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Published: Sunday, Aug. 26 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I doubt Obama will take a firm stand against Iran. He has proven himself to be no ally to Israel, favoring the Palestinians instead. Even if he did take a stand he wouldn't have the backbone to follow through on it.

American Fork, UT

Hopefully obama has the skill and wisdom to tell Israel they're going it alone. We don't need another war. Either that, or please let that fiasco be a legacy of a romney administration.

Herriman, UT

We didn't learn a thing from Adolf Hitler. You cannot compromise with those who tell you upfront what their true intentions are. If a person buys a gun and tells everyone they are going to shoot someone you either disarm them or they will shoot that person.

Far East USA, SC

If we do decide to engage our troops in Iran, how will we pay for it.

Will the GOP insist on cutting spending elsewhere?


Will we raise taxes in order to pay for it


Will we just borrow from China and increase our deficits.

What say you on the right?

Casa Grande, AZ

You're just making it clear that a vote for Mitt is a vote for war.

There is enough unnaccounted for uranium to make 150 atomic bombs. Iran isn't our greatest threat. Republicans just like the idea of another large scale intervention they can make money from.

Israel - stand on your own. Get along with your neighbors for once.

Saint George, UT

"...Israel's more limited munitions...".

Israel has an arsenal of at least 200 nukes.

Limited munitions?


To Hutterite:

You can't possible be that naive. can you? If Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facilities, there will be a war. It will make it impossible for even Obama to ignore. Obama has demonstrated anything but "wisdom" with regard to this issue. The only thing that could prevent a war is for the US to step in and do what it should have done a long time ago. The only way we avoid the war you think will be avoided if Obama ignores the threat is if the people of the USA vote him out of office before it's too late. Israel will attack if it believes it has no other choice. Count on it. Their history over the past 40 years tells us that.

You scare me, Hutterite. People who are that horribly misinformed are a real danger in the voting booth.


Saint George, UT
"...Israel's more limited munitions...".

Israel has an arsenal of at least 200 nukes.

Limited munitions?"

According to the movie Obama 2016, Israel has less than 100 nukes, not 200. Doesn't matter how many they have though. If they use just one, that's enough to plunge the world into Armageddon.

Bountiful, UT

If Israel believes Iran would destroy it once it gets nuclear weapons,
I would be surprised if it didn't do all in its power to ensure it
doesn't happen. Given that manufacturing facilities are easily
hidden, I'm not sure what can be done unless we/Israel is
Listening to their governments every move.

Assuming we/Israel have knowledge of where the facilities are
located, they quite likely are buried such that nothing short
of either a ground invasion or successive nuclear blasts
could take them out.

Salt Lake City, Utah

In June of 1967 the Arabs had gathered together with the common goal of driving Israel into the sea. They vastly outnumbered Israel men, tanks, airplanes, artillery, and had them surrounded on all sides but the sea. In the Six Day war that followed the Arabs were beaten, humiliated, and began to plead for a cease fire as they fled. And no, Israel didn't need any help from the USA in achieving their victory.

Now Iran is doomed to learn the same lesson all over again.

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