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Published: Monday, Sept. 3 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

Let's see. By this time after the passage of Katrina, a Category 5 storm, every lingering suffering was the direct fault of President Bush and those who worked for him.

But today, after a mere Category 1 storm (albeit a slow mover that dumped a lot of water on the area) no one is blaming President Obama for anything. In fact, Mr. Powell in the article thinks that Obama will come up with a solution to their problem.

Really? Did living in a city below sea level in an area surrounded by marshes and historically hit by many hurricanes sound like a good idea in the first place? The solution is to move to higher ground! How many times do you have to touch a hot stove before you decide not to do that? How many hurricanes does it take?

Centerville, UT

Where is Obama? Where is FEMA?

Colorado Springs, CO

There are many differences between this storm and Katrina. A1994: What do you want them to do? Explain!

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