection of the next 4 years of OBama-nomics then go ahead but just know this - this isn't just you that is going to get hosed ... it is your kids and grandkids. China is growing ever stronger as Obama borrows and borrows and borrows and for every dollar we borrow from them we lose another chunk of our freedom and sovereignty. Try to set aside your worshipful emotion of OBama for a moment and think with some practicality.

Springville, UT

This Democrat convention was the absolute sorriest and biggest waste of time in American broadcast and presidential campaign history.

Democrats booing God... priceless

A party so divided on so many issues... delusional

Gay marriage platform... a real winner

Biden's intellect... (insert words here)

Clint Eastwood... nailed it

Centerville, UT

The President is absolutely correct. The challenge CAN be met. But we're going to need to elect Mitt Romney to do it. This guy is the one who helped create the challenge in the first place.

Logan, UT

I think he should live by his word. If he didn't get the economy turned around in 3 years he should just be a 1 term President. We need to get the word out to people to go and vote and vote for experience in turning problem companies around because the process is the same to turn around America. If you have time to make calls for Mitt do it. Just do all you can. $16,000,000,000,000,000 in debt. That is a lot of zero's. 16 Trillion. Did you ever think our Amazing Country would be that far in debt? I have talked with some people who are voting for Obama and they don't answer when I ask if the economy is better than before. Why do they give him a pass? I just don't get it. Is voting Democrat more important than saving our future, our children's and Grand children's future. A nice smile does not pay the piper in the end. I have noticed Obama's nose always seems to be up in the air as if he is better than us.

Holladay, UT

I looked hard to discover Romney's intent as a would-be president, but all I heard was, "I can govern because I know business." That's the thing -- America is not now -- and never has been "a business...". If Romney had run a business that actually made things, or competed, or created jobs I'd get it. But he didn't. So, tonight I listened critically and while I did not hear a nuts and bolts plan, I heard the continuation of a powerful vision for a country I can believe in. A dramatically more realistic portrayal of getting from A to B than Romney's ancient and tired rhetoric. President Obama seems realistic about how America fits into a new world, while Romney seems to only understand the "get rich quick" scheme of lower taxes and program cuts. While corporations now count as people, America is not a corporation nor merely a big balance sheet. President Obama delivered a strong dose of reality with humility that has been absent in modern politics for a long time, and he's simply more believable. And inspiring. Our President is a true leader not merely a business man.

Cedar Hills, UT

It was interesting to hear the democrat's attack Mitt for not being specific enough about how he would grow our economy in his speech even though Mitt outlined 5 specific plans. Tonight what did we get exactly from Barack? Can anyone tell me what the 5 step plan is from Barack other than tax some more and borrow some more and hope it works this time? What a totally lame speech! The man has been in office 4 years and he still has no idea. Time isn't the problem with Barack.... a REAL plan is. To say this guy is over his head is an understatement. I think the man is a total dud obviously but this speech was not an incomplete - it was a Failure.

Geez - it's like taking your car to get fixed and the mechanic says "wow you gave me a bunch of problems to fix here". You come back 2 weeks later and he tells you "well you know you gave me a bunch of problems to solve here and ... yes I know it is now running worse than before but just give me some more time". Time for a new mechanic!!

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Well, 4 years later and we are hearing that he needs more time. 4 years ago he was saying that if he could not turn things around he would be gone. We now have the opporutnity to make that happen and get someone in the office that understands how to turn things around. I listened to all of the talks tonight and came away with the following themes: (1) I need more time, (2) We need to spend more money we don't have, (3) I am willing now to work with everyone. Our country stands at the crossroads. Our next choice for president has to be the correct one. We do have a clear choice, one who knows how to get things done and one who needs more time to try and get things done. How much time do you want to spend?

Highland, UT

1/3 of the people that posted on this have been completely deceived. Sad...

Sandy, UT

@sammyg - Did you watch the convention or are you just piping some comments you read on your friends' facebook posts? They were booing yes. But any objective bystander would recognize they were not booing God. They were booing the idea that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. You may disagree on this point but this is far from the mouth-watering shameful event that some Republicans are making it out to be.

Orem, UT

Smooth, Slippery Tongues

How do you spell "Going it alone?" F - R - E - E - D - O - M

What is "Working with big government" like? Like working with a giant boa constrictor. It will eventually squeeze the life out of you.

Other states could take a lesson from us here in Utah. Big government owns 75% of our land; we, the people, own 25%. What do you call a government that owns most or all of the land? Intrusive, totalitarian, communistic. Other nations have gone down that road with big government. Americans should listen to the people who survived. Big government only gets bigger. The result is always disastrous. The people always get crushed.

Remember, "Government means control and force." Less is better. It's what we fought the Revolutionary War over! Be a true Patriot—vote for less government and freedom for the people of America in Novenber.

Tooele, UT

He had 4 yrs to prove himself and he didn't..he needs to stay true to his promise, for once during his stay, and be a one term president. He didn't change a thing only made it worse. I vote for Romney!

Far East USA, SC

Obamas speech was OK, but it was no Clinton Speech.

You may disagree with the contents of Clinton's speech, but you are delusional if you dont think it was a knockout.

Alpine, UT

Obama says that he needs more time. How about 25 years to life? He claims that he's not done. But, we the people are done. Ex-governor of Michigan Jan Graham... told the people that obama saved 1 million jobs by forgiving GM's corporate debt. Why didn't Ford need the same government backing to survive? Why are corporations so evil to the liberal mindset except the one's obama choses to bail out, i.e. Solydra, GM, etc.? The time has come for those yearning to breath free to take back our country!

Far East USA, SC

"Special interests have dominated the entire Obama presidency - where have you been???? "

Let me help you Patriot.

Special interests dominate politics now. They dominate R politics and the dominate D politics.

Do you really not see that?

Let me ask you. From a purely political standpoint

Do you think money corrupts politics?
How about union money?
How about corporate money?
How about the citizens united ruling?

What suggestions do you have to stop "special interests from dominating a presidency?"

specifics please.

My solution

Taxpayer funded elections.
No lobby
No Pacs
No donations or meals or trips to any politicians. PERIOD

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

What is disgusting is to have politicians tell us lies, while smiling the whole time, fully aware that they are feeding us one lie after another.

And the media refuses to question our leadership. We're not allowed to question the leadership. So everyone keeps going along pretending nothing bad is happening....

As a nation we deserve everything that is going to come with the collapse of the financial system. At least as things continue to get worse, fewer people are believing the lies that we are being fed.

Mcallen, TX

It's not what Obama says, but what he does! What did he do?

Why has he given billions of our money to other countries, and denied the Canadian oil pipeline deal?

Why has the millionaires lied about Romney not paying taxes for ten years?

Cedar Hills, UT

I really don't know what scares me more - Obama or the MTV/MSNBC educated people that vote for him. You try to explain to folks about the 16 trillion dollar atom bomb that is about to explode over their heads called the national debt (soon to be a projected 20 trillion) and they look at you like Alfred E Newman of Mad Magazine - "what me worry". It's like being on the deck of the Titanic - seeing the iceberg dead ahead - and just keep on dancing. No worries. HUH??? What is it that liberals have such a hard time understanding about our national debt and basic economics? Obama has borrowed and added nearly 6 trillion to the debt - more than any president in history - and people see it as no big deal. The next 4 years he promises more of the same - more borrowing and more debt and his adoring masses think it's no big deal. Geez people - wake up PLEASE!!!! This is not that hard. There is a reason Paul Ryan has drawn up 2 budgets to CUT the debt and balance the budget BECAUSE our future is at stake and so is our kids!!!

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