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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 5 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Byu, bcs, lol!

I can't wait to have Utah personally end your season essentially, while our drive to Pasadena will just be starting. I love the bcs and being in a bcs conference!

Utah 31
Byu 10
Riley( whose grit I really admire actually) 4 turnovers.

If byu beats Utah I won't post on byu articles all year

I will be posting all year

Mark it down!


Didn't you promise to stop commenting on articles if BYU won this last week? I seem to remember something like that...

Maricopa, Az

Chris B

The only "drive to Pasadena" the Utes will make is if they buy tickets.

Harwich, MA

BYU Defense = Slow, corners over commit constantly and a good quarterback/receiver will burn them, slow, way too eager to celebrate instead of pay attention and did I say slow.


GoBanana, No, he only said he would stop posting if BYU beats Utah, not WSU, although he predicted a WSU win 34 - 21 "Mark it Down". That didn't work out so well for him. Let's see how it goes next weekend. Hard to believe the game is only 9 days away. Go Cougs!

Old Gregg
Alpine, UT

@ Dennis,

That's quite the analysis after just one game. Did you get all that from watching them for a few plays on TV?

I think this year's corners are the best BYU has had in a LONG time. I know they haven't had great corners in years past, but this is a talented group of DB's this year. Put that together with the LB's and I think BYU will have a top 15 defense again this year.

Fresno, CA

I love it when Chris tells us to "mark it down." It's like a good luck charm.

Good luck to both teams this year.

Frisco, TX

Chris B - I'm tempted to say I'm going to miss you, but I won't. Please keep your commitment after the Utes lose to the Cougs. I'm sure you'll be back next year.

BYU 45
Weber State 10

BYU 28
Utah 24

Salt Lake City, Utah


WSC has TWO NFL-caliber wide receivers and BYU's "slow" corners covered them the entire game.

You're going to have to invent something else to whine about this season, because BYU's DBs this season are definitely NOT slow.

Cedar Hills, UT

I would say so Bronco! Giving up 54 Points against your rival kind of makes that "duh" statement.

In all seriousness though, byU's D looked the best they have in years. I look for the game next week to be a huge D struggle with the Utes winning it in the trenches....

Utah 28
byU 17

Go Utes!

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

Byu may actually have a top 15 defense again, and I agree that their defense is pretty good. However, it is not too hard to have a top 15 defense when last year you played 9 teams that were the weakest of college football, and this year they have 8. So in the regular season that is 75% and 67% of your games against teams like Idaho St, New MExico St, San Jose St, Hawaii, Weber St, etc. Had Alabama or the Utes had that schedule, they would have been top 5, and maybe even 1st. Bama was probably 1st or close to it last year with a much better schedule. They would not have allowed a point against those teams. It's not that the Y doesnt have fast DB's, it is the weak zone scheme Bronco plays. It's been a problem for his teams since he started as a D coordinator, and head coach, especially against teams with some speed. Take a look at his record against the athletic temas he has played. Not good. It is well below .500

Gilbert, AZ

Papa Smurf UTE

Lots of spin, but of course it doesn't explain how BYU managed to hold Mike Leach's "Air Raid" offense to 224 total yards and 6 points, while Utah's supposedly superior "Top 5" defense gave up 399 total yards and 27 points to a supposedly "inferior" WSU offense last season.

Utah fans are famous for spamming hyperbole, while completely ignoring actual facts that refute their pre-conceived opinions.

Cedar Hills, UT


Instead of posting quotes that you can't back up ("inferior"?), let's just wait until the Utes play the same team later in the year. OK?

We will put the head to head to rest next week. Can't wait.

Go Utes!

Ogden, UT

"BYU notebook: Bronco Mendenhall not satisfied with BYU's defense"

What a headline! Is this really news?

Ever heard a coach from little league to pros say they'll satisfied with any aspect of their team's play.

Now, that would have be a scoop!

UoU 1991
Park City, UT


The Utes won't hold the Wazzou under 300 yards or keep them out of the end zone.

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