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Utah QB Jordan Wynn excited to play first game in 11 months

Published: Sunday, Aug. 26 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Iowa City, IA

If they're not looking past N. Colorado what are they doing then? That's bogus...it's a win, move on.

Pocatello, ID

It's nice to actually be talking about an actual opponent. Looking forward to,an exciting year.

Go Utes!!

Springville, UT

"... the Bears went 0-11 last season and have lost 18 of their past 19 games dating back to 2010."

Got some tough competition there utesies?

This appears to be a total embarrassment for your 'big boy' program and associated elitist BCS attitudes. Northern Colorado... shameless.

The only good thing is that it won't be televised nation wide. Your secret will be well kept outside the PAC 12.

Too bad smoke signals don't work with satellite.

The real games on opening day are on ESPN during prime time. LOL



Our weakest opponent will be in week 3. I bet NC at least will play for 4 quarters unlike your team last year. Also, the game will be played on national TV. Grant it it will not be as available as if it was on ESPN but it is still broadcasted nationally and Bill Riley from ESPN has reported that the PAC 12 Network will be available on Directv too. An agreement is pending and is expected to be done in time.

As far as pathetic opponents, why don't you share with everyone who the cougars are playing in November this year.

Springville, UT


So sorry, PAC 12 Network is NOT national TV. LOL

Yes. How easy it is to defend playing Northern Colorado and run away from playing BYU, another patsy according to you, the next couple of years.

Any of those WAC teams BYU is playing would be infinitely better than Northern Colorado, any day, any week, any season and on any channel... if you could get it on satellite... but not the PAC 12 Network.

What an embarrassment for opening day.

Keep wishing for a 'national' audience, it hasn't happened, I'm doubting it to happen this week and please tell me who would watch this game outside of Salt Lake County and where ever Northern Colorado is from?

Mcallen, TX

The utes start with Northern Colorado, then brag about not playing Stanford, Oregon, and Washington.

Go figure.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

re: Sammy

You do realize BYU plays:
Weber State
San Jose State
New Mexico State

Springville, UT

Mount Olympus

To answer your question... Yes, I am aware of the schedule and BYU is very grateful to play them this year as I'm sure they will enjoy the monetary rewards and national exposure teams get for playing BYU.

We both know that independence has not provided itself an instant BCS 'quality' schedule like the Utes picked up. It is improving, 2013 case the point. But you knew all this.

What's your sorry excuse for playing Northern Colorado?



The Seattle Times, LA Times, ESPN and Wikipedia among others acknowledge that the PAC 12 Network is a national network (Google it). Only a Ute hater like yourself denies it. What is your source that backs your opinion that it is not?

See Mount Olympus' comments and re-think your position on BYU's scheduling superiority over Utah this year. One game against NC does not wipe out the rest of the schedule and when you compare the entire schedules of both teams this year the truth is apparent to anyone that does not drink the blue Koolaid. Utah plays a much tougher schedule than BYU.

Seriously? Utah ran away from BYU, a team it has dominated for a decade? Utah did not run away from BYU. It decided a deal with Michigan was more important for the program for a couple of years is all. Get over it. Roles reversed BYU would do the same to Utah - ask Utah State University.


All I know is that the Utes are playing the #1 team in the country!!!!

Sandy, UT

re: hamster

The utes version of the pac12 network is not national unless people across the nation can see your games which they can't. Therefore, your utes are NOT on a national network. Can you understand that ?

Springville, UT


Where did I say that BYU's schedule is superior to Utah's this year?

You're making stuff up. Typical Ute fan letting his emotions get the better of him and his reading comprehension.

I specifically mentioned that WAC opponents are better than Northern Colorado. But now that you mentioned it I could throw Colorado, and some other PAC cellar dwellers in the pot.

The PAC 12 Network is not as grand as you're making it. Cox Cable, one of the original backers of the network has graciously declined carrying the national network feed in some markets, namely those outside the PAC 12 Network.

It's been reported that Dishnet won't carry it and DirectTV has not signed an agreement. I've stated my sources before, you need to follow the story closer.

The network pales in comparison to what BYU has going and that's all of Ute fans really cared to accomplish. Sorry, it was a 'failure to launch'. And nothing will change it, not even a DirectTV deal.

The Cox Cable rep said it so perfectly, "Not that much interest..."

And the Utah fan and team went running away. LOL

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ sammyg

"This appears to be a total embarrassment for your 'big boy' program and associated elitist BCS attitudes. Northern Colorado... shameless".

Well, let's take a look at other BCS elitists schools with weak opponents:

Oregon plays: Arkansas State and Tennessee Tech
Washington plays: Portland State
Alabama plays: Western Kentucky and Western Carolina
LSU plays: Towson
Florida plays: Jacksonville State
Georgia plays: Buffalo and Georgia Southern
Texas A&M plays: Sam Houston State and South Carolina State
Missouri plays: Southeastern Louisiana
Ohio State plays: Alabama-Birmingham
Wisconsin plays: Northern Iowa
Nebraska plays: Idaho State
Oklahoma plays: Florida A&M
West Virginia plays: James Madison
Florida State plays: Murray State and Savannah State
Virginia Tech plays: Austin Peay
Miami plays: Bethune-Cookman
Notre Dame plays: BYU

I believe Utah fits in fine with their fellow BCS elitists.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Any of those WAC teams BYU is playing would be infinitely better than Northern Colorado, any day, any week, any season and on any channel"

You're right sammy, those WAC teams BYU plays are probably better than N Colorado - although infinitely better is a stretch, did you pay attention to the records of BYU's opponents last years?

Regardless, your comment is ridiculous being that BYU has it's own Big Sky opponent on their schedule. So how funny is it that you want to compare the worst team on Utah's schedule to the WAC opponents on BYUs schedule instead of their own Big Sky opponent! Hilarious and typical spin from a BYU fan.

And since you justified your schedule as being a temporary thing as BYU grows into Independence, why aren't you saying the same thing about the Pac 12 Network? Ute fans can easily say the same, don't expect perfection in the first year of the network, it will only grow and be made more and more available in the near future.

I love the hypocrisy though. You're always good for a laugh.

Utah schedule > BYU schedule - not even close.



I am emotional and you start your last argument by questioning my reading comprehension? Who is emotional? Name calling is a sure sign of a weak argument on your part. I read the Cox article and there are a few cities not carrying the PAC. It is not that big of a deal, especially for the network's first year.

You claim to have posted sources in the past, I gave you several. Humor me and tell me where I can find yours again concerning the distribution of the PAC 12 not being national. I do not believe you as I have seen your posts for quite sometime on various Ute articles and your claims are seldom backed up, if ever.

No, you didn't claim that BYU's schedule was stronger than Utah's. I pointed it out because it is a better measure than one game alone, like a one on one victory is a better example of a team's superiority over another than anything else, schedule or otherwise.

How about this? The Utes are playing Northern Colorado for philanthropic reasons just like BYU is by graciously playing Weber State, New Mexico State, et al okay?



I am not taking about PAC - Mountain. I am referring to the PAC 12 National network. All football and basketballs will be broadcasted nationally. This is from the dailycamera.com:

"Thanks to TV agreements made by the Pac-12, every Pac-12 football and men's basketball game will be on national television this year."


Man, I come on here to wish the utes luck, and I'm getting rhetoric about BYU's weak schedule. Do you Ute fans really not remember how scheduling works? When BYU went INDY, they had to get anybody that would sign on the line in order to fill the slots for a complete season. (Hence last year's season, and half of this year's) If you want to talk SOS, check 2013. Thank you for coming to class today, please don't forget to do your homework before next class.



I agree with what you say about what BYU had to do the first 2 years. I went after sammy because of his comments about Utah. Most of the time I ignore him, but tonight I have some spare time.

The jury is still out on BYU's 2013 schedule though as it is not a complete schedule yet. Utah's is still stronger than BYUs as it sits now and very likely will still be after the season. The Utes play USC, Oregon and Stanford on the road in 2013. We will see.

Mcallen, TX

According to the Mayan calender, the utes will never play a future BCS bowl game, win a PAC 12 championship, or beat Colorado.--Obama will balance the budget before the utes ever beat the cougars again. Hmmm?

Irvine, CA

Here we go again...young men arguing about
Sit back and enjoy the upcoming seasons.

So what if the Utes are having 3 cupcakes b4
things getting serious with ASU, USC, etc.
Pac-12 is very tough this year unlike

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