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Published: Friday, Aug. 31 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Colorado Springs, CO

FactCheck.org is made up mostly of Journalists. What proof do we have of these Journalists that they are in fact nonpartisan since this organization is local at University of Pennsylvania?
I no longer take information just from Journalists. I read and listen to more than one source.

Alexandria, VA

Karl Rove - font of truth - I don't think so.
Americans need to stop relying on one side or the other and start to take the time to make choices based on the best information they can discern, but then that world actually mean turning off talk radio (or TV) and actually doing some research before going into the voting booth (and that’s work not entertainment).

Stansbury Park, Ut

I read your article with a great deal of interest and was nodding my head in agreement with much of what you wrote until I came to the term "mainstream media". At that point, I discounted much of what you had written because you clearly laid your bias out for all to see. The term mainstream media seems to be a flag to show that the writer is a conservative and that she believes all professional recognized media is unfair to conservatives. The term is ridiculous and those who believe in a vast left-wing conspiracy on the part of the media are being deliberately mislead by a faux or false media which is in reality a propaganda arm of the Republican party. I just wish more people would recognize the difference between propaganda and news and not discount all news that they don't like.


Fact checkers these days need to be fact checked themselves. A fact checker accused Paul Ryan of lying in his speech. When I fact checked the AP Fact Checker, it turned out that its evidence was false information from a White House spokesperson (Stephanie Cutter). Did she lie? If I were a White House flack, I might say so, but let us be charitable and simply say she got it wrong. The Left's general m.o. is to sneer and condescend to its opposition with the predictable result that it infuriates them. The Right is little better.

Cedar Hills, UT

can't wait to see the fact checker results after the DNC. Yikes!!! Hard pressed to find ANY legit facts after this liberal love fest of lies. What a line up they have for the DNC with such soaring statesman and deep thinkers as Sandra Fluke and Eva Longoria!! Wow - top notch intellectual talent there!! How you can watch the DNC on a full stomach is beyond me.


Facts have never been a issue for Mitt, he makes up his own as he goes along, nothing new there. Now citing Karl Rove as a reputable source now that's new...it brings journalism to a new low.

Durham, NC

DSB... let me follow your logic here.

You are more upset at the person who said he would take care of the patient, but the patient didn't make it until the doctor could get there, than you are at the one who created the environment where the patient got ill in the first place.

Your solution is, turn control back over to the people who crated the circumstances where the plant closed, because in this case, Obama wasn't able to save a patient who was already dead by the time he got there.

Do you not see how just illogical that is? And the thing is, the ones who created that caustic environment aren't saying they will change what cause the problem in the first place... they not only wanted to patient dead, they wanted to kill the whole family (GM) by denying them help when they needed it.

And here is the best part. The reason Republicans wanted to kill GM was to kill the UAW, the theory being that if the UAW was dead, these blue color workers would all of a sudden vote Republican - despite the fact that their employer was shut down.

South Jordan, UT

Go back and read the first post: DN Subcriber's well-written words and hold dems' feet to the fire as well after next week. Now, there would be some real talking points. Such a double standard in the media!

Heber City, UT

If we could just start with a definition of "the truth" it would help these discussions. How about R.L. Stevenson's: "to tell the truth is not merely to state facts, but leave a true impression."

It is not true that work requirements have been removed from welfare. It is not true that Obama does any more damage to Medicare than Ryan's proposal. Yet we hear it over and over. Obama's campaign is also playing politics by gaming ethics - overstating and understating - instead of personal ethics.

The difference for me, personally, is that I expect more of Mitt Romney than I do of Obama when he says "I approve this message."

Buena Vista, VA

to On the other hand: Bush had a large coalition of countries with us before we went into Iraq. And, he had congressional approval. People seems to forget that. On the other hand, Obama had neither a coalition nor approval when he went into Libya, but the liberals don't seem to complain about that!

Hayden, ID

Here is how liberals define truth: ”it depends on what is, is”. If you understand liberals, that makes perfect sense.

salt lake city, utah

It will be interesting to see what Democrats do in their convention. I hope they aren't afraid to take on Romneys' challenge of "are you better off than you were four years ago", because the answer for America is definitely yes. Four years ago we had an economy that was losing gdp growh at a rate of 9% per quarter, businesses were shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs a month, we were engaged in two foreign wars, losing American lives each week. Since then we've had positive gdp growth, a net gain in jobs, and we are out of one war. How does that not count for being better off?

Downers Grove, IL

Wow, I wonder which candiate Jackie is supporting. Biased, maybe?

Sparks, NV

I also remember the Apology Tour& of Obama and this author was just using the report by Karl Rove to show a date and reference point. Why discount this source when it is legitimate? Just because you don't like Karl Rove does not give you license to wipe away any of his comments. That is a problem with many of those on the Liberal and/or Ant-Mormon side of things: they think that an easy dismissal of anything in any way justifies the refusal to ignore it. Karl Rove is correct in his reference because it actually happened. I don't remember Mr. Rove telling me about this incident, I saw it on the CBS Evening News. I saw Mr. Obama deride and lower America's standing in the world. Because my memory is the same as referred by Mr. Rove, I now have better regard for his words and will pay more attention to what he says in many other areas of politics.

Phoenix, AZ

Kelly WSmith, It seems some posters are so ignorant of American and World history that they are shocked at the notion of the ugly American. But other nations and Americans are not so ignorant of the facts. America has made mistakes and miscarriage of justice and foreign policy (the same goes for most other nations also). President Obama did the right thing and a great service to better international relations by acknowledging past poor performance and encouraging better future performance. The best road to reform and improvement starts with honest evaluation of past performance.

Cedar Hills, UT

@UtahBlueDevil - it's odd for you to question my logic when you seem unable to follow a simple narrative. Do you think Bush, as the doctor in charge, personally came to Janesville and closed the plant? Obama, as a Senator, and President Bush were both responsible for the bailouts, but it was Obama who assured the people of Janesville that government bailouts would save their plant, not Bush.

My point has nothing to do with Bush or Obama being responsible for the plant closing. Neither of them were personally responsible for that. But, Obama is the one who thinks government intervention and tax dollars are the fix for everything.

The point is, and hopefully I can finally make it simple enough for you, is:

1. Obama assured that stimulus money would save the Janesville plant.
2. Stimulus money did not save the Janesville plant.
3. Obama was wrong whether it was his fault or not, revealing the ignorance of his hope for government resolutions.
4. Paul Ryan's comments don't deserve a False rating from Politifact.
5. Giving a False rating because Obama pledged to keep the plant "viable," but not "open" is absurd and exposes the bias of Politifact.

Kearns, UT

This is the new Republican party. You can anything you like, whether it's fact or fiction, and then just claim the independent fact checkers are wrong.

Win at any cost.

The party of suposed superior morals at work!

Provo, UT

I don't know what the Deseret News is these days, but it sure isn't a newspaper any more. This is pathetic.



This is the new Democratic party. You can stack the fact-checking outfits with people of a leftist worldview, and then just claim they are independent.

Keep yourself blinded from your own bias at any cost.

The party of supposed enlightenment at work!


Admitting a mistake and then pointing out my spouse's mistakes has never served as an apology in my house.

From Dale Carnegie's book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”
Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment
1.Begin with praise and honest appreciation.
2.Call attention to people's mistakes indirectly.
3.Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person.
4.Ask questions instead of giving direct orders.
5.Let the other person save face.

A communications professor at the University of Illinois, studies presidential rhetoric/political language, said Obama used conciliatory language for diplomatic purposes, not apologizing.
Lauren Bloom, business consultant, wrote “The Art of the Apology,” advising on when to apologize and how to do it, said Obama's didn't use the words "sorry" or "regret." "I think to make an effective apology, the words 'I'm sorry' or 'we're sorry' always have to be there.” “Obama's remarks were really non-apologies, and they're not good in business or personal relationships,” Bloom said. “The one area where they can be useful: international diplomacy.”

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