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Howell totes scriptures around with him at DNC

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 5 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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I just have a really big problem with the Mormon Democrats because of the issue on abortion. How can you stand being involved with those who want to kill innocent babies is beyond me. I believe that abortion is o.k. when the mother's health is at risk and the choice has to be for the mother over saving the baby when other children need their mother. Rape also I feel is a reason for abortion but other than that I can not understand how you can have that as part of your platform. Abortion is murder no matter how far along the pregnancy is. There are plenty of people out there who would love to adopt a baby so to me it is just selfish on the part of the women who want this.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

nice try. your democratic platform doesn't cut it with most Utahns and certainly not with most mormons. until the dems change what they espouse they will continue to be defeated in utah. And this comes from a person raised as a dem. It is a much different party than it used to be.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Scott Howell is a decent, good man, and there are a lot of decent, good Mormons that belong to the Democratic Party. His problem however is that there just aren't enough of them in Utah to get him elected. The Democrats don't share the same values as the majority of Utahns.

Durham, NC

I know this is going to get the standard set of comments that members who are Democrats should be ex'ed and all.... and that is fine. The people of make those comments see the world in a very narrow light.

But how do you change policy you don't like? If you agree with a particular platform of a group you mostly agree with, you do it from within. The more people inside the democratic party disagree with abortion, the more likely that platform will be minimalized. I get some don't believe the PEW Research numbers about Democrats who don't support abortion, to the numbers of LDS people affiliated either liberal or moderate. But you don't have to look far to see that over 40% of Utahns claim neither party, particularly because of this all or nothing mentality the extremes on both sides of the political spectrum have forced on their parties.

We do need to take our country back. But it is from the parties is who we need to take it back from. Enough extremism on both sides. It is ok to have conservative democrats, and moderate republicans, and Mormons who are both.

omni scent
taylorsville, UT

Grammy3: your opinion on abortion actually puts you more in line with the democrat platform over the republican platform. I dln't know of anyone that advocates "abortion on demand" as I've heard other posters on these forums say, like it is something you get at a drive thru. However, it is these cases like rape, incest, and life in danger that need it. Many on the republican side say no exceptions.
It gets tricky for things like rape: does it need to be a forcible rape? Would you need a conviction for the rapist in order to get the3 procedure? If so, we would need to speed up our courts (how long did it take Brian David Mitchell to get convicted)
How about we make the procedure legal, but do what we can to provent it by promoting adoption, teaching comprehensive sex education in schools, improving the situation for the poor so they can afford to raise kids, not cutting sCHIP and otherhealth plans for kids so that they can be healthy after birth, etc.
Anyhow, let's stop using this as a reason to attack the democrats.

Ogden, UT

This is a nice sentiment but with the new Democratic platform that supports abortion, homosexuality, no longer recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and has eliminated any mention of God from the platform statement I do not see how any faithful LDS person can support the Democratic Party.

Saint George, UT

Hooray for Scott Howell! As a life long conservative, this was amusing! My impressions were: First, this guy has no idea how out of step he is with Democratic values these days; Two, wow, he unashamedly is putting his religion front and center; Third, he really might make a difference with that party; Fourth, he suffers from delusion; Fifth, no matter who is leading this nation, it still is going to come down to whether it is right to compel people to be charitable and compassionate (Socialism will not work; Capitalism must have within its adherents compassion and charity to make a better world). So, at least Scott Howell is doing something that everyone should be doing, trying to bring truth to the table! Way to go! As someone that usually only reserves disdain and contempt for any political party that doesn't support the constitution and our God-given rights, he offers a small reprive!

Cache county, USA

I truly believe Mormon dems, choose that party, just to be defiant.
Thats it, and that's all.

Kaysville, UT

Since this article is about the Church and the DNC with people such as Scott Howell, who is running against Senator Hatch, it is interesting that their party's Platform didn't include anything about God until the Republicans and radio/TV talk hosts kept on hounding the DNC about that issue. That is a basic document of their beliefs and future of our country. The discourse on that is forgotten in this article. The Tea Party and their religious right has had a similar approach with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but distinct differences. The loss in South Carolina for Mitt Romney was a blast from the evangelicals against the Church.

As the name of the Church indicates that Christ and God are the leaders of the Church through a Prophet, such as in the olden days. The right to life and other issues are an integral part of the Church and it's members. You cannot divorce those beliefs for a political gain.

The DNC is a Hollywood type of approach along with the community organizing movement to get to the emotions of people. What the preacher of those speeches is doing is emotional.

Provo, UT

Some of the people who post at DN believe that you can't be a Democrat and a Mormon. LDS church leaders do not share that view point and have gone out of their way to tell their members that that is not the case. Apparently some posters believe that they know more about how the Church should be run than their leaders do.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Missionaries with firm principles sent to toil amongst the heathen are to be admired for their zeal and optimism.

However, people who voluntarily associate with those insisting on holding deplorable views should be judged by the friends they keep.

I see most Utah Democrats as falling in the latter category, not the former. And, when some (like Jim Matheson) try to fool the electorate by refusing to attend their party's convention so they won't be seen with hard core liberals like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Clinton, that confirms that they are slick politicians, not principled Utahns.

Average, SE

"omni scent": Here's a quote from the Democratic Party's 2012 platform: "The President and the Democratic Party believe that women have a right to control their reproductive choices...President Obama and Democrats will continue to stand up to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood health centers...The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion... We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right....there is no place for politicians or government to get in the way [of abortions]." So no governmental controls at all on abortion (i.e., allow abortions for any reason at any time). That means "on demand" abortions.

The Democratic platform has things that go against teachings of the LDS Church - they support the ERA (look what church leaders said about it in the 70s), same-sex marriage, and more.

There is much to laud about the Democrat platform but no restrictions on abortions? Same-sex marriage? That does not match with LDS Church teachings about moral issues.

O-town, UT

I do not see how any faithful LDS person can support a GOP/Tea Party Budget that asks those with abundance to give less and those working poor to pay more out of their needs.

See Mark 12:41-44

See, it cuts both ways. I appreciate the good conservative LDS trying to "steady the arc" because the Lord's anointed (prophet and apostles) have failed in their estimation.

The First Presidency repeatedly says the Church is neutral and that good can be found in both parties. They didn't go further and say LDS Democrats are less or LDS Tea Party are less. If they needed to, they would have said it.

Harry Reid's abortion stance is exactly in line with what Grammy3 said (exceptions in cases of rape, incest, and health of the mother). The Tea Party actually went on to invent a forcible rape definition and believes that the female body can't get pregnant under forcible rape. Just because the extreme wing believes that, will I lump all LDS GOP members in believing that? No!

UtahBlueDevil is right...change comes within the party. Moderates please take back your party from the Tea Party.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear Wonder: The Church is BRILLIANT at PR and has an eye toward the survival of the Church under any circumstances. The Church states there is truth to be found in all political parties...That is true. However, the Church doesn't say there is and EQUAL amount of truth to be found in all political parties. Clearly some parties have very little "truth" and we've seen a lot of evidence of that this week.

I think Scott Howell is obviously a good man and I'm glad he was able to represent the Church at the Dem Convention. But, I still don't know what these LDS people are doing there. I fear they have fallen among the Godless and don't seem to see it. The platform fight over God and Jerusalem make that pretty clear.

Dear Aggielove: I think you make a good point about LDS Dems doing it out of defiance. I have personally known those who do it for that reason.

Ogden, UT


LDS leaders have gone out of their way to be neutral. There are no members of the 1st Presidency and the 12 that are Democrats. Being an LDS Democrat is like watching a movie and saying that it was a great movie except for the bad parts.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear Wildcat: The position you state on abortion has NOTHING to do with the Tea Party. The Tea Party is about fiscal responsibility and adherance to the Constitutuion. The Tea Party has NOTHING to do with abortion policy or other social policy.

It's this kind of misinformation that leads to all kinds of misunderstandings.

Orem, UT

As a moderate LDS republican there are things in the current Republican platform I don't agree with, and I think are out of step with church doctrine. So for all those saying you can't be democrat and a faithful member because of their platform...might want to think before casting more stones. I don't agree with Mr. Howell's politics and he doesn't have my vote; but I do agree with his statement that we can have civil political conversations as church members and we should leave those conversations outside of the walls of our church buildings.

I'm glad Mr. Howell is proudly proclaiming his faith.

Provo, UT

@Maskmarv -- Exactly. The church has said that there are good points in both political parties (and, I might add, bad points in both parties). I'd like to know how any of you know what political party any General Authority belongs to. Have they ever announced that information? I've never heard anything about what party they belong to, other than Marlin K. Jensen, who specifically said he was a Democrat a few years ago when a bunch of members were trying to do what many of you are doing now -- saying the only party you could belong to as a member of the church is the Republican Party. If you don't believe me, google it and also take a look at the mormon.org question and answer page. I imagine the Church will soon send out another, yes another, statement telling its members the same thing, because the message just doesn't seem to get through.

Florissant, MO

They might have "Mormon" moments, but seems that they wanted to kick God out of the party. What does that tell you?

O-town, UT


Yeah, but most of the Tea Party members support Todd Akin's comments. If the Tea Party is truly dedicated to only fiscal issues, they should not cast a vote on any social issues like abortion.

It's comments like Maskmarv that give me hope. It is alright to have differences or disagreements politically, but to suggest either side can't be a good LDS member because of their political affiliation is just plain wrong and sickening.

It seems that a good deal of the conservative posters want everyone to think the same and do the same...I didn't choose that plan before, which is why I am here right now, and I won't choose it now.

LDS Democrats are here to stay and will only get stronger when such hate and ignorance is spouted against them. To the other respectful GOP LDS, I hope that both parties will work to make government work at both Federal and State level. It will take both parties to do it. It is not a zero sum game like the Tea Party makes it. We can all press on and go forward together--we have to.

God bless us all!

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