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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 28 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

wish michelle could say the same. what a contrast!

Cache county, USA

Behind every great man......
Class in motion.
Lucky guy!
Mitt 2012

Mark B
Eureka, CA

to:Alumni (which, BTW, is a plural term)
Today's virulent GOP would rather see mass failure of the economy than to hand President Obama a success in office following the punishingly bad GWB administration. Today, your party is willing to reverse 200 plus years of broadening the national voting population under the phony issue of "voter fraud". Pathetic.

Farmington, UT

@ Mark B

Who was it that didn't want the presidential absentee military ballots counted, Al or George? (HINT: It was George W. Bush.)

Just broadening the voting base doesn't mean anything, except the very strong possibility of voter fraud.

People who cast a ballot when the country was formed were only white, male property holders. Why? Becauise they wre the ones who had the most vested interests in the outcome of the election and potentially the most to lose. Remember that the signers of the Declaration of Independence literally put their lives and fortunes on the line. Just why, exactly, do today's voters that can't even read the ballot, have to be bussed to the polls, and just take from the government place on the line for the freedom they enjoy? All they want is to vote for who they think will give them another handout with no questions asked. That's a recipie for the end of democracy, big time.

Mitt at least knows this; Obama embraces voter corrpution.

Centerville, UT

@Mark B

Part of equal rights in America is taking an equal share of the responsibility when things go bad. Nobody is trying to suppress votes by simply asking for a picture ID. Democrats need to quit playing the race card and take responsibility for policies that didn't work. Barack Obama isn't going to lose this election because he's black. He's not going to lose this election because of perceived vote suppression. He's going to lose because he hasn't done the job that was required of a president- be a leader.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

That was great. I loved the line that maybe the current administration wouldn't be so negative about Mitt's success if it had been more successful during the past four years.

We need Mitt's problem solving abilities in the White House, not Barack's problem blaming abilities. While Obama's crew is doing everything possible to divide the country, Romney will work hard to rebuild the economy and make this a better country for all.

Sandy, UT

'this man will not fail'

...except when he failed to win the presidential nomination 4 years ago against John McCain.

...and then when he failed to win the vice presidential selection against Sarah Palin.

I'm sure his 4 additional years of campaigning have more than made up for his previous inability to impress the Republican voters.

Either that, or they have simply lowered the standards to his level.

Farmington, UT

My error; should have said "HINT: It WASN'T George W. Bush." So that leaves only Al Gore, you know, the guy who invented the internet. In my haste I didn't proofread the script. Also, the sentence should start "Just WHAT," not "Just why..." My bad....I suppose it's too late to type well.

Now, on to bigger and better things, like voting for Mitt....

Sandy, UT

President Obama had a majority in the house and only a simple majority in the senate. In today's political climate a super majority is needed in the senate to get anything done.

Let me guess what will happen if Romney wins but the republicans do not obtain a super majority in the senate. His speech and all the republicans will say, "now is the time to come together and work as a unit." Never mind that Obama had barely wiped his feet off on the door mat of the white house and republicans were determined to make him a one term president.

A little fact about the Paul Ryan plan that his boss loves so much. It cuts entitlements by one trillion over ten years but also raises the national debt by 4 trillion over for years because of his great tax plan. I thought republicans hate deficits.

Far East USA, SC

If Romney does win the election, I hope he DOES NOT FAIL.

I hope that our country does great under his leadership. I hope unemployment drops and GDP skyrockets.

I would want the Dems to support him and our country.

I am sure that Mitt would tell you that a corporations management team must pull together.
Can you imagine a corporation where 1/2 of your "C" level employees number one priority was the failure of the CEO?

How many of you would buy stock in that company? I am sure that Mitt would not.

Until all Americans and our congress put America first and party second, no president will succeed.

Pull for our country, not your party

Clearfield, UT

Ann Romney is a consummate politician. She will say and do whatever is necessasry to get her candidate elected, whether or not what she says is true. Mitt Romney is also a consummate politician who will do or say whatever is necessary to get himself elected, despite the fact that what he says to one group of people is likely directly opposite to what he said to the people he had been talking to before.

Ann did her job. That's all her talk meant. These are the LAST people we need if we want this country to get back on track. NO THANKS.

Springville, UT

Will not fail at what? He still refuses to tell us what he will do or what his detailed positions are.

Mcallen, TX

For a "stay at home mom", who "never worked a day in her life", Ann gave a very polished speech.

Colorado Springs, CO

Just what is the definition of failure? Different people have different definitions.

Clearfield, UT

Interesting that Gov. Christie brought up his immigrant ancestors. There are many Republicans that would end immigration as we know it. They are deteremined to punish the children of illegal immigrants by doing all they can to deny them an education. The Republican party has beem taken over by right wing ideologues that view bipartisanship as something to be avoided and even punished. They are doing all they can to purge the party of women and minorities. To the tea party extremist can I have my Republican party back. I am talking about the party of Reagan. Remember the term Reagan Democrats. Reagan was known for is bi-partisanship. Senator McConnell and his followers vowed to destroy Obama the day he took office. I love this country. I despise the divisiveness and hate that permeates today's political climate.


Although I'm not a fan of Romney OR Obama and have had a stark indifference to his plea for women/minority votes AKA getting Mia to speak at the convention and his wife, I thought Ann's speech was very moving. I don't necessarily believe the picture she painted of Mitt not being privileged and helped ... I mean his father was rich and Mitt went to top schools his entire life. The speech was moving though and politically just about perfect to hit women voters hearts.

Kaysville, UT

Ann Romney as all good women and men stand up for good, solid and established principles from God such as life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

When you look over the past 150 years in both her and his family, they have grabbed the bull by the horns and did what any good family did, raise children to go on and be the best they can be. They provided for their children's welfare and not wait for the government to do that. They did it on their own. As with all of us, our ancestors at some time or another came to the United States of America for a better life. You can't expect a better life if you are waiting for a government to provide for you. You first have to fill out paperwork and then wait in line and prove that you qualify. If you go out and get a job and work and do your best, you will benefit from the pursuit of happiness. That, again, is the advantage of living in a free country that is the land of opportunities. Government is for the safety and welfare of society not the means.

Cedar Hills, UT

Last night after the convention both my wife and I came away with the exact same thoughts - this GOP party now days is a party of leaders - a party of successful governors who have taken bad economies and made them good economies. This GOP party is a party of big ideas and straight talk - short on crafty and catchy verbiage but BIG on results. Contrast that to the small minded, small ideas, and petty democratic party. We have a small minded , petty president who simply can't express himself off teleprompter. We have a president and party of tactless, petty, and frankly speaking - completely empty on ideas. The contrast between the two parties has never been greater. Every one of these GOP governors who spoke is a living success story. Every one. From New Jersey to Ohio to Wisconsin. Contrast this to the failed democratic party and you don't find ANY success stories - just debt and bankruptcy (example California). I was also struck by the way the speakers spent less time attacking Obama (many of them not even mentioning his name) and more time taking the high road and talking about the GOP plan going forward. Great convention!

Cedar Hills, UT

Ann Romney was incredible...makes you proud to be an American with great women like this!!! Loved her speech - very inspiring and straight talking. Yes she and Mitt are wealthy but the key thing is they started with nothing and they BUILT their wealth. Isn't that the American dream of all of us?? Mitt took his inheritance from his Dad and donated ALL of it to BYU. Mitt is self made - NOT GOVERNMENT MADE!!!

Cedar Hills, UT


Mitt donated 100% of the inheritance his father gave him to BYU. You can look it up. Mitt truly is self made. Mitt served an LDS mission - his own money and his own time serving people. What parent today doesn't want their son to make it big - financially? I sure do. It's the American dream that no socialist country can produce.

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