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Published: Monday, Aug. 27 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, UT


I got the jokes about BYU and USU but why were you all serious about the PAC10 fans from Salt Lake?

Bloomington, IN


I was in SLC for the first time in 5-6 years last weekend, and if you haven't noticed, the PAC12 logo is EVERYWHERE. I think it's cool the Utes are in the conference they are, but I got a kick out of the thread and paint comments. It's so over the top that it relates to the over the top attention given to Riley, and the excitement over the potato bowl (or whatever it's called).

Excellent points Mr Harmon, thank goodness the season is finally here.

Washington, DC

I found this article funny. What is less funny is that Utah taxpayers subsidized BCS athletics at the UU by $10 million last year, and the amount is growing year-by-year. Not only is it time for state legislators to give Utah taxpayers a break by ending BCS subsidies at the UU.

Irvine, CA


Nice try.

May I suggest going back to writing about BYU
receivers as fast as Nissan 300Zx or the likes.

Irvine, CA


Sherwin Williams estimated that the sales of paint
went up up 5 times in Provo when BYU re-joined
WAC than the sales of paint in SLC when Utes joined

You missed that, Dick.
But nice try, I must say.

Proud Ute

ugggh..... that was just painful. 30 seconds of my life lost that I'd truly like back.

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

So true. I was sickened when I took the family downtown to see Christmas lights and we saw the PAC 12 logo lighted up on poles all over downtown. I wrote letters and called the city council and hopefully this Christmas those decorations will stay on the hill were they belong. What does the PAC 12 logo have to do with Christmas? Was it a reminder that the UTEs gave Colorado a Gift?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"Lift his teammates on his back and carry them to glory. Remember the comeback against the Aggies? The bowl game against Tulsa?"

What so funny about BYU's two biggest wins since 2009?

Palmdale, CA

i guess the only way some BYU fans seek revenge and forget 54-10 is to remind Ute fans that their team lost to Colorado who hadn't won a game since 2007. Totally unrelated to the shackling put on BYU by the Utes at LES. BYU fans can twist the loss any old way, to make it sound like the game was even. BYU fans say, if we hadn't turned it over 7 times, if we had done this and that and this and that, game would be even. Well since BYU didn't do this and that and this and that, the end result was 54-10. Its like LSU telling the media, if we had played good defense against Alabama and prevented them from scoring and we scored on them, they would have lost and we would have won. Well, like my father always told me, "if you are on the losing end when the clock reaches zero zero zero, you have no one to blame but yourself. Take your loss like a man and quit being such a sore loser. Sore losers are for cowards who can't accept defeat when they have lost."

Highland, UT

Very nice Dick. The angst filled replies of the utah "fans" thus far have confirmed the truth of it.


Frisco, TX

Here in Texas, Texas A&M has plastered SEC Country everywhere. Teams that aren't able to stand on their own, sit on the shoulders of their conference . . . sort of like if I was married to a Supermodel, I would introduce myself as Supermodel's husband instead of my own name / identity. Hopefully, Utah will get comfortable enough in their own skin that U won't always have to brag that you're in the PAC12. When U get to the point that U simply say, we're Utah, and that's enough, you will have arrived.


Come On Dick. This is the best you can come up with just days before game one? Unbelievably lame content here. The only reason we read your columns is for the serious insight you provide from all your "Anonymous sources".

Herriman, UT

Cute blog Dick!

Will you be travelling with the team down to las cruces in November? I hear its quite nice down there that time of year.


Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

C'mon, kids! Three good digs, one for each school, each one over-played, but that's what hype is.

Except the comments about Utah, pretty sure they were spot on...

American Fork, UT

Sounds like Dick is still a little butt hurt over byu not getting invited to the party. I guess when you play in the WAC, you don't want to promote that!!! Thanks Dick. Don't look know, but your homerness is showing.

Highland, UT


Sounds like utah "fans" still don't feel they can stand on their own two feet. I guess when you depend on greater schools than yourself to give you "acheivments" you don't want anyone to focus to closely on just you!!! Thanks utah "fans". Don't look now, but your insecurity is showing.

O-town, UT

It should be a fun year of football. SUU joining the Big Sky with Weber State in a conference that is comparable to the SEC for th FCS level, USU trying to make a statement as they join the MWC next year, Utah trying to improve upon a pretty decent showing in its first year of the PAC-12...and BYU doing whatever it is that they do.

It really is a shame BYU didn't man up and join the Big-12. That really would have put the state of Utah on the map nationally. Imagine having Texas and Oklahoma coming to Provo the same day USC, Oregon, etc. would be in Salt Lake City, but BYU wants green-light games and a little green from their sweet minimal viewing hours contract with ESPN and their own TV rights with BYUtv.

Maybe they can form a conference called The Expendables along with Idaho, New Mexico State, South Virginia, BYU-Hawaii, BYU-Idaho, UVU and LDS Business College.

In all seriousness, good luck with the Independent thing, but you better find a conference and soon--before The Expendables becomes your only choice.

Lynchburg, VA


says the fan of a team that benefited from Utah's two BCS bowl victories. It goes both ways you know. Let's be logical here.

Herriman, UT

BTW, I just googled "USC PAC-12 t-shirt" and guess what? They have a bunch of shirts with the PAC 12 logo on them as well. Hmmm. I guess it really is just a jealousy thing with all the cougar fans. You always want what you don't have. I know every time you see it, it must be a reminder of where things stand. Try not to focus too hard on the big blue arrow pointing straight down in the middle of the y logo.


Provo, UT

Lol, wow...I can't believe how seriously some Utah fans are taking Dick's article. Did his joke hit a little too close to home?

@Wildcat "In all seriousness, good luck with the Independent thing, but you better find a conference and soon"

Why? Not sure why a conference is useful to BYU at this point. The BCS dies after 2013 and the 4-team playoff doesn't require you to be in a conference to get in. Being a conference champion might give some weight to being considered, but if 2013 is any indication, BYU's schedules will be strong enough that they will be considered if they can go undefeated.

At this point, BYU has a ton of exposure, increased revenue, and the luxury of not having to have to compromise their standards in a conference, or to make concessions to conference commissioners.

I'd say BYU's in a great position.

Go Cougars!

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