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Both Utes, Aggies have future scheduling conflicts because of their new leagues

Published: Tuesday, Sept. 4 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Frisco, TX

Thank goodness for the Aggies, and their TV contract. If this game were in SLC, it wouldn't be televised. At least now, I get to watch the game and scope out the future competition.

It's really too bad that conference realignment has come to this. Utah, Utah State and BYU should play each other every year. Hopefully the BYU vs Utah State rivalry doesn't end, like the other two.

South Jordan, UT

Biggest question. Will there be more fans in the stands wearing red or will the Aggie fans continue to not support football? The fans have not been supportive even after Gary and the new admin have been working so hard to make this program successful.

Support your team. I will be there.

Iowa City, IA

Dark times for Utah football. They are throwing traditions under the bus and creating rivalries with Northern Colorado. They are quickly shrinking their fan base and cross rivalry supporters (you know the folks who will cheer for utah when they aren't playing USU or BYU).

Does Utah think people outside of the state really care? Don't cut yourself off at the knees, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, the all apply here.

Highland, UT

Interesting that USU is willing to play BYU 2-1 yet not play utah 2-1. Also interesting that USU is willing to keep the game with BYU going even though it is 2-1 but not willing to keep it going with utah if utah insists on 2-1. Why is that?

Could it be that playing at BYU gives a bigger payout? Could it be, as coach Anderson alluded to in another article that despite not actually liking to go 2-1 with BYU that knowing they'll play on ESPN national tv makes it worth doing so? Could it be that playing BYU is simply more desired by USU fans making it much harder to discontinue?

It would appear that all of those things are the case, and not just in USU's minds. Most other schools find it more desirable to play a school with more tradition and history of accomplishment. A school that can give much larger payouts based on gate receipts. A school that can guaranty them a game on real national television, not faux national tv that doesn't really exist. It isn't even aguable.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

As a PAC 12 team, Utah only has 3 non-conference games. No room for Utah State, or BYU. Sorry, that's just the way it is!

Ogden, UT

Give the Utes a great send-off

Kick their behinds all the way to the Pacific!

South Jordan, UT

Shrinking their fan base and cross rivalry supporters? Tell me grand slam, do you purchase Utah shirts, hats? I didn't think so. Will the fans stop watching them because they don't play Aggies or Cougars? Will the haters stop watching. I don't think so either? Do you believe that Utah fans don't tune in to BYU sports to cheer against them? It goes both ways. Do the people that pay the bills care if you are watching to cheer or jeer? Just keep watching. PAC 12 network will soon be available in Iowa.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Duckhunter... could it be that USU wants the easier of the two instate opponents?

Actually I would be suprised if USU will actually keep the 2-1 with BYU once the contract runs out.

Highland, UT

@ifel of'a-sofa

Doubt it. USU has stated they would like to keep the utah game as well, they just aren't willing to go 2-1 with them. They are willing to go 2-1 with BYU. If they want to play both opponents but are only willing to go 2-1 with one of them it obviously means only one of them is worth going 2-1 with.

I personally think BYU/USU should be 1 for 1 but I am not the one making those decisions. Obviously when the powers that be at USU looked at things they determined that while it is not what they would prefer, playing BYU 2-1 is worth it to them, it gives them too much to pass up. They have also determined playing utah 2-1 does nothing for them.

It is pretty hard to argue against reality although I give you credit for trying.

How come you aren't posting under your kosta fesenko or duckhunted screen names?

Syracuse, UT

It is too bad that conference realignment is hurting schools across the country. Many of the traditional rivalries are ending. As a BYU fan I will miss the Utah game, but also some of the smaller games like Air Force or Colorado State. Those were fun games to watch and attend. I like independence, but miss some of the tradition that I was raised on. Hope BYU and USU can continue to play for a long time. I always like that game.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

1st off... I think you have the wrong guy pal.

I don't think they will or should continue the 2-1 with BYU OR Utah.

I like in state games and wish all schools would make them continue but sometimes I guess that can't happen. But regardless they should be 1-1.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT


You're right on with eifel ofalafel. Great post.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Ifel Of'a-sofa

It makes absolutely no sense economically for BYU and USU to play 1-1 when BYU has a 65,000 seat stadium (and the fans to fill it) and USU only has a 25,000 seat stadium (and rarely fills it without substantial help from visiting teams).

It's not a question of BYU being "too good" to travel to Logan, it's simply a matter of USU's stadium being too small.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ CougFaninTX

"Thank goodness for the Aggies, and their TV contract. If this game were in SLC, it wouldn't be televised. At least now, I get to watch the game and scope out the future competition".

Thank goodness for the Utes, and the Pac-12 TV contract. BYU gets to continue their 8:00 MT kickoff on ESPN. Coug fans are used to late starts, eh Cougs? Doesn't this late night kickoff show the lack of interest people outside Utah care about this rivalry? Time to drop it! Utah has bigger fish to fry.

@ 3grandslams

"Dark times for Utah football. They are throwing traditions under the bus and creating rivalries with Northern Colorado. They are quickly shrinking their fan base and cross rivalry supporters (you know the folks who will cheer for utah when they aren't playing USU or BYU)".

No dark times up on the hill. Utah is just dropping two patsies (BYU and Utah State) in return get home and home games with teams like Michigan. We're also rekindling old rivalries with Colorado, Arizona and Arizona State from past conferences and start new rivalries with teams like USC each year. Things like brighter than ever!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The comments of some predicting dark times...as if these are the latter days for Utah football...portents of developing and ongoing rivalries with Northern Colorado and undocumented assertions of the Utes "shrinking fan base" because the all because they have new scheduling concerns as a result of their PAC12 membership and no longer may be able to play either of their little brothers are the product of know nothing seers. Such comments are laughable because they are so absurd.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Bleed Crimson

An 8 pm start (7 pm Pacific Time), is certainly MUCH BETTER than a 5 pm (4 pm Pacific Time) start like we saw from the Utes last week, or at least could have seen, IF the game hadn't been televised by the PAC Net.

It's laughable that you're beating your chest about FINALLY being able to schedule your first, and probably last, big time inter-sectional opponent to come to RES, something that BYU has been doing for decades at LES - nice work little brother.

btw, isn't Utah's game with BYU scheduled for 8 p.m.? - just sayin'.

cedar city, UT

Great, now we will hear all the bitter BYU fans start to complain about how now Utah is too scared to play Utah State. I understand that there are traditions, and they are awesome. But its a dog eat dog world. Utah wants to make a big name for itself, and its not going to happen by killing Utah State. There are obviously other factors as to why they arent playing eachother. But the fact of the matter is, that Utah is moving up the latter, and they cant keep going down to the first rung just to keep Utah sports fans happy.


Snack pack -- BYU very rarely came even close to filling their stadium last year..Their last 4 home games were against the 2nd worst big sky team and the 3 worst WAC teams. This year is not much better.


Utah and BYU showed they have NO interest in Utah State when they dumped their long time rival Utah State, and kept Wyoming and Colorado State in order to start the new WAC in 1961 to be in the same league as Arizona and Arizona State.
Money has become the BIG (and only?) important factor in deciding which team a school will play. Long time rivalries have become meaningless.

South Jordan, Utah

Allen#2 - First and foremost both Utah and BYU were looking out for their own interests. It was up to USU to look out for itself.

Secondly, do you really thing the rest of the WAC was going to allow three teams in a market, which at the time, probably wasn't even close to a million people?

After 50 years isn't it time to stop blaming Utah & BYU because USU was the odd-man out?

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