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Published: Monday, Aug. 27 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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This is as strong of a defensive group as I've ever seen at the U, and I've been following them for a long time. Fakahafua basically single-handedly led Highland to the state championship 2 years ago; the Kruger brothers are clones of their older brother who is now in the NFL; Reilly has already been a PAC 12 player of the week for destroying BYU; and Lotulelei---already voted the best defensive lineman by his PAC 12 opposing offensive linemen. It's all shaping up to be a great year, starting with this stud group. Can't wait for Thursday.

Go Utes!!!

Mcallen, TX

Wow! This is like an NFL team. Go utes! Beat Northern Colorado.

South Jordan, UT

More excited for he game against Utah State next week. Good luck Utah.


Great line, one of the best we've had, but 2004 was probably a little stronger. I think I had heard that 4 of the first 5 guys in the rotation had a bench of 450+. Still some serious talent on this team, though.

Santa Monica, CA

I remember in the Jim Fassell and Chuck Stobart days when we couldn't stop anyone from scoring. Good athletes, but never came together as a defensive unit. What a luxury it's been since the days of Luther Ellis. A good defensive line that keeps reloading is like a fine fois gras. It becomes more appreciated with every Ritz cracker it embellishes with it's goose liver exploding goodness.

Highland, UT

Let's see....best group of wr's in the pac12, best defensive line in the entire nation, best rb in the pac12, best qb situation in the state, best defensive backs in the pac12, best coaching staff in the country, best, best, best.

I just don't see how this team can ever lose.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

We allowed 19 points per game last year, with an inept offense.

With this defense if we can get our offense to play at 75% level then this could be special year. Could this be BCS year like 04 and 08? Way too early to tell but I think 10-2 is achievable. One game at a time, first up, Northern Colorado. I expect our defense to dominate 48-3!


Irvine, CA

The D-line will be key--and that is an understatement.

Attack on the opposite QB is important.
Stop the run is important.

Overall, defense will need to show up every game like they
did last year.

Cinci Man

This is an exciting year for my alma-mater. I wish you well Utes. Pleeeez show up for every down. Every player must do this. I cannot wait for the 'W' column to increment every week of the season. Keep them humble hungry and focused Kyle. GO UTES!!!

Springville, UT

I'm whiffing some hint of roses, a parade and a side trip to Disneyland!

Where is NC Utes 2010 part II when we need her?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

It all starts up front, and this is an extremely talented group. Can't wait for the season to start. Any thing less than 9-3 would be dissapointing; especially with so much coming back from last year.

Duck Hunter,

Every team has the best line, the best WR, the best RB's at this point of the season. Didn't you get the memo?

Allen, TX

Duck Hunter: I appreciate the sarcasm.

With the trouble we all know the offense is in, the D better show up.

But don't think you smell roses. USC will beat down Utah, and Oregon will beat USC.

With the improved D, Utah may end up 7-5.

Bountiful, UT

Star is a special player. After him the line is unproven, smallish and pedestrian. Trevor Reilly is a very good OLB but taking on 300 lb gorillas at only 245lbs will be a monumental task (I predict he plays mostly at OLB)

. The Krugers haven't lived up to their brother's expectations and have only been average DLs with the benefit added of Star getting double & triple teamed & constantly drawing so much attention.

Also, we keep hearing about Nate having all this "potential", it's got the familiar ring of what we heard about regarding Derrick Shelby for years (which never really developed).

This group looks like it's one injury (Star) away from being a small, ordinary to below average group.

Cedar Hills, UT

Wow, the byU "fans" are all on edge with this article. amusing

This group is great, there is no doubt about it. Whether they are the best in the Nation, that has to come out later in monumental tilts with USC and the rest of the PAC. If this group can keep the Trojans to less than 20 (which they really did last year) and the Offense can be average to good, this will be a special year.

Can't wait...

Go Utes!


"Also, we keep hearing about Nate having all this "potential", it's got the familiar ring of what we heard about regarding Derrick Shelby for years (which never really developed)."

Shelby was first-team all-conference his first year in the Pac-12, was a Walter Camp national player of the week, and is playing in the NFL now. What higher expectations did you have?

Cedar Hills, UT


You missed it. The parade was at the airport in Provo after the cougs beat Oklahoma in the 2009 season opener. Of course we all know what happened a couple weeks later when the cougs lost to a less than stellar FSU team at home 28-54. doh!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm going to agree with several of the BYU fans on this one.

Though I think Utah's D-line is definitely a good one, it's really Star that makes it so good. If you took him out of the equation and put an average guy in his place, how truly good is this line?

Salt Lake City, UT

Let's see how a position group plays before we start the accolades.


J-TX ........The offense is poised to be very powerful this year for the Utes. There are 3 very solid running backs, a host of amazing receivers, and if Wynn can stay healthy we will be in business. If Wynn doesn't stay healthy, we always have Wilson, who is going to be the future of Ute football.

Wally West

re StGtoSLC 9:42 a.m. Aug. 28, 2012

Intesting tidbit... Shelby may make the Dolphins 53 man roster as an UDFA. He'd be the 4th Ute on the Miami D.

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