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Published: Monday, Sept. 3 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Granger is overrated. You don't barely beat a traditional 4A doormat (Cyprus) and still be ranked. But where's Stansbury or Pine View in the rankings? Those two teams are legit. You could even take a look at Roy at 3-0 with a proven great coach and a win over the returning 5A finalist Fremont. Another team to eyeball is Maple Mountain at 3-0 as well as Layton.

Salt Lake City, UT

What warrants East at number 1? Doesn't make sense to me.

1. Alta
2. East
3. Bingham
4. Jordan
5. Syracuse


Seems about right for me, except for Hurricane

Springville, UT

Box Elder shuts out 3 consecutive opponents and draws a 21 ranking behind 1-2 teams and 2-1 teams?
Does play on the field not mean much?


Response to UtahUte16
Yeah, I'm not sure why East is #1. Beating Pine View and West, even as dominantly as they did, doesn't really deserve #1, IMHO. I don't discredit their skill, and I do think they deserve top 5, but not #1. I too think Alta, based on their accomplishments over Bingham and Timpview, and how they easily picked apart Olympus (not really bragging rights, but still a quality win) deserves #1.
But from there it gets tough to say. I think the only think that I would change on your ranks would be Jordan over Bingham. So, as follows:
1. Alta
2. East
3. Jordan
4. Bingham
5. Syracuse
Afterall, Bingham has lost a game and, as we know, Jordan is just one step (or 1 point) behind East in talent.
I'm excited to see Jordan and Alta battle it out in two weeks! As an Alta fan, I'm curious to see if the Hawks can top the Beatdiggers!

Orem, UT

East looks tough, but I think Alta has a better defense. Logan looks tremendous--whipping a solid Bountiful last week. Most of the poll is legit. Lone Peak and Mt. Crest should be ranked lower while Sky View is much better than Timpanogos, Granger, or PG.

For those who may doubt the 3A teams, I'd advise against that trend. I watched those those three teams and they can play with anybody.

Orem, UT

Herriman gave Riverton a great game, but their wins against Highland and Orem aren't so impressive as both of those programs have taken a step backwards.

Sportstown, UT


Have you even seen Hurricane play this year? Until you have, why don't you just give them the benefit of the doubt because they are legit. They've beaten 4A and 5A schools the last few years without any problem, this year being no exception.

Holladay, UT

Not sure I agree, Whiteshoes. Orem is better than they were a year ago, they return almost everyone and have a year in the system. Highland lost some good offensive production but I think that they are actually better defensively than a year ago, so call it a push. Herriman was flat for most of the game against a solid Riverton squad, but played much better against a Highland defense that is not going to give up many points.

Herriman, UT

@Whiteshoes - Orem and Highland may have taken a step back this year...that may be why Herriman beat them by 4 and 3 touchdowns respectively.

Since Herriman's creation in 2010, every year there seems to be a trend to discredit their accomplishments. Other than a bad game against 5A Riverton...Herriman is right with the Top 5 of this list. Herriman was a small favorite over Orem and beat them by 28 points. Herriman was a small underdog against Riverton and lost by 1 point in overtime at a neutral site. Herriman was a big underdog against Highland and won by 3 touchdowns.

In 2010 they were predicted to go 0-10 and found a way to the playoffs...only 5A team to ever do that in 1st year. 2011 they were predicted to go 5-5 and finished 8-4 going to the playoffs again. This year I hear the same chatter that Herriman is not one of the elite teams of 4A or of Utah. I disagree. There are teams that have the ability to beat Herriman. However, Herriman can compete with any team in Utah.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

"The [Northridge] Knights have scored 41, 33 and 41 points in three games, and there's little doubt who the Region 1 favorite is now."

Is it Northridge (ranked #6) or the 3-0 Syracuse team that is ranked #4? Seems like there is some doubt who the favorite is until these 2 meet on the field on Sept 28.

Also, you list both Jordan and East at 2-0. Never heard officially but assume that their suspended game never happened? I thought it had gone down as an East win?

Herriman, UT

@Parry is a Farce - Northridge and Syracuse are both good teams and you are probably right...won't be decided until both teams play each other.

In regards to the Jordan/East game...it went down as never happened. The only issue at hand is that the stats still count. So both teams get the benefit of 3 games worth of stats, but only divided by 2 games. You should see a big jump in per game stats from all players from East and Jordan. Its odd though because you would think that you can't separate the two...either you count the game and the stats or you don't count the game and don't count the stats. It will be interesting to see if the UHSAA steps in to resolve the issue. The easiest thing to do would be to count the game, count the stats and give the win to East.

Washington, UT


I have seen Hurricane play and think they're legit at #1 in 3A, at least going into region play. #8 in the state? No way. Do you seriously think Hurricane would beat Timpview, Woods Cross, Logan, Bountiful, or Lone Peak--all of which are ranked behind Hurricane? Be content that someone at the DNews likes Hurricane. Don't try to justify it...just sounds silly.

Hurricane, UT


Hurricane has won (correct me if i'm wrong) 16 straight games. and haven't lost a home game since 2007 which includes 4A and 5A teams. obviously they aren't the best in state, but you can't ignore 16 in a row. bigger schools expect higher rankings, Hurricane on the other hand would prefer to fly under the radar. its smart. we like being smart.

pineview on the other hand always seems to cry when they are unranked. dnews has a love affair with the team in washington. hmph

nevertheless lets enjoy the sport.


@ eagle

Stansbury beats beats Uintah, Park City and Delta and you call Cyprus a doormat team? But that makes Stansbury legit? Pine View gets handled by East then beats Uintah and Orem so that makes them legit also? Your 2 legit teams are basically doormats among doormats! They are where they should be. Look down. Doormat.

Salt Lake City, UT


East has scrimmaged Jordan and Bingham and did not turnover the football like they did at the game on Friday. East dominated both of those teams and Alta will not get passed Jordan next week. We will see what happens, Good luck to all the Teams

Hurricane, UTAH

Does it really matter what you may think, for who is ranked where and why. Nobody is gettin any special cookies for being ranked where they are. Most of all the top ten could contend with each other thats all that means. Let the kids that play decide each week where thay belong. Until somebody beats any of the top 10 teams well guess what they will stay right there. Maybe if you suit up and play they would be ranked higher lol.


Hurricane just scored 42 points against a tough 5A Vegas team (Legacy). They also beat WJ 28-14 and WJ's second score was against the 2nd team with less than two min to play. Bingham beat WJ 28-0 so Hurricane is right up there. I don't think they could handle 4A and 5A teams for a whole season because they just don't have the depth that these bigger schools have. A couple of injures would doom them. I think they are top ten worthy if they played any one of those teams once but in a season no way. Give Hurricane back the transfer players who went to PV and Dixie then I'd say top ten either way.

Washington, UT


Like I said...just sounds silly.

red rocks
Saint George, UT

Tiger fan

Why did the 2 boys from Hurricane move over to Dixie? I have seen these brothers play through the years. They are great athletes and seem to be great young men.

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