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Published: Thursday, Aug. 30 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

i feel a landslide and our C.O. will be back in chicago soon. great speech, but more important this gy can do it and the other guy hasn't a clue.

Salt Lake, UT

Ute alum,

When has Mitt given a good example on how he is going to "do it" as you say. He has not given any form of plan and has chance his stance on issues numerous times. No he has Clint open for him. Sorry not a clue is going towards Mitt right now.

Salt Lake City, UT

Romney's speech was a substanceless dud. I wanted to hear what he intended to do with social security and medicare. I heard nothing. An abosolute zero.


As a conservative Republican who voted for Barack Obama, I was disappointed that Pres. Obama was unable to get his Democratic majority to help him succeed.
I was impressed with the entire Republican National Convention but noticed that Mitt Romney did NOT tell the truth when he said gasoline prices have doubled under Barack Obama.
The AVERAGE price per gallon I paid for unleaded regular gasoline in calendar year 2008 when George W. Bush was president was $ 3.406 per gallon....but DROPPED to $ 3.328 per gallon in calendar year 2011.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

obama entered office gas was $1.86. it has more than doubled. check your math

Colorado Springs, CO

While Ute alum is correct, it doesn't tell the whole story. And Mitt also tells the truth, but neglects to say that gas was at its highest under Bush. Politicians are good at that, leaving out all the information and only telling the part that helps them. I'm sure we will hear the same next week.

Temecula, CA

Allen# 2.

Gas January 20 2009 1.84 per gallon.(Lundburg) Current 3.70 Nationally! Doubled!


How dare the Republicans speak about unity, when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said:

"The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

Republicans have shut down Congress, refusing to allow Obama's jobs bills, judicial appointments and even put the credit rating of the U.S. at risk in order to follow through on their goal of destroying Obama.

Republicans are sore losers. Nearly the entire time Clinton was president they were on a witch hunt, spending $80 million of taxpayer money and numerous hours investigating he and Hillary. With Obama they went further and just frankly haven't even attempted to do their jobs.

Cache county, USA

Nay, nay..
Sounds like a bunch of goats on this comment section.


ute alumni: Here are the documented facts on the AVERAGE price of gasoline I paid for each year:
2000 - $ 1.513 per gallon
2001 - $ 1.347
2002 - $ 1.324 (Bill Clinton's last year)
2003 - $ 1.560
2004 - $ 1.750
2005 - $ 2.238 in T&C , $ 2.396 in Sienna
2006 - $ 2.674
2007 - $ 2.922
2008 - $ 3.406 (George W. Bush's last year)
2009 - $ 2.601
2010 - $ 2.784
2011 - $ 3.328
2012 - No annual average yet


Bill Clinton's last year was 2000.


Anybody with a brain realizes gas prices are mostly susceptible to speculation which the president has no control over--unless we want to return to the days that required traders to take possession of the commodity (in this case oil).


I am NOT a Romney fan, but I think he really missed a chance that would have really brought the house down.

I was hoping he would promise to always salute the American flag and would show us how he would do that - hand over his heart.

That would be a change I could really get excited about!

American Fork, UT

As part of their plan to bring leadership and new ideas to the 21st century, the republican party has given us a wealthy, older, religious white guy. I'm not sure the change does much to validate mormonism, because it's more of the same. Big deal around here, though. Although, apparently, our expectations mostly revolve around gasoline prices. Something over which presidents have virtually no control. Nonetheless, here we are. So, Mitt, tell us how. How are you going to fix it? Everybody wants a job, and apparently cheap fuel. Obama wrecked those things, so you can fix them. Right away.

Farmington, UT

Romney gave a great and solid speech! Who can doubt the country will be better in four years if we elect Romney? Who can doubt that four more years of Obama will put us further in dispair.

I watched on Fox and for a network that caters to so many Christians their commentators act as if they have never read the Bible. Romney lives Jesus' admonition in Matthew 6:1-6. Yes, that is who he is! A man who quietly lives his faith. What a contrast from our self-glorifying current President and his Un-holy-Wood cronies.

Sugar City, ID

Not since Ronald Reagan have I been as enthused about a candidate for president as I am for Mitt Romney. The biggest concerns I have are the economy, deficit spending, out of control entitlements, government intrusion into our lives (i.e. taking over my health care), inflation, and energy independence. On all these concerns, Obama has failed and Romney has the best chance of turning things around.

Temecula, CA


Lundburg: Official report on gas prices used by every market in the United States. The Lundburg report lists the national gas prices every two weeks surveying over 6,000 service stations. Trudy Lundburg is considered the unchallenged expert in this field. Until today?

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT


i don't really care what you paid for. it is documented that obama inherited $1.86 a gallon

Centerville, UT

"President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. MY promise...is to help you and your family."

That's the real story of the election. I have to laugh at you people who are demanding more 'substance' from Romney's speech tonight. As though 'Hope and Change' and 'Yes we can!' are packed with specifics.

There is absolutely nothing that leads me to believe that four more years of Obama is a good idea. It would be like four more years of Jimmy Carter. There's no reason to inflict that kind of pain on ourselves.

South Jordan, UT

We might have been able to see a wonderful tribute to Mitt in a video produced for the convention. Instead, the party leaders decided to roll out some decrepit comedian, instead.

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