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Former president implores voters to stick with Obama

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

Bill Clinton is an amazing speaker. One of the most gifted politicians of our time. No one delivered a message like that last week in Tampa. Not even close. If it were not for term limits, the man may still be President.

On another note, the message of cooperation, civility, and compromise comes through a lot louder and clearer from the Democrats as opposed to the Republicans. I get a lot of anger, hostility, and contention from the right that I do not feel from the left. I get the message from many of my friends to the right that it is good to be a peacemaker and a good civil and decent person with regards to family, work, community, faith, etc. However, in the realm of politics it is alright to stew up contention and be a real jerk. For me, it is a big turn off . I lean left for this reason more than any other.

Kaysville, UT

Bill Clinton may not be on this year's ticket but his wife, if she really wanted to be President, would have to have Obama win this time as eight years with the potential of Romney would put her out of reach, if not touch of the Presidency. Bill Clinton's speech last night was his last hoorah for helping Hilliary get to what she wanted when he ran for President in 1992. She has put up with alot due to her husband. There has not been very much affection between the current President and Former President. President Obama may have appointed Hilliary as the Secretary of State but that was to have some control over what she did in the past 4 years as she is still a threat, to both Presidents.

Bill Clinton doesn't do anything without a reason. He can sell you the car you already own and you will buy it. That is what he is good at doing. He was on a roll last night in his role as paid speaker. President Obama was there to protect his interests with a closeness at hand, if the former President got out of hand. Power rules.

Far East USA, SC


I share your sentiments.

I believe in the fiscal conservatism that the right talks about. I wish they were better at execution. Or good at all.

Sometimes I vote R and sometimes D.

However, I find myself embarrassed to admit when I do vote R. The pettiness is so immature.

They talk birther. They talk about Michelle Obamas wardrobe with bare arms. They talk about pelosis plane and Obamas vacations. They fawn over Palin.

Yes, I still vote R sometime, but I sure dont want anyone to know.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Bill Clinton could not save Al Gore

Bill Clinton could not save Hillary

(and both of those had more credibility than Obama)

All Clinton did is:
1) Remind voters that 90's economy was good because Clinton did the exact opposite of what Obama did - move to the right and co-opt the ideas of a Republican Congress (Obama has had a Democratic congress 3/4 of his term)
2) Clinton left Bush with the seeds of a recession that ended up being short because of economic expansion and the big recession never hit until Democrats again took over Congress in 2006
3) The seeds of the financial meltdown were set up in the 90's by DEMOCRAT Barney Frank's (and his partner who worked for Fannie) treatment of Freddie mac and Fannie Mae
4) The war on women comes from massively hypocritical and hate based feminists who tolerate harassment in the name of ideological purity and power

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

"I get a lot of anger, hostility, and contention from the right that I do not feel from the left."

Then obviously you are not paying attention. Listen to merely one statement by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and think tip-of-the-iceberg of hate. Or better yet: one minute of Sandra Fluke.

"The pettiness is so immature"

Have you ever listened to Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Mathews, Rachael Maddow, Al Sharpton? They personify petty. The media fawns over Michelle Obama's wardrobe and you are all victim because someone mentions Michelle Bachman's bare arms? They viciously pillar Palin and you are a victim because some come to here defense?

Comments like these are hard to take seriously

Othello, WA

"Former president implores voters to stick with Obama" Thirty plus years ago, when the country was in deep economic trouble, we had the former worst president in US history, Jimmy Carter, thrown out of office by the electorate, because he was completely inept and unqualified. Now we have nearly the same situation again, and hopefully the electorate will be as smart as we were in the early 80's, and throw the new worst president in US history - BHO, out of office, so the country can move forward and begin to heal again. Most of the country doesn't want to listen to a washed-up former president, who is a pathological liar, and who can't get enough of listening to himself talk, because his ego is astoundingly bigger the BHO's, tell us to stay the course! I don't even believe Clinton, convicted, known liar, really wants that!

Cedar Hills, UT

Yes stick with Obama AND 9.2% unemployment next year (CBO projection) AND 16 trillion in deficits and climbing AND tax payer funded late term abortions AND gay marriage AND small business killer tax hikes.....

Yes sir, Billy really set the place on fire. I suppose most of those cheering don't work anyway - nor do they intend on working since Uncle Sam and his welfare program provides their compensation. Romney said it best - the DNC is a celebration of failure!! Oh and let's not forget about the party that boo's GOD!!

Cedar Hills, UT

Both of Clinton's economic bubbles have now burst (the internet and sub-prime real estate). I am tired of flashy boom bubble markets that crash. A steady, principle based market is what I want.



Underscoring TM58's comments about hostility from the right are the many posts on these articles from Republicans/conservatives such as those suggesting one can't be a good Mormon and a Democrat. Even your own accusations/harsh judgements applied to feminists, gay activists etc. or anyone you don't agree with reveals your own hostility. In your world if anyone notes negativity or discomfort in situations suddenly they are claiming to be victims.

Except for 72 days, when Democrats had a filibuster-proof majority, Obama has not had a Congress to work with. Senate Minority leader McConnell honestly and publically stated the intent was to insure Obama's failure. Despite this, Republican plans for healthcare were adopted, tax cuts included in the Stimulus, all the Bush tax cuts were extended, welfare waiver requests by Republican governors were granted etc. etc. Unfortunately, toward the end, Clinton's compromises with Republicans went too far with respect to financial/Wall Street regulation.

Both parties contributed to the economic crisis. Why didn't Republicans, controlling all 3 branches, bring a bill forward to address Fannie and Freddie?

Colorado Springs, CO

We need Bill back in the White House!

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

"Why didn't Republicans, controlling all 3 branches, bring a bill forward to address Fannie and Freddie?'

They did in 2005: Democrats blocked it

"Even your own accusations/harsh judgements applied to feminists, gay activists etc. or anyone you don't agree with reveals your own hostility. In your world if anyone notes negativity or discomfort in situations suddenly they are claiming to be victims"

It has been my experience that extremists of politically correct movements are often worse than those they claim to despise, yet are generally exempted from serious criticism by the media, making it worse (we all know anyone questioning a feminist has declared war on women) So no: I don't have much patience for those who flinch at being criticized when their own behavior is worse; particularly when they complain "you are hostile" as if they are not. Yes I am critical of people who passive/aggressively play victim in order to rationalize being a perpetrator. Because in the end: They are still perpetrators (who theoretically should know better and are therefore worse than those they claim to oppose). Feminists and gay activists are NOT above reproach any more than I.

Far East USA, SC

Counter Intel

"Have you ever listened to Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Mathews, Rachael Maddow, Al Sharpton?"

Yes I have, but no more. And for that very reason. I agree with you, although while left leaning, Mathews is not petty in my view. The others? Absolutely.

But on these boards, the pettiness is overwhelmingly on the right. Not exclusively, but overwhelmingly. IE, Birth Cert and college transcripts and just today, Obamas composite girlfriend?

And the politicians on the right play to that mentality far too often.

And yes, Palin is an embarrassing joke. Ask Steve Schmidt.


Senate Republicans NEVER brought a bill to the floor to be voted on. Senate Democrats were negotiating on a bill (that was opposed by the National Assoc. of Realtors and Home Builders) with Republicans but the measure stalled in a committee when they couldn't come to an agreement. Around the same time, the Republican House passed a bill which was opposed by Bush and some Republican Senators. Democrats had a smaller majority in 2007 (than Republicans had in 2005-2006) but they passed H.R. 1427, the GSE reform bill, by a vote of 49-15. The legislation had the support of the Bush Administration and was signed into law.

I would agree there are hostile, angry activist jerks on both sides of the aisle. Yet, you seem to paint everybody with a broad brush and accuse every "feminist" (or other activist) hostile to questioning. Examples?

It appears from the outside that "victim-hood" is a key and highly sensitive issue for you. But I think you too easily accuse people of playing victim, like TM58? Seriously? I suppose if all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail?

Ogden, UT

To clarify, I am not referring to people like Chris Mathews or Al Sharpton. I am not referring to Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity. I am referring to the candidates and party leaders themselves. I am also referring to friends and family members who send emails and make Facebook posts with the intention of "stirring up contention". Their tone and demeanor can become very hostile and angry with regard to disagreements in the political arena. Whatever happened to disagreeing without being disagreeable? Clinton gave great examples of respected Republican Senators (Bob Bennett for example) that got ran out of town because they dared become a team player and work with people of different opinions. It is admired to have these traits in family relationships, church groups, work projects, etc. But like I said before, for whatever reason we value being disrespectful jerks when in comes to politics. I am just saying I get that mindset a lot more from the right. I get a much more civil and mature tone from candidates, public office holders, and so forth from the left.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


"It appears from the outside that "victim-hood" is a key and highly sensitive issue for you."

Well first of all; you are not my therapist. However I will tell you that I do not have a problem with legitimate victims; I have a HUGE problem with passive/aggression and feigned martyrdom manipulated for political purposes. Example? Faux-choice activist Sandra Fluke going out of her way to attend a Catholic University only to claim she is oppressed because a Catholic school is actually Catholic: When she had thousands of other choices - but demands everyone make hers. When Feminists celebrate, rather than condemn, that kind of behavior; they paint themselves with a broad brush. But rather than take responsibility; they claim to be a victim of my "everything looks like a nail" mentality because I did the unspeakable thing and noticed the hypocrisy. Why is it that activists who dish out hostile questions are so faint-of-heart offended when someone dares to ask them?


Is it possible in your world for someone to recount a negative experiences without playing the "victim" card? I don't think people always share experiences to get sympathy, but to educate and reveal/illustrate a different point of view/experience.

How many students attending colleges are fully informed as to what the insurance plan does/does not cover when they enroll in school? In the dust-up to this issue it came to light that many Catholic institutions were not even aware they offered contraceptive coverage in their healthcare plans.
As for Sandra Fluke:
Actually, Fluke was happy to entertain questions, including the one you posed.
Have you even read the statement she was going to present to the Congressional panel? She did not talk about herself. What she wanted to share with legislators, though was denied the opportunity, were stories of friends and classmates who'd suffered because of Georgetown's policies.

No, the real issue is that a congressional committee held a hearing on contraceptives and invited only males to speak on the issue and the over-the-top disgusting attack on Fluke by Limbaugh.

Women should have a primary role in determining these policies.

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