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Published: Thursday, Aug. 23 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

He's fun to watch and a great young man. Represents BYU well. After all is said, football is not life itself.

River Falls, WI

Regarding the comments about hair... just remember that school is not yet in session. I'm sure once school has started Riley will do what he did last year, and the year before and get a haircut. I don't know if I've met a male BYU student who didn't let his hair or facial hair go a little over summer break.

O-town, UT

Hey this is one where Duckhunter and I agree on--although he once posted on not liking a Ute Softball player's haircut style, so I am not sure he is being consistent.

Lighten up PA reader. I have never seen a portrait of the Savior where he's sporting a high and tight. I think we need to get over the hair issue.

It did give me a good laugh though. Here's hoping Riley does alright, except for the Weber State game of course.

O-town, UT

@PA reader:

Maybe Mitt Romney can round up some friends to hold Riley down while he cuts his hair--he's done it before. LOL!

Orem, UT

This story makes me gag.
Riley Nelson...the Hero...the Star.
I swoon in his presence.
I am starstruck by his awesomeness.
The leader of leaders.
The player who sees only "I" in team.
He's my personal hero....
...seriously. I think this article made me sick to my stomach...

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

He is giving talks in Cache Valley? I thought he had to slip in under the cover of night in Logan to visit his family.
Anyway, interesting article. The hair thing is a dumb rule, but it is one of those things where he is getting special treatment. He had it long in October for the USU game, so don't tell me he cuts it for school every year. I think they even had an article on it. However stupid the rule, he still needs to follow it. That is BYU.

BYU Deek
Spanish Fork, UT

The grooming standards set forth by the Honor Code Office of BYU state that hair must be kept above shoulder length and must be groomed. In other words, combed and looking nice. Looking at the picture, it appears that Riley's hair is within the Honor Code standards, and is within policy guidelines set forth by the University. Sorry if you don't like his hair cut, PA. BYU's policy for haircuts is not the same as the MTC's. Have a nice day.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

He can't throw the ball. He panics in the pocket. I saw him against TCU in a game we should have won. Too bad Bronco has made this guy a hero.

Sacramento, CA

To PA Reader and all other 'Hair' critics:

What are you talking about? Have you even seen Riley's hair? Riley's hair doesn't even violate the honor code. Here is what the honor code says for men, "trimmed above the collar and leaving the ears uncovered."
If you are not morally opposed to YouTube, check out the recent videos of his interviews from the BYU Sports channel. The most recent is of him doing an interview on Aug 16th, 2012.
Go to about :39 seconds, pause, and you will clearly see that his hair is trimmed above his collar, and his ears are uncovered. Think it's a recent cut? Nope, go to the videos from Spring camp 4 months ago. Same hairstyle.
What about that style do your young men find confusing? My guess is this is more of a 'you' issue. Now you have one less thing to worry about from your exalted vantage point.

Mission Viejo, CA

@PA Reader: Your young men in your stake are not required to meet BYU's hair standards. The church has no hair standards.

I think Nelson's hair looks cool. There is no church rule that a member's hair has to meet some standard. Heck, I wish I HAD hair like Nelson. Lucky for me, bald is OK on campus.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

@Pa. Reader

are you serious? riley's hair is not against standards as long as it is off his ears. worry about yourself

Orem, UT

Refreshing attitude in today's "me-first" world. Whiners/Haters, give Riley a chance. His work ethic and attitude have earned him a shot. If he doesn't perform, then you can start complaining ...

Park City, UT


"Riley Nelson hasn't done anything yet."

Read ESPN article "BYU's Nelson reclaims starting job" by Ivan Maisel - maybe it'll open your eyes a little to the big picture.

I'd rather have hundred competitors like Riley, than one 5-star recruit who is more worried about taking a hit, than winning a game.

Park City, UT


"This story makes me gag."

That's understandable considering that frail little thing U have for a QB on the hill.

Herrmian, UT

Pa Reader

That is why the headline makes sense. Think about it...

Also, Hair does not keep one out of heaven. It might keep one out of BYU, but the two places are different.

Highland, UT

@pa. reader

Like I said "lighten up". BYU's gromming standard calls for hair off the shoulder, not a butch. I'm sure you're the type that insists every single male member wears a white shirt on Sunday, no stripes, no other colors allowed. If Riley's hair is not to standard then they won't let him take his tests.

As far as the headline goes it is a play on that expression, it isn't trying to be that expression.

"Lighten up Francis".

American Fork, UT

@ Duckhunter

Riley does exemplify what BYU is all about, its unfortunate that you do not with your hate filled tirades.

gilbert, AZ

Great kid, the kind you would like your daughter to date. As far as his on field performance, I think people are too harsh on judging it. He hasn't had that many starts yet and he won most of them. Just give the kid a chance to show what he can do on the field. My guess is that he will be better than last year and lead BYU to another 10 win season. If he can beat the "U" then nothing else matters. They can go 8-4 and BYU fans will be satisfied with the season if they beat the "U". His career (maybe unfairly) will be mostly judged off of that one game. I'm rooting for the kid to succeed.

Serenity Now
Highland, UT

Riley is impressive and if he tackles medical school and his career/life the way his attitude is shown in this article, he will be an extremely successful and charitable doctor/husband/family man.

Highland, UT


I'm sure you can direct us to one of those "hate filled tirades"? Or is it just that you don't like to read anything other than sycophantic love for the university of utah?

Just post where we can find one of them so we can verify your claim.

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