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Published: Monday, Sept. 3 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Pleasant Grove, UT

Really, Lew? It was an acceptance speech.

He's already said before, that he supports the Ryan-Wyden plan...which leaves Medicare unchanged for anyone over age 55. So what did you need to hear on Thursday?

Ogden, UT

For a man with sterling business credentials that the conservatives seem to be fawning all over, Romney sure is short on technical details. He blows a nice cloud of feel-good can-do self-congratulatory rhetorical smoke, however. Perfect for a convention of self adulation and juvenile "USA USA" chants.

And he also wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no plan to replace it. Denial of coverage for preexisting conditions & lifetime benefit limits will come roaring back. Talk about death panels. That's a callous and disconnected act from a man who could afford to pay for any medical treatment out of pocket without insurance.

Hayden, ID

Could there be any person in America who does not know already that Romney intends to save Medicare? The Democrats are the ones who are destroying it. As a prime example, I give you Obama’s $716 trillion gutting of Medicare to fund his government takeover of everyone’s health care and put himself in charge of you!

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

He also didn't say anything about our military in Afghanistan and the war there.

salt lake city, utah

Mountainman..he plans on saving it..how? That's the question. So medicare needs saving. Costs are too high and growing. The President proposes a plan to slow the growth of medicare costs over the next ten years by 716 billion dollars with effeciencies directed at medicare providers. The plan has the approval of AARP, the AMA, and the hospital association. They say we can do this and not effect the benefits of current medicare paticipants. He takes those savings and increases the benefits for all Americans including medicare participants with preventive care, and he helps provide medical coverage for 30 million americans who now don't have coverage..again a positive step to reduce future medicare costs.....and that's first of all wrong and secondly gutting medicare..please explain.

Hayden, ID

@ Pragmatistferlife. First I misstated and used the figure of $716 trillion and meant billion. There are things you stated that I have problems accepting and I offer these points for your thought:
#1: The President has no constitutional authority to alter Medicare! Congress established the Medicare program and congress, not the President, has the authority to alter it. Wouldn’t you agree that President Obama is way out of bounds on his abuse of his power on this? I submit this is a very dangerous precedent.
#2: Medicare will be saved most effectively by doing with it just as Paul Ryan has proposed: allowing anyone who has invested in it (55 years old or older) to participate as is but those younger Americans who have not yet invested in it be allowed to opt out, if they so choose and many will exercise their personal freedoms to choose their own futures.
#3: Obamacare will collapse under its own weight as it is taxpayer funded (money we don’t have) and will take Medicare down with it! Honest estimates on Obamacare’s costs to taxpayers continue to escalate and that is indisputable!

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

really Lew?

Where was that "fear" when BO promised to gut more than half a trillions dollars to pay for Obamacare?

salt lake city, utah

Mountainman, I do disagree. First of all if the President has no authority to alter medicare how does Romney? Secondly he isn't altering medicare all he is doing is telling the providers that we won't continue to increase your costs at the rate we are now. Next, Ryans plan does not allow those under 55 to participate as is. What it allows is the same benefits but the government will still only pay the equivilant of the second cheapest private plan. All other costs are the persons responsibility. Lastly, what you call honest estimates of the HCA are only coming from opponents. The CBO still prices it with cost savings over time, so no I don't think it will collapse under it's own weight over time. Even if the truth is some where in between it's vialble. Borrowed money doesn't automaticly spell disaster. Every major business in the world functions with borrowed money, as do most households. It's your general fiscal health that is critical to viability, and the HCA, doesn't negatively alter that fiscal health.

Hayden, ID

@ Pragmatisferlife. Reasonable people can disagree but I submit that transferring $716 billion out of the Medicare trust fund is altering the program dramatically and Obama has no authority to do so. The Ryan-Wyden plan is just that, a bi-partisan plan from congressmen to alter the program and would necessarily have to be approved by both houses of congress and will be DOA in the democratically controlled Senate. In fact, Harry Reid will not even bring it up for a vote so really unless the Senate changes hands, Medicare is doomed. Like most government run programs, Obamacare will be rife with fraud, massive cost overruns and abuses. Almost no one believes our government can continue to run up the national debt without serious economic consequences and if Obama is re-elected, we will suffer for generations. I suggest you go see 2016 with an open mind and form your opinions upon what is presented there!

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Social Security, Medicare, public education, are not necessary to a business organization.

The conversion of our government to a privately owned corporation will eliminate those unnecessary expenses.

salt lake city, utah

Mountainman..the error of those who say money is being taken out of medicare is they act as though actual money(dollar bills) is changing hands. It's not the case it's all accounting. All that has happened is the President is saying medicare cost increases will be slowed down over the next 10 years 716 billion dollars..therefor, because we aren't going to have to accumulate or spend that money there, we'll just spend it here..all future monies. Monies coming into the treasury through taxes or borrowing that won't go into the medicare trust fund but instead will be accounted for against HCA.

I too believe we can't continue to have current deficit levels without consequences..but if you look at future Obama projections the spending curve turns down dramaticly..and I also believe the spending of the past three years is the result of unforseen and unavoidable circumstances, not Obama policy convictions.

Gotta go play golf..have a nice day.

Sandy, UT

Stand down Mountanman, you are flat out wrong and every fact check site confirms it.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Romney didn't address Medicare in acceptance speech"

OK then. Go ahead and vote for the guy who took $716 billion out of Medicare to fund his Obamacare.


"He blows a nice cloud of feel-good can-do self-congratulatory rhetorical smoke..."

Perhaps he's just following the Obama 2008 nondescript 'hope and change' campaign.

"Perfect for a convention of self adulation and juvenile 'USA USA' chants."

Expect Obama campaign chant to be something like 'socialism, socialism, yes we can.'

"Denial of coverage for preexisting conditions..."

Can you try to imagine how long an insurance company will stay in business with the preexisting conditions policy? That's like buying life insurance the day after you die.


"The President has no constitutional authority to alter Medicare!"

That doesn't bother him. Remember, he hails from socialist Kenya, Africa. He also likes undocumented immigration and amnesty for illegals regardless of what the law is.

@Ultra Bob:

Social Security, Medicare, public education, are not necessary to a business organization."

Social Security and Medicare are both unconstitutional. Public education is a state function.

Anywhere but, Utah, Utah

WRZ... (Sigh) Wow. This is what is wrong with the country right here. Don't let the facts hit you in the butt on the way out the door. Next time bring something substantial to the debate. Not rhetoric and hate.

Mike in Texas
Cedar City, Utah

Ultra Bob. "The Conversion of our Government to a Privately owned Corporation....."? Good grief Ultra Bob are you serious? That is the classic definition of Fascism on steroids.

Mr. Bean
Salt Lake City, UT


"He also likes undocumented immigration and amnesty for illegals regardless of what the law is."

Don't knock immigration, illegal or otherwise. Those immigrants, willing to take less pay, will bring our American average wages down to where we can compete with foreign manufacturing. Result: Manufacturing, as well as the services* sector, will begin to return to America. Voila!

*Services? Yes, services. We've lost much of the services sector of our economy to foreigners. for example, call your phone company for tech help with your cell phone, etc., what do you get? The Philippines, Indonesia, etc. Call your local newspaper for delivery assistance and who do you get? You got it. The Philippines, Indonesia, etc.

Casa Grande, AZ

So the people that don't believe in socialism now want to save it's prized medicare. The government should be a privatly held corporation contrary to the exhaulted founding fathers. The 760 billion Obama saves is different than the same 760 billion Ryan's budget saves and the free market fairy is on the way to deposit checks in social security stock accounts. Bomb bomb bomb Iran.

Got it, will be voting for Obama.

Casa Grande, AZ

I forgot, fact checkers have a liberal bias. Beware.

voting for obama.


Mountainman and wrz,

It doesn't matter how many times you spout Republican lies, it does not make them true. Nobody has taken any money out of Medicare. The money you seem so upset about is future projected savings.

Romney and Ryan are providing little specifics about anything and are relying on voters being uninformed or gullible. We'll see how that works out for them.

Finally, I must say I was very surprised when Romney choose a running mate with zero foreign policy experience. You may not like Dick Cheney or Joe Biden, but at least they brought some experience to the table. This Republican ticket is extraordinarily deficient in this area (unless you count hiding earnings from the IRS abroad as foreign experience.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Don't let the facts hit you in the butt on the way out the door."

What door? I'm not from Kenya or Indonesia. And I'm not Muslim.

"Next time bring something substantial to the debate. Not rhetoric and hate."

You mean, bring something to the debate such as... 'Romney caused the cancer death of a woman who once worked for a Bain-financed company?'

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