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Published: Sunday, Sept. 2 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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"BYU and Utah State are better than expected."

I'd say the jury's still out. Until USU shows it can take care of business in closing out close games, they're still about who I expected they were. BYU: more talented? Definitely. Better? Not so fast. This week will be a matter of taking care of business for them, but if they play as emotionally in their other big matchups against teams more disciplined than Wazzu, the game could get very well out of their hands. 112 yards in penalties? Receivers jumping up celebrating pointing for a first down (after a 7-yard reception on 1st and 10 haha!)? I'm a little more hesitant with the praise.

"Utah and Southern Utah are not as good as expected."

Did you expect them to go for broke on every play like ASU? I admit, the placekicking was disappointing, but overall the game is about what I expected, and they protected key players from injury by keeping things fresh so they're just as well off coming out of the game as going in, if not better.



"The Pac-12 may not be as good as it's cracked up to be this year."

I could have warned you about Stanford to start the year. Replacing as historic of a player as Luck is impossible, especially when you don't know who replaces him until a week before the game. They'll remain a borderline top 20 team the rest of the season, but likely won't blow anybody away anymore. For Cal, Maynard has always proven to be a feast or famine QB. Also will be interesting to see later this year how this UNR team compares to their 2010 team. And for Arizona, merely winning while also holding a team that scored over 42 points per game last year to 24 shows marked improvement. However, agreed that Wazzu was not as good purported. Their defense was all over the place, and not in a good way.

"Nittany Lions opened with a 24-14 loss at home to Ohio. Not Ohio State, Ohio."

In case you haven't been around football lately, Ohio is no slouch. And Penn State is still Linebacker U. Probably not a .500 team, but they will win games.

Salt Lake City, UT

We learned that you can't gauge much about your defense when they're playing an offense in its first game with a new system. The Mike Leach system isn't mastered in a day.

Palmdale, CA

Week one showed some teams what it is they need to work on and improve. Utah may not have played its best game last Thursday night, but got a "W". They will have to bring their "A" game and play better Friday night against USU. The defense isn't going to be able to save the offense if they play like they did last year. I'm sure USU's offense and defense are pretty good. Will see who wins Friday night.

BYU played pretty good against WSU. They may very well have a solid team this year, but like Utah, one game doesn't show much of anything until they play some really competition. I'd say weeks 4 and 5 will give everyone a better idea who is a contender and who is a pretender.

While I think the Utes won the game last Thursday night, the offense did score, but it wasn't stellar, and at times appeared sluggish. I'm sure they'll fix the kinks and play with more fire and intensity Friday. If not, there maybe some cause for concern when it comes to BYU, ASU, and USC.

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

The Pac-12 may not be as good as it's cracked up to be this year.
that was my impression last year as well


Be honest, Mr. Sorensen, the first week probably didn't teach us as much as you suggest.

I get it - you were assigned to write an article for today's paper. But you can do better.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

Utah won 41-0 against a relatively weak opponent (209th out 245 last year according to Sagarin in Division I both subdivisions). The defense allowed about as close to nothing as possible. The offense cruised after an initial slow start. The final result was about what people expected. So, somehow that translates into not being as good as expected? I expected a 30 to 40 point thrashing of Northern Colorado. I didn't expect perfection in everything.

Going into this week, Massey's consensus of 49 computer ratings (based entirely on weighted averages of previous years), had BYU 31st, Utah 32nd, and Utah State 84th out of 124 FBS teams. Washington State came in 83rd. Way too early in the season to know if any of these numbers will hold up. They are more an indication of how well each has played over the past few years.

That said, BYU and Utah in a statistical tie over the past few years. Utah State and Washington State in a statistical tie. Both make sense to me. Or at least I can see how they came about.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

I agree Utah State and BYU were better than expected.

But was "Washington State routed by BYU in Provo" or the Cougars beat themselves? A long TD and a 46 yard reception at the 1 called back due to holding calls, the game could have easily been 20-30 and over 300 passing yards for WSU.

As far as Utah, the defense allowed #209 team from last year 0 points to never cross the 50, only 114 total yards. For a comparison, last year #205 Idaho State had 251 yards, 3 points on #26/25 BYU. But unlike BYU, Utah did struggle on offense early.

Conclusion, Utah still has something to prove. Friday, will be its first test @USU.


Highland, UT

@Mike Johnson

Based on that we should expect the result of the Utah/USU game to be similar to the BYU/WSU game in Utah's favor or is there some sort of deduction for Utah playing on the road? Of course I'd think it should be taken into account that it is a rivalry game although I've never seen a computer prediction that factors that in. I'm not sure I have ever seen the Massey rankings you are refering to, I'll have to find them.

As far as the game I would expect a Utah win but I'm not going to say it is definate. It is at USU and it is a rivalry.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I understand the need for sportswriters to produce an article every day but, I think predicting how good a team is after one week is a joke. Wait untl they have played 3-4 games. Even then, some teams don't come together until half way through the season.

Frisco, TX

BYU's season comes down to 4 games, as I thought it would. The chances of beating all four teams on the road are not that high, but it's possible. All four games should be competitive. Notre Dame looked very good in their opener.

I knew the defense would be good, but they look better than I expected. The TE play was also a positive, but Nelson has got to find ways of getting Apo more involved.

In the PAC, USC and Oregon are clearly a step ahead. Utah, Washington and Stanford should beat the cellar dwellars, but don't have a chance against the PAC 2.

Although, after what I saw last night, I'm ready to give the NC trophy to Alabama right now. They were as dominant against a very good Michigan team as Utah was over one of the worst teams or BYU was against a PAC12 team.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Nittany Lions opened with a 24-14 loss at home to Ohio. Not Ohio State, Ohio. --
In case you haven't been around football lately, Ohio is no slouch. And Penn State is still Linebacker U. Probably not a .500 team, but they will win games."

Last week, a national commentator said "if they can get past Penn State in week one, Ohio could go undefeated the rest of the year."

Pocatello, ID

Utah 95

Ding ding ding. We have a winner. A perfect post.


SoonerUte, that's interesting, I hadn't checked Ohio U's schedule. Would be interesting if they were the final BCS buster, as I don't believe any other team has the potential or schedule to this year or next. Also, couldn't tell if you knew who I was talking about, but I was mentioning PSU as "probably not .500."

Hightstown, NJ

My sad realization from the WSU/BYU game: Future BYU/Utah games will be called by Pac-12 officials.

Atlanta, GA

I have to say that it is so much more enjoyable to read the comments section of both the Des News and the Trib, with both papers demanding comments not be so demeaning. It proves that the fans of the Utes and the Cougars (and Aggies) can be loyal to their schools and talk a little trash, and it doesn't have to be nasty, demeaning, or personal. It may not change the way some of you still feel about the other school, but it is so much more mature and respectful, and thus enjoyable to me, at least. It is so easy to hide behind an email, and thus so easy to be rude, crude, and disgusting. So congrats to all who have seen the light and have found a way to disagree without lobbing personal attacks against those who disagree with them, or happen to prefer a different school. In reality, all three schools are good schools, for different reasons. It has never made any sense to me that people become to hateful towards fans who happen to be cheering for a different school. That being said, "GO COUGARS"!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

I think it's funny that it was commented on how the score could have been 30-20 if it wasn't for a couple questionable calls against WSU. If I recall correctly, the first TD they took away came on a drive that featured back to back to back personal fouls against BYU … all of them extremely questionable … and they still got a field goal. So couldn't the argument also be that it could have easily been 30-3?

BYU will be swimming against the PAC-12 officiating tide when they play Utah. And the tide is already large enough.


@Uteology - those were fantastic receptions, to be sure, but they call holding for a reason. Maybe without the holding, the quarterback gets sacked or throws a very different pass. A football ref once told me that some holding occurs on most plays. They only call the ones that affect the play.


I agree with those that discount the results of only one game. I remember all the comments coming after BYU's first game of 2009. The BYU group was pumped up while the UTE group commented that Oklahoma must not be that good. By the end of the season Oklahoma was 8-5.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't know if I were a Ute fan I'd be very nervous, only 414 yards against the worst team in the Big Sky? BYU didn't show everything either and they had more against one of your pac 12 schools. Now granted the Pac12 is one of the weaker BCS conferences from top to bottom but it's way better then the Big Sky. I'll Be nervous about the Cougars if they have the same performance against Weber. The Utes with ur supposed best in the state back can't run all over a team like that? You shouldn't have to show anything to run all over a team like that. But you are right 1 game doesn't make a season the Utes I predict will be good because of that defense, but your offense will cost you games again enough not to be in any Rose bowl!

Personally I think all 3 teams will have good years though, and I do think Utah could go to the Holiday bowl or another good bowl, just don't think a big bowl this year.

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