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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 22 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ CordonBleu

"'Hardly ever' is simply an anomaly created by Crowton".

So Crowton is the man to blame for Bronco's 4 losses against the Utes? Come on CordonBleu! No more excuses! That's all byu fans do is Y'ne, complain, and make excuses when their team loses and not give credit where credit is due. Admit it! Utah has the better football program in the last 10 years. Look no further than the head to head match ups.

"In the last HALF CENTURY, BYU leads the series 29-21. In the last 6 years, the series is tied 3-3".

Why are you going back a half century? Why not since Utah and BYU started playing football against each other in 1922 or 1896 (if we count the BYA years)? Typical Y fan and their selective stats to make their program look better in the rivalry than what it really is. 55-34-4 is all we need to remember about this rivalry! WE OWN U!!!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


And your bcs opponent, Pittsburgh...

UNRANKED throughout the entire season until the end of the season when the bcs establishment panicked and suddenly ranked the Panthers when they realized how embarrassing it was going to be to invite an unranked team to their little party.


You've already been called out on this. I understand as a BYU you refuse to accept facts; but your statement is absolutely wrong.

There was no BCS conspiracy, Pitt did not just "suddenly" get ranked. According to the AP poll they were receiving votes since week 10.

AP Rankings:

Week 10: #30 beat #21 Boston College (9-3)
Week 11: #27 beat Rutgers
Week 13: #26 lost @Syracuse
Week 14: #28 won @ND
Week 15: #19 beat West Virgina
Week 16: #19 beat South Florida

Unlike your 84 team they actually beat a final ranked team.

Springville, UT


Following up on your 'done deal' comment about DirectTV.

Pacific Takes...

"However, it (PAC 12 Network) has yet to really achieve the most important success: National distribution. Cable carriers that made the original carriage agreement with the conference are seemingly shutting the doors on the Pac-12 Network outside current Pac-12 markets. If there isn't latent demand for the network, the cable carriers have pretty much tuned out airing the network. So fans out of market could struggle to find any way to view the conference on TV or online (which is tethered to television service)."

DirectTV is your only hope for any national distribution and right now there's no ink on the dotted line. There is no 'done deal'. It might be imminent in a week, a month, a year but it's T-minus 7 days and counting.

AND at the end of the day what a mighty BCS conference of 12 schools put together pales in comparison to what BYU did as a little church school in a little tiny conference and an independent football team.

Big question is this, are there any Ute fans outside of the market? Didn't think so.

Mesa, AZ

Per the discourse here--

Texas Christian, Boise State, and Utah have been tearing it up over the last decade....BYU '84 differs from those other teams in another way too: they did not play a single ranked opponent. The only so-called "national champion" that didn't (though Oklahoma came very close in 1956).

BYU's 1984 opponents went 61-85-3, placing their schedule 96th amongst 98 division 1A schools. And yet their performance was as weak as their schedule. They won five games by a touchdown or less, from a 20-14 win at 3-7-1 Pitt in their opener to a 24-17 win against 6-6 Michigan in the Holiday Bowl-- by far the worst bowl opponent ever faced by a so-called "national champion." How bad was Michigan? They finished 6th in the Big Ten, and the Big Ten was a horrid 12-15 against nonconference opponents and 1-5 in bowl games. The only conference in the country that was as bad as the Big 10 was the WAC itself.

Highland, UT


Yet BYU was still crowned champion by every single major organization, including the organizations that did not even give utah any consideration in either of their undefeated seasons. Sounds like BYU was simply more impressive to a lot more voters. I know that hurts but it is a FACT and it is in the history books and always will be.


Orem, UT


Nice spin, but Utah didn't beat a single ranked team during the regular season, in fact, the Utes didn't beat a single regular season opponent that had fewer than five losses.

Air Force(8-4), which BYU 1984 beat on the road, was a better team than Pittsburgh(8-4), which finished the season ranked #25 in only one poll.

Feel free to check the dates of week 15 and week 16; you proved the point that Pittsburgh WAS NOT RANKED in the Top 25 until the end of the regular season.


@Sports Fan

"... was a better team than Pittsburgh(8-4), which finished the season ranked #25 in only one poll."

I thought that finishing the season ranked #25 in only one poll was the ultimate sign of national football dominance.

Highland, UT


If you can do it after the bowls are over. pittsburgh couldn't do that.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah does have a stronger case for 2008, but bottom-line, the AP national champion was chosen in 2008 in exactly the same way it was chosen in 1984, and Utah finished a distant 2nd.


Wrong. In 2008 AP #1 and #2 played each other so one of them was going to be the next national champion regardless any other game.

In 1984 AP #1 played a 6-5 MI team while #2 OU played #4 Washington.

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