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Published: Saturday, Aug. 25 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

We have so many talented coaches. I can't wait to see how their new knowledge and experience translates into plays on the field. Coach Cahoon will help the receivers to make the most of their abilities. Go Cougs!

Frisco, TX

I really think we will see the benefits of coaches like Cahoon and Dupaix a little more each year. We'll see a more efficient passing game this year, if Riley stays healthy.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Enjoyed reading the article. But, instead of a receiver/position coach being the "first to arrive and last to leave," I'd like that person to be the Offensive Coordinator. Seems like Doman should put in such hours. Let's hope for a big Cougs season!

Heber City, UT

I understand Doman walks in 2 seconds behind Cahoon. At the end of the day Cahoon holds the door open for Doman. Is that what you want to know So. Cal Reader.

Simple Man
Riverton, UT

Nicely said, CougarBlue!

Idaho Falls, ID

I was really pleased about the acquisition of Ben Cahoon to the Cougar staff. That was a major coup. No one knows the fundamentals of receiving better than Cahoon. His knowledge and work ethic will be a real asset to the team.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

He seems like a very nice man who tries his best. I have concern that BYU has so many assistants with limited experience. Hard work is a good quality, but know how is better.

gilbert, AZ

I think his effectiveness was very evident last year as apposed to the year before. Two years ago the cougars dropped a ton of footballs it was infuriating to watch. This last year it seemed like all the receivers had velcro gloves because they caught everything that came their way. I'm sure coach Cahoon will get other opportunities soon to coach somewhere else at a higher level, just glad he's at BYU for now.


I remember watching Cahoon play when I was a kid. Awesome receiver! Stoked to have him at the Y.

Provo, UT

I am waiting and hoping for the day when Wayne Rout writes something about BYU. If he were a Utah fan or even a UTEP, I could understand his takes.

gilbert, AZ

Look up his canadian league highlights - amazing!

Las Vegas, NV

I've been very impressed with the turn around from receivers since Cahoon has arrived. I remember being so frustrated with the number of dropped balls in the 2010 season (although admittedly partly due to changing qbs). Seems that receivers have improved drastically over the past two seasons.

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