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Published: Monday, Sept. 3 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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hmm, am I better off now than 4 years ago. Well, yes and no. I feel less free and less sure of the continuation of some freedoms. But because of my own planning and fearing the worst case scenario, I have lower my debts by cutting the fat so to speak, and doing without a few things. I took a low paying night job to help myself financially. (Boy am I tired) I am more aware of our government's elitist attitude than I was four years ago. I fear for my family as energy policies move or are "nudged" unto place by progressives that will cripple our economy long term. Things will get ugly when trucks can't afford to haul food from the fields to the stores due to Obama and other liberal nutcases manufacturing crisis after crisis in order to look like heroes. Sounds way too much like USSR's or N. Korea's faking strength to maintain control. Evil people run in high circles within our gov. We will rue the day we let them in and didn't kick them out. Mark it down!

Saint George, UT

Things are better now than 2009.

romney said, in January 2012, that things were getting better.

When interviewed by one of the Fox News experts, about that statement, romney told the Fox News expert the statement was true.

But think how much better, how much faster, the economy, foreign policy, the defense contractors bottom line, immigration and healthcare will improve as a result of hiring an expert like romney, in Nov. 2012.

In the first 100 days of his reign

The expert has promised 12,000,000 new jobs.

The expert has promised unemployment will be at 3.7%.

The expert will force China to fear us and forgive all of our debt.

The expert will have us in a war with Iran.

The expert will enable Defense contractors to make a financial killing.

The expert will make sure all illegal immigrants self deport.

The expert has promised the ACA will be repealed and replaced the first day of the experts reign.

Why will all of this take place within the first day up to the first 100 days of the experts reign?

We are hiring an expert.

Ryancare/romney 2012.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

remember the barry's backers and groupies want him because has promised them things that the government will give them and they don't have to work. Almost four years of a disaster. We can't take another four

Mcallen, TX

Americas economic problems are the result of:

A. Obama
B. Congress
C. George Bush
D. All of the above

Spanish Fork, UT


you hit the nail on the head. Our countries problems are a result of an over imposing government. What we need is a government that let's us live our lives and gets off our collective back.


For anyone who believes in the Judeo-Christian worldview, today the DNC Platform decided to do these 3 things: remove the word God from their agenda. Then they will not support Israel. And finally they want taxpayers to pay for all abortions. Yikes. Now please tell me why anyone with a vestige of belief in our American heritage, history and values including our Judeo-Christian foundations would ever vote for a Dem liberal pol. I cannot believe Americans have gone that insane.

Leesburg, VA

@ phillyfanatic

Where do you get your information?

Jesus sat with the poor, the rich, the educated, the ignorant, the prostitutes, the common people.

He was a liberal by any standard.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

Jesus was a liberal? really?
abortion on demand
tax payer paid contraceptives
dependency on others
Not sure what Jesus you are talking about. Certainly not the one in the New Testament

Allen, TX

JWB - The phrase has never been, "truth is in the pudding". It's "the proof is in the pudding".

Nibley, Ut

Just one question. If we are better off today than when Obama was elected, why are Americans less enthusiastic about the President? His convention in Colorado had something like 80K+ people attend. If we truly are better off than 4 years ago and people were that crazy about him, that means people are more enthusiastic, right?

Cedar Hills, UT

this is a great strategy and I am pleased to see the GOP really turning up the heat. This is an honest question - no lies and no hype. The question - ARE YOU BETTER OFF - is something every unemployed and underemployed worker can answer in a heart beat and no amount of DNC spin is going to change that. All the Greek columns and Holywood hype in the world isn't going to answer the simple question - what is 2013 going to be like for me and my family. At the end of the day "it's the economy stupid" as one former democratic strategist once proclaimed. Barack has no answers - at least no believable ones.

Anywhere but, Utah, Utah

Are you asking the right question? Are you, personally better off, or is the country better off? Well lets see... Not in Iraq anymore, stocks have doubled, job gaining instead of job losing, housing market strengthening, no more Osama, and finally we are drilling for more oil than ever before in this country. Jobs are behind yes, but you can't put all that on the president Period. Congress shares blame too and last I checked the House is majority republicans. Major companies are experiencing all time highs in revenue but are sitting on the money. That is why we are not getting jobs. Take walmart for example, ever been to Walmart in Murray 4500 S 900 E. Let's just say go there about Nine pm and see how much fun you have dealing with 200 customers and 3 people at cash register. While 3 managers walk around. Waited 1 hour to check out. Proved to me they don't care about jobs or service, only about MONEY. This whole question of whether we are better off is not even close.... Yes we are better off and yes I support our President, we all should, stop the hate.

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