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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 28 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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u.s.a., NY

Some egocentric fanatics can't see past your noses.
If at his stage in life if he has to use his 5 boys and wife's skirts to hide behind it figures he'll have her making most of his political excuses and decisions using podiums for years.

Ridgefield, WA

Can all sides please give up denigrating people for using teleprompters? That means just STOP putting down Ann, Michelle, Mitt, and Barack for using a teleprompter. General Authorities and Prophets use teleprompters at LDS General Conferences.

For that matter, can we PUH-LEASE just stop name calling and "tattling" on other people who use name calling? We ought to just stick to the issues to debate.

Sugar City, ID

Ann Romney's address was fantastic. Too bad she had to be followed by the self serving babbling of Christy. Mitt Romney's worst enemies are from the self righteous misguided zealots on his right. I hope this is not America's last chance to put our country back on the right track. Mitt Romney stands so far above everybody else on the political scene that he seems out of place - not out of touch.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I think I could vote for Mitt Romney if the public Mitt Romney were who I think the private Mitt Romney is. He did an incredible job of rescuing the Utah Olympics and turning it into a major success. I have no doubt that he was a great Bishop and Stake President, Husband, Dad, Granddad and neighbor. I am sure he has helped many people in his private life.

My problem with Mr. Romney is that his public life and his private life are not necessarily in line. Again I am very confident that he is good caring man in his private life, but he has turned hard to the right in his public line. He has abandoned the moderate Governor Romney whom I could vote for and replaced it with the Grover Norquist plan for destruction.

Who would President Romney be? I would vote for Governor Romney, but I will not vote for the Grover Norquist Mitt Romney. Please will the real Mitt Romney stand up!

David P.
Livermore, CA

Ann Romney's speech last night at the RNC was Stellar!!

She, in Baseball language, Hit a Home Run!!

Good Luck to
and God Bless the Romneys as they approach Election Day.

Provo, UT


Wow, really? You ask people to stop dissing those using teleprompters then you diss some of us who want to draw people's attention to the worsening problem of disrespecting each other. I'm sorry but that is so wrong. Tattling? Asking people to think about using greater civility on both sides of the issue is not juvenile tattling. We all need reminders because we aren't perfect. I know I do.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

"Ann Romney is a consummate politician. She will say and do whatever is necessasry to get her candidate elected, whether or not what she says is true."
As opposed to Hillary Clinton? PLEEEEZE

I am fascinated by the hypocrisy of feminists who display their own misogyny by bashing women who are non-compliant to their narrow fundamentalist ideology.

Slick Willie, serial harasser and woman abuser, is introducing Obama at the convention and feminists complain about Republicans - mind-numbing

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