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Published: Friday, Aug. 31 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Gilbert, AZ


LOL at your crimson-glasses tinted view of the world

Did ever consider that without the illegal holding, Washington State's QB might have been sacked for a couple of 5- or 10-yard LOSSES instead of completing a couple of long passes?

And, the two red-zone turnovers were CAUSED by two excellent defensive plays.

Reality is BYU should have won by at least a couple more touchdowns if they hadn't tried to get too cute after moving the ball into the red zone on several occasions in the 2nd half, and if not for some phantom officiating by the notoriously awful PAC 12 refs, WSU may not have scored AT ALL. A BYU player getting called for "unsportsmanlike" conduct for throwing his arms up after making a great play or for "delay of game" for rolling the ball on the ground a few feet? Get real!

Cedar Hills, UT

feel sorry for Dick Harmon having to find positives about BYU football anymore. Dick has covered all the great teams over the years and now trying to find something positive with this watered down bunch is quite the challenge. Wait til November with games against Idaho, San Jose and New Mx State. This is the month where most teams have their big rivalry games and are playing for big bowl bids and BYU is playing intramural's.

Springville, UT

Patriot cont'd

and November is also the month where teams see their pride side kicked to the curb. Jim McKay of ABC Sports said it so eloquently each Saturday decades ago... "and the agony of defeat"

Yep, losing to Colorado was bad last year but I feel much better after walloping N. Colorado.

Utes are great. Wynn is our Heisman candidate because he is a survivor and I smell roses.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


To make a comment like that means that you didn't see the game. I wasn't able to tell if those holding calls were legit (although I suspect they were, since WSU was doing a lot of holding, most of which didn't get called), but even if they weren't, you must consider that if the refs called the game as they should have, BYU would probably have 10+ more points than they did.

Spanish Fork, UT

Attention from the word police... Ridley did not "literally" come out of nowhere... he figuratively came out of nowhere."

Layton, UT

Rock on:

Thanks for that amazing insight.

I am going to literally stop reading your posts. Not figuratively.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

feel sorry for patriot having nothing positive to say anymore.

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