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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 22 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Bottom line, you both failed miserably to produce a single opponent that proved that Utah deserved to be a bcs buster in 2004.

BYU 1984 beat four regular season opponents with winning records, including TWO four-loss teams on the road.

at Hawaii(7-4)
at Air Force(8-4)
at Utah(6-5-1)

Utah 2004 only beat three regular season opponents with winning records, NONE of them with less than FIVE losses.

Texas A&M(7-5)
at New Mexico(7-5)
at Wyoming(7-5)

If you want to know the real reason BYU won the 1984 National Championship, and Utah 2004 and 2008 never even came close, check BYU's record from 1979 to 1984, then compare that to Utah's record from 1999 to 2004 and from 2003 to 2008.

Call us the next time U finish a season on a 24-game winning streak, with back-to-back Top 7 finishes, and a string of legitimate Heisman Trophy contenders.


Deductive Reasoning - In the last 8 years Utah has had 2 PERFECT seasons and BYU has had 0. Also, for some reason BYU could only beat the Utes 3 times in the last 10 years. Beat your chest if you want to, but there is no reason for it.

Las Vegas, NV

Deserved? How about winning both of their BCS bowl games? Were those good teams? Pitt - the Big East Champs 8-3, ranked #21. Alabama 12-1, ranked #4..

Who did play for the NC? Michigan, with a record of 6-5!!! I mean 6-5!!!!???? It was not even a NC match up. Just their last game. Please.

Utah was superior in every conceivable way both years they went undefeated.

Why even bring it up. Nobody outside of Provo would ever even consider it a question.


Deductive Reasoning. Wow - I'm sorry that your team hardly ever beats the Utes - Only 30% of the time in the last decade. I'm also sorry that the Utes have had 2 perfect seasons in the last 8 years. By the sounds of your post it must be frustrating for you.



I'm not sure which is more funny: you replying to nobody, on the wrong comment thread, or your chest beating about BYU's pathetically easy National Shampionship* schedule in '84 because some of the bad teams they played had winning records against even worse teams. They beat 0 ranked teams. Zero. That shampionship came after barely beating a team that had 6 losses. It's nice that BYU was voted number one in a system that didn't place any weight on the quality of your opponents. But it's not as nice to know that system was completely changed as a result of fans realizing that a team had just been awarded a national shampionship without even proving they were capable of beating any team that ranked among the top 20.

It's always an accomplishment to go undefeated. But BYU has never won a National Championship game. And they have NEVER accomplished anything on the field that's close to what Utah was able to do in 2008.

But keep chuggin that blue kool-aid.

U 90
Corona, CA

deductive reasoning,

I think we can agree that neither 2004 Utah or 1984 BYU had a very good SOS. Both schools beat 4 teams with winning records.

2008 Utah is a different story. The Utes' wins over 4 ranked teams (Alabama, TCU, Oregon State, BYU) is a much more impressive body of work than 84 BYU who's signature win was either 8-4 Air Force or 6-6 Michigan (you pick).

Having said that, I believe BYU did earn their National Championship based on the rules of the pre BCS era. Take nothing away from the Cougs. I've been honest with you.... now can you be honest and admit that 2008 was a much more impressive body of work than 1984?

Can you identify a school who won an NC with an SOS as weak as 1984 BYU? That's not a dig, I'm just wondering if there was precedence for a weak SOS NC team prior to 1984? Because I can tell you this much, since 84 the NC teams have all played much tougher schedules than BYU's.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

With the depth we have on defense we will be great as always. I just hope we can keep the offense healthy.

@selective reasoning

Since 2008 Boise has gone 50-3 playing tougher SOS schedule then BYU's 24 straight wins, yet not once Boise been ranked in the top 4.

So the real reasons BYU won in 84 is...

A) SOS didn't matter
B) Teams in top 5 kept on losing
C) They beat all 13 cupcakes

West Jordan, Utah

@deductive reasoning

Your arguments are actually inductive. Your mind was made up before you put out your subjective stat records.

In 2004, Utah beat 4 teams from 4 different BCS conferences handily. They blew out Texas A & M, Arizona, North Carolina, and Pittsburgh. That team was legit. There were no close games the entire season. The closest game was a 14 point win over Air Force, a game in which Utah trailed by 14 in the first quarter.

Utah's 2008 team had some close (lucky wins), but that was the case for BYU in 1984 as well. The Alabama win was the obvious exclamation point here.

As for 1984, BYU saw Kyle Morrell's great play against Hawaii. That game was epic, but Hawaii was weak, just like Utah's dud of a win over New Mexico (13-10). These comparisons are desperate and lame though. Still Utah beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl is a better win than BYU beating a 6-6 Michigan team in the Holiday Bowl.

Look 1984 is something to be proud of, but it's a little off in yonder years at this point. The National Championship was attainable 30 years ago.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Bottom line ... BYU was responsible for the creation of the BCS ... Utah is responsible for getting the country to get rid of it and start restructuring how the number 1 team is determined.

Tooele, UT

Why are we even rehashing this BYU did what they did under the rules at the time and got a split National Championship out of it (3 other teams got National championships awarded by various organizations). Utah did what they did under the current rules, soon to expire, and got votes for a National Championship by various organizations. Everything will change in a couple of years when the new rules go into effect. BYU was then, Utah is now, and I like Utah's chances to be the future more than BYU's.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Utes are by far and large the better team in every aspect. They have a better couch, a better QB, a better conferunce, and a better schedule. Duh. Last years pummaling at LES shows how much more mature and good the team is, this is called deductive reasoning. Beside, this is an article about the Utes, not the 84 cougars, so why even bring up on the comment. Even a well respecting BYU fan has got to fill stupid about bringing that into it. The Utes future is sure as sure. we will beat USC and we will go to the rose bowl and that will be that. mark my word.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Those who write about the Y winning the most disputed National Championship of all time in 1984 and argue that it was effectively "compensation" for all the other great Y seasons previously, must also invest in the stock market based on the assumption that previous performance will effect present or future performance.

Given that yard stick, when the last Holy War game is played at the RES in September, the Y should be on the end of an even worse lose than last year's 54 -10 embarrassment.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Hes right. byu is national champs every year. Only the refs make them loose every time. And we beat ourselfs.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"In 2004, Utah beat 4 teams from 4 different BCS conferences handily. They blew out Texas A&M, Arizona, North Carolina, and Pittsburgh."

The Utes beat four MEDIOCRE teams from bcs conferences, only ONE of which even had a winning record.

Face it, Utah fans failed miserably in proving that Utah 2004 "deserved" to be invited to a bcs game.

And your bcs opponent, Pittsburgh...

UNRANKED throughout the entire season until the end of the season when the bcs establishment panicked and suddenly ranked the Panthers when they realized how embarrassing it was going to be to invite an unranked team to their little party.

Pittsburgh finished in a FOUR-WAY TIE for 1st in a 7-team league, only one game ahead of the FIFTH place team.


Utah does have a stronger case for 2008, but bottom-line, the AP national champion was chosen in 2008 in exactly the same way it was chosen in 1984, and Utah finished a distant 2nd.

Of course, it's always interesting to see Utah fans citing their #4 and #2 AP finishes, when the Utes only finished #5 and #4 in the official bcs poll, the Coaches poll.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Why are we even rehashing this BYU did what they did under the rules at the time and got a split National Championship out of it (3 other teams got National championships awarded by various organizations)."

Sorry to burst your jealous, delusional crimson bubble, but BYU was THE CONSENSUS NATIONAL CHAMPION for 1984 -- all FIVE MAJOR selecting organizations awarded the 1984 National Championship to BYU, including the AP and Coaches.

A couple of minor organizations awarding their champion to somebody else doesn't in any way detract from the team selected by the major organizations.

Payson, UT

I don't know where "deductive reasoning" is coming from. Maybe it's an eastern seaboard thing. He is almost as obnoxious as Chris B and Naval Vet are at tweaking the opposition. "Deductive" elicited a slew of comments here that only served to feed his ego. Utah fans need to learn to ignore "deductive" types just like BYU fans are learning (slowly) to ignore Chris B and Naval Vet. Utah and BYU both have good programs and have had equally good success.

Park City, UT


"Deductive Reasoning. Wow - I'm sorry that your team hardly ever beats the Utes - Only 30% of the time in the last decade. I'm also sorry that the Utes have had 2 perfect seasons in the last 8 years."

"Hardly ever" is simply an anomaly created by Crowton. In the last HALF CENTURY, BYU leads the series 29-21. In the last 6 years, the series is tied 3-3.


Wait, isn't this article about the Ute secondary? I think byu was only mentioned with regard to Chappuis' interception. I guess this was bound to happen with the rivalry game being put on hold--cougs have to rely on the "glory days" more than ever before.

As far as the secondary is concerned, I too am very optimistic. If any secondary can come close to hanging with USC's receivers, it's ours.


Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Remember, Utah has not had the recruiting advantage in the past as Alabama, USC, etc. Therefore, the number making it to the NFL is astounding. Utah's defensive backs have been ultra-impressive. The ability to turn talent into greatness is second to none at UTah.


Byu has a powerhouse defense. They held the Utes to just 54 points last year in Provo!

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