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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 28 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

I guess you have to give his wife a pass, BUT...
Earlier this year, the nation tuned into the Republican Primary Debates. Time after time, during each debate, the unsuccessful candidates loudly and thoroughly voiced their intense distrust, dislike, and questioned the credibility of candidate Romney.
This week, the intense humidity of Florida's stormy weather is heavily tinged with loads of hypocrisy, as many of those unsuccessful Republican candidates try to pretend they never uttered those words about Mitt Romney. Voters hear massive flip flopping as primary candidates and others who did not support Mitt Romney, are interviewed by the news media.
How do the voters believe any of these politicians? What a pathetic commentary of our political system.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

"We need somebody who cares more about getting the job done than they care about being temporarily popular with any particular segment of our country," Christie said.

...and he said this with a straight face, amazing acting ability.


Note that the Hispanic vote is usually more strongly Democrat than it is now, I'd say that's a net gain for Republicans. Romney isn't who the media generally makes him out to be. All the personal character reports I've seen over the past year praise his leadership, integrity, honesty, kindness, friendliness, frugality, and humility. I could deal with a president with these qualities - I'd take that over what we've got any day! Reminder: read both sides because both sides leave stuff out. How can you make an informed opinion while only considering one viewpoint? Most news sites lean liberal (DN excepted), so it takes effort to read both sides but it is worth the information the press hides. Try Breitbart, RedState, and/or Rush Limbaugh.

Provo, UT

no fit:

Same thing happened with Obama and Hillary Clinton. It's called politics. I watched and blogged during the last election about Romney and the intense reaction he received from the other candidates and I saw the same thing this time. Romney is a man among boys, a natural leader. He reminds me of the biographies I've read about George Washington. He is a little shy and reticent in public but warm, kind and very service oriented in private.

Romney intimates other candidates by his intelligent and commanding demeanor and they react defensively toward him but when one looks at his record, reason returns; unless one listens to the lies and twists of those who hate him. I have exposed many false claims about his record as Governor but few people go to the actual records to check.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"Earlier this year, the nation tuned into the Republican Primary Debates. Time after time, during each debate, the unsuccessful candidates loudly and thoroughly voiced their intense distrust, dislike, and questioned the credibility of candidate Romney."

not fit in St George:

I guess you have conveniently FORGOTTEN how Hilary Clinton literally strafed Barack Obama during the 2008 Democratic primary race. And Bill Clinton had some choice words to add as well.

And in the not distant past Obama got issued a homework assignment by the 5th District Circuit Court on the fundamentals of our Constitution, when he (Obama) astoundingly challenged the authority and credibility of the Supreme Court.

But you will keep carrying his water.

Far East USA, SC

I do think that Mitt's experience could be a real asset in forming policy.

Unfortunately, the GOP only want him to rubber stamp the parties ideology.

Glendora, CA

As a resident of L.A. County, I find it quite laughable that mayor Villaregosa of L.A. is there, for the opposition. He thinks he's the spokesperson for the Latino population. If he is really concerned about Latino problems, he needs to stay in L.A. and work more diligently in cleaning up the gang mess, let alone the grafitti and road potholes. He is making me very nauseous.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

Come January Ann will join Mitt in the white house. what will we do when we have no more sun dresses in thew wh?

Far East USA, SC

"what will we do when we have no more sun dresses in thew wh?"

We would have one less reason for childish pettiness.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

class is a child pettiness? i think not, but then style and class is foreign to the current administration.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

I assume that if Mrs. R. is going to speak to economic issues, that means she can be questioned about her remarks and just how her husband's administration will balance the budget - and when.

Far East USA, SC

"class is a child pettiness?"

No, but talking about what the first lady wears is. Cant you find any real issues to discuss?

Provo, UT

I have watched my GOP become increasingly radical over the years:

Foreign Policy
-1992. GOP opposed a Palestinian state, went silent on the issue for eight years, but now has endorsed the idea in its past two platforms.

-Today. Mitt declares the cultural and moral superiority of Israel over Palestine are the cause of Israel's economic superiority.

Women's Issues/Abortion
-1976. "[abortion] is undoubtedly a moral and personal issue on which Republicans disagree."

-Before 1980. vigorous support for an equal rights amendment to protect women's rights, including the right to choose "abortion on demand"

-1980. seeks a constitutional amendment protecting "the right to life for unborn children."
-1992. call to appoint judges who oppose abortion.
-Today. talk of outlawing abortions under any circumstances, including rape, incest, etc.

Social Security, Medicare, etc.
-1968 to 2004. expand Social Security by lowering the age for universal coverage from 72 to 65

-2004. the party endorses Bush's proposal to shift to personal retirement accounts

-Today. vouchers, privatization, and who knows what else Ryan may come up with, but talk of dramatic cuts to all "entitlements"

Provo, UT

The radicalization of the GOP:

Campaign Finance
-1992. elimination of “political action committees supported by corporations, unions or trade associations.”

-2000. champions “the right of every individual and all groups to express their opinions and advocate their issues" - a veiled reference to efforts to eliminate limits on campaign contributions: “Corporations are People, my friend!"

"Family Values" Marriage and Homosexuality
-1992. "family values" becomes a major theme: "the media, the entertainment industry, academia, and the Democrat Party are waging a guerrilla war against American values;" rejects any recognition of gay marriages or allowing same-sex couples to adopt children or be foster parents. The stand on adoption and foster care does not reappear.

-2004,-2008. a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as only the union of a man and a woman.

-1996 to 2008. "homosexuality is incompatible with military service."

-Today. Mitt has spoken out of both sides of his mouth on this topic.

Foreign Policy
-1992. opposed Palestinian state; silent on the issue for eight years, now endorsed the idea in past two platforms.

-Today. Mitt declares the cultural and moral superiority of Israel over Palestine are the cause of Israel’s economic superiority.

Provo, UT

More extremism:

Federal Spending, Labor (Unions), Immigration

-Before 1980. government workers should receive "salaries which are comparable to those offered by private employers."

Republicans give "firm support to the union shop and other forms of union security"

"require that the annual number of immigrants we accept be at least doubled;"

Federal funding for public transit

touts "progressive Republican policies"

celebrates Republicans' use of wage and price controls to curb inflation, doubling federal spending on manpower training, and tripling spending to help minorities.

-1980s. "reject the elitist notion that Americans must be forced out of their cars. Instead,...the right of personal mobility and freedom as exemplified by the automobile"

"declares war on government overregulation."

Public workers are "Washington's governing elite," blamed for "the slumming of our cities."

-1992. theory of how lowering taxes on the wealthy leads to job creation: "We will oppose any attempt to increase taxes." ("Read my lips").

-1996. limit benefits for illegal aliens and deny citizenship to US-born children whose parents arrived illegally.

-Today. calls for an audit of the Federal Reserve, a return to the gold standard, and amend the Constitution to require a two-thirds majority in Congress to raise taxes.

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