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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 4 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

If President Obama was just like me, he would resign today, to let a more qualified person take over.

Centerville, UT

Except he's a millionaire who never held a private sector job. But other than that...

Salt Lake, UT


So you are resigning you job tomorrow?

Las Vegas, NV

"Michelle Obama's message: President Barack Obama is just like you." Let's see...Obama has no experience on running anything...with his failing records to create jobs, close Gitmo, cut deficits, effective leader to lead congress, etc... millions still want him to continue his failing experiment. If BO is "just like me", then He should be Fired! No one with such failure and inexperience should be given another 4 yrs

Provo, UT

Bin Laden is dead, GM is alive, and kids with cancer can't be denied health insurance for preexisting conditions.

Seriously, folks, he ran a successful campaign for the presidency, and has been president for nearly four years. Whether you like what he's done or not, the "he's never run anything" line, or the "he's too inexperienced" bit, they just don't work any more.

It's always amusing to read the sputtering comments of people who are still so angry about him winning in 2008 that they haven't bothered to update their reasons for hating him since then.

Mcallen, TX

Neither of us built a business. The buck stops there.

Centerville, UT


Don't delude yourself. It's certainly not working on the rest of us. I don't hate Barack Obama. I do hate his policies. Mathematically they don't work. His policies cannot get unemployment below 8%. It won't happen in a second term.

Tooele, UT


South Jordan, UT

Obama has nothing in common with me. Our ideas couldn't be further apart. Lies, broken promises,,blame, abortion and no God allowed at the DNC?

When do we accept accountability for our actions?

I don't blame Obama for the economy but feel he didn't try to improve it. Spent more time golfing and attending sporting events than he did with the jobs council board.

Vincentown, NJ

Democrats hired a man with no financial experience, no executive experience, no governing experience, no business experience, and no economic experience claiming he was perfect for the job.

Tell you what, Democrats, let me hire you a person to help you with your health problems, and I'll pick someone for you with no medical experience, no patient experience, no surgical experience, no knowledge of biology or human anatomy - and I'll declare he is perfect for the job - the ideal candidate to manage all your health care needs. Deal?

Mcallen, TX

Obama is a rich multi- millionaire who probably finds loopholes when paying taxes. Wouldn't mind being like him in this regard.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hey A1994, So working as an attorney at a private law firm doesn't count as working in the private sector?

Huntington Beach, CA

If he was like me he would be taking a bus to work everyday. He would live in an apartment and not have other people's money to spend. He would stay home instead od go on a vacation not just once a year but he goes a lot of the time. I don't see him struggling to put food on the table. No the president isn't like me. Maybe she should have thought thie the statement through a little better before telling America he is like the rest of us. What do the first family actually pay for besides clothes and maybe a few electronic toys for their daughters. NO HE ISN'T LIKE ME WHAT SO EVER.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

IndeMak said "...no God allowed at the DNC". I guess I just imagined all those "God Bless Americas." Oh, and Gov. Strickland, an ordained Methodist Minister, quoted scripture during his speech. Or did I imagine that too?

South Jordan, UT

BHO is nothing like I am! I believe in a Constitutional form of government. I know and study our American history, honor our Founding Fathers and the Constitution. I do not go into debt nor encourage our country to borrow and spend more than it brings in. I am too busy working a job in the private sector to play 100 rounds of golf in the last 4 years. I do not go on lots of lavish vacations on other people's dime. I put my hand over my heart when I see the flag and say the pledge. I love our national athem. I do not think a president should evoke presidental privilege and go over Congress to get his way multiple times. I do not apologize for this wonderful country of ours. I think people should show work for welfare. I want drilling for natural resources in the states. I value the life of an unborn child and would never allow partial birth abortion. I could go on and on.

Romney-Ryan 2012 Let's fix this mess and get our country back!

Cedar Hills, UT


We don't HATE Obama - we just think he is the worst president in US history! Let's see...

he has added 6 trillion to our national debt. Obviously you have no idea what this means to America. Obama called Bush UN-patriotic for adding 4 trillion over 8 years and he has added 6 trillion in half that time. Your children and grandchildren will suffer with a lesser America because of Obama's reckless borrowing and spending. Soon our creditors will jack up interest rates that they lend to us and our banks will pass those rates along to you. How does 15% interest sound to ya??? YOu can thank for buddy in the White House.

he has put 23 million out of work - 23 months of 8+ percent unemployment. I would guess if you had stood in one of Obama's unemployment lines you wouldn't be so 'cheery'

he has caused the first credit down grade of the US in history

he has added more to the food stamp roles than any US president

The CBO projects 9.2% unemployment at the end of 2013 ... unless we change course

Ouch!!! Eastwood was right!!

Cedar Hills, UT

thank you Michelle for enlightening all of us concerning your wonderful Husband. Gee - let's all go vote for Barack now. Michelle says he is just one of the guys. Well darn - who would have thought. Did you notice that Michelle's nose started to grow and grow during the speech!!! Liar liar pants on fire.....

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

To: MormonDem, Provo, UT - the fact is, Pres. Obama is too inexperienced for the specific issues that we as a nation are facing. The issues all revolve around the economy and jobs. Pres. Obama does not have real-world experience in these areas. We as a nation cannot afford 4 more years of his direction. Yes, he has gained 4 years of experience in the White House at the expense of all of us. We have to cut our losses while we can.

American Fork, UT

I don't think the president is 'just like me'. He's not real enough. But the people supporting romney are just delusional. The singular reality is that there are too many of us. No amount of drilling will make energy cheaper now. I'm more than willing to trash your environment in the name of energy development, but it's not going to help much. Israel is the stupidest nation on earth, but we'll support them. That's going to prove itself out soon. The 'miracle of modern agriculture' is entirely energy based. See my comments on energy. Wow, are we in trouble. Yeah, I'm supposed to be an obama supporter, and if I am it's because the republicans are just that much more out into lala land.

Anti Government
Alpine, UT

re: Mormon Dem

Here is a new one for you then.

I can do basic math and he can't obviously. Over $136 000 per household.

16 trillion in debt...far more than any other President and the economy is still in the tank.

GM? May still be alive but certainly not healthy..go look at their stock price trend. Oh ya, don't forget the 30 Billion dollar price tag and still counting.

Bin Laden was killed by the Seals who have been hunting him down since George Bush gave the order to do so. Only an idiotic president would not let the Seals do what they have been working for years to achieve.

He never has run anything which is clear from the current economic and financial situation we are in.

Any normal business would have been shut down and left for dead long ago. Because it is government it gets to keep up the perpetual failure and he has only expedited it. it is your silly defense of this fool that is old and tired.

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