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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 4 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Florissant, MO

Awesome, I am a Republican and sing those same words and feel the same joy in helping others in need. I love to use my money to help others, then to have the government use my money to help others.

Sand Flea

The hymn says "I" not the Government...

Provo, UT

So how come this is pretty much the first time in the National media that Reid is talking about his faith? So every time that Romney was mocked or disparaged in some way about his faith, why didn't his fellow Saint come to his defense and help set things straight? Me thinks there be a bit of politicking going on here

Cedar Hills, UT

LDS values like "abortion on demand" and "gay marraige"? How do you identify yourself as a LDS demo-rat knowing full well you are fueling abortions to millions of innocents nation wide? "Better that a mill stone be hung around your neck and you drowned in the depts of the sea than to harm one of these little ones". Who said that ??

Farmington, UT

I know it's hard to be LDS and a Democrat, but many have managed to do that. The most notable ones were General Authorities. So I think the ides of being for the ordinary guy is a virtue. I just am having a hard time (maybe because I'm human, at least at times) squaring Harry Reid's singing of "Have I done any good..." with his accusations of Mitt Romney "not paying any taxes for a decade" according to Harry's 'undisclosed sources'.

In college I was a democrat because there were so few in that party it was easy to get elected a state delegate and influence the outcome. After some time I decided their national platform wasn't for me and switched to being a republican. After they locked out non-party members from voting in the Utah primary, I became an independent, where I vote for the person, not the party. I have never voted a straight party ticket in my life.

Utah needs a two-party system for openness in government; DC needs less corpuption and Chicago politics isn't going to produce it.

Unless we do better, heaven help us all........

Othello, WA

"to unite LDS values, Democratic policies" - Good luck with that!

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

"...because I was willing to share..." other people's money.
There's the rub, Harry. It stops being charity when it takes the form of confiscated taxes.

Rexburg, ID

Mormon Democrats have a lot of rationalizing to do. Jesus NEVER taught that it was the proper role of government to administer charity. He taught it as a principle for individuals and the church. Republicans more closely adhere to Jesus's teachings (not to mention abortion, gay marriage, deficit spending, confiscatory tax rates, unfettered federal spending, etc.).

Salt Lake City, UT

Wonderful to see this continuation of the "Mormon moment." May the Lord bless their efforts.

Patrick Henry
West Jordan, UT

The Hymn says, "Have I done any good in the world today?" a group of some 200 Latter-day Saints sang enthusiastically in a crowded meeting room Tuesday afternoon. "Have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad? If not I have failed indeed."

The keyword to consider is the word "I". It is a question which prompts self reflection and action to self correct as necessary. What I have an issue with is when people use government as the vehicle to use my money to do good that we cannot afford. It is a matter of fact that we are running a serious deficit. Even after we stop all the taxes cuts to corporations, end the wars, etc we are still running a massive deficit.

I want to help people personally and I want government to do good for the people. Before we do this balance the budget before we spend ourselves into oblivion all in the name of helping others.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

What a picture. Harry, nice platform you and the dems promote. Good luck in getting the Mormon majority. Little Harry is speaking about the rich. Harry, how did you get your money?

Cache county, USA

Makes me sick to see this spin.
My church is not meant for dirty politics
Stay away please.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

toosmartfor you:
key word "were general authorities" Past tense. I'm sure October's General Conference will promote, gay marriage, abortions, government dependency, and alienating Jerusalem and removing God from the dem's platform. You just can't make this stuff up.

conservative scientist
Lindon, UT

"Has anyone's burden been lighter today, because I was willing (or perhaps unwilling) to share?" but the government forces me to against my will with the penalty being prison if I refuse. I loved the article from a few weeks ago stating that more liberal states give far less in charity than conservative states. One explanation was that they are more "willing" to pay taxes to help their neighbor. Ah yes, but...conservatives pay the same taxes (willing or unwilling as they don't want to go to prison) and then give extra money as well. Helping others is very important. Free will is even more important - even when not all will be charitable.

When the Lord asks us at the final judgment what we personally did to help the poor, I don't think he will accept the explanation: "The proof that I care about the poor is that I vote Democrat...I vote to take money from the rich and give to the poor". Very generous - with someone else's money - won't cut it for each of us individually.

Leesburg, VA

As a Christian I Cannot be a Republican.

The words of the prophets, Jesus, and his apostles tell us through time how to worship God. Not by Rituals, or even keeping the Sabath as prescribed by the priesthood, but by taking care of the poor, the hungry, the widow, etc.

We as a country should be one and take are of each other. Hopefully we will become a global community.

@ Sand Flea

We have representaive democracy. When I support my political leaders I do because they represent my principles. To properly take care of the widow, or the orphan, takes more than just the good will of a few. It requires that we as community, as nation, organize it and enforce it.

We can give wonderful speeches about "if you give a man a fish he will eat once. If you teach him how to fish he will eat always". Sounds good, but how long does it take to teach a man to fish? Do we provide the man with tools and knowledge? Or just give him a pamphlet on how to do it?
Helping in a proper and consistent way takes a village.

Senator Reid is a great man.


Yes I am sure that Harry Reid and Craig Janis are way crazy for the Dem's views on abortion, same sex marriage and the out of control debt ceiling. It's true that many General Authorities were democrats in the first half of the last century. I am a republican but vote for the constitution party candidate. There is no real difference between the two parties because I feel that they are lead at the top by the same people who have ulterior motives, so they play one hand against the other and win eaither way.

I believe Romney is a man of greater moral integrity than Pres. O, but if he gets elected will find that he is in way over his head. But I can't see how liberty loving people could vote for anything democrat.

Centerville, UT

King Benjamin, in the Book of Mormon, offered an outstanding model of leadership & government. He served others & did not receive money for his service. Mitt declined his paychecks as Governor of Massachussetts, & has stated he would do the same when he is president.

King Benjamin warned of taxation-that high taxes are used for the greed & power of poor leaders.

I feel there is a role for political leaders to encourage & foster service & charitable giving, but not to tax to punish their enemies, or to create class warfare & divide the nation. And not to take from one group & give to another. And not to create a population of people who feel entitled or dependent upon government assistance rather than the LDS church's much better way of assisting those in need.

Our government should study & pattern it's laws & assistance upon the LDS Church's teachings & methods.

Neither party represents a perfect platform. But I find the national democratic platform to be very far from my beliefs.

Eugene, OR

I'm sure most of the people here complaining about the government "forcing" people to give money have no problem with Republicans inserting themselves into a woman's private health matter or denying two consenting adults the right to get married. And I'm sure those same people would understand if I were to declare that they couldn't have any of the money I pay into Social Security every month.

And yes, I'm Mormon. Sixth generation and BOC...


Yes! About time we all realize that there are Mormon Republicans & Democrats. Harry Reid is my hero. He's from the small town of Searchlight, NV & a fellow alumni of Southern Utah University. I am proud of the job he has done for our country. I'm glad fellow Democrats are speaking up in Utah. The church doesn't dictate which political party we are involved with. We have the freedom of choice within our religion.

Orem, UT

My problem with the Democratic Party is not their stance on looking out of the little guy. It's how they do it. I don't believe that 'cradle to grave' entitlements are the way to go. A 'Nanny State' only breeds laziness and dependency. The LDS churches philosophy is far different than the democratic view.

I agree with much of what the democrats believe in helping our neighbor and looking out for others. Compassion is there greatest attribute! I think we need their voice so it is part of the national discussion.

However, the majority of the Democratic platform goes completely against my LDS beliefs! Pro gay marriage, pro-choice, taking God out of the public square, over extended contraception, lack of support for Israel and Jews, too much entitlement spending, taking away personal responsibility (for example...the economy isn't our fault, it's Bush's), secular (no God) progressive (getting rid of tradition) principles, relying on our inept federal government vs the local church leaders for welfare, relying on our inept federal government for anything!

These items and more are too much for me to ever consider becoming a Democrat.

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