Comments about ‘Mitt Romney asks long-time Mormon colleague Kenneth Hutchins to offer prayer at Republican National Convention’

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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 22 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

I am glad that Mitt Romney asked someone like Kenneth Hutchins to offer the opening prayer. It is much more appropriate for him to ask Hutchins who has no political resume than otherwise. I am sure that the news media will look at this the same way.

Joanne H.
American Fork, UT

And this is "Breaking News" because??? Wasn't our nation founded on Christian beliefs. If prayer is "Breaking News" than we are in serious trouble people!


This is "breaking news"???

Holladay, UT

Massachusetts's? Romeny? What happened to proofreading? DeseretNews, get a grip. You're embarrassing yourself. I usually send feedback like this direct to the author, but there's no contact information for Jeff Benedict.

Kaysville, UT

We should be appreciative of the good news that this brings and not that someone was killed, murdered or raped. That is what yellow journalism is and this is great news that prayer is still part of our society, especially in Utah. God gave us agency and the world has too much news that is not good. I will take good news any day. After living in Central and South America, Asia, Europe and even travelling to Africa and living in a variety of states in the United States of America and seeing the sensationalism people try to make of news and make it appear enticing and ready for the six o'clock news, this type of breaking news is worthwhile.

Some want everything to be ready for headline types of news in a different way than letting us know who is praying at the GOP national convention. Prayer can be in many forms and in many forums but in this type of scenario of a Presidential and National Elections for all members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senators, it is an important election for people to vote in.

Thank you DN for breaking news


@ Red Corvette. Why yes, it would be so much better if hired campaign staff called Mitt's dear friend to invite him to pray at the convention. That would so improve the campaign. /sarcasm

small town granny
small mining town, UT

Right on, Mitt!

Taylorsville, Utah

Hmm! I didn't read anything in this article about this (Prayer) being "breaking news". I'm excited DN reported something good to read.

Salt Lake City, UT

Red Corvette
It would behoove Romney to get a professional political staff instead of relying on his sons and family members. Perhaps that is the problem with his whole campaign. They are just too politically naive.

Hmmm. Well, doesn't Obama have a professional political staff? How then do you explain the problems with his administration and campaign?

Apline, UT

I knew Ken Hutchins for many years when my wife and I lived in Boston. He is an excellent choice, and am excited to see him at the convention next week. Was saddened to hear about his cancer though. Best of luck President Hutchins!

Kaysville, UT

Integrity, honesty, character, and all the code of conduct and ethics is what politics should be, not lying, cheating, stealing and lack of ethics. It is a shame that Chicago is known for those types of deceit in their political arena. The team of rivals came because of the Lincoln nomination and they were crucial to the success of the country through the Civil War timeframe. This bunch now is doing the opposite of uniting for the success of the country. Divide and conquer is not what they should be doing at any cost. This country was meant to have people such as the Founding Fathers who gave their all for the country, heart, soul and mind to further the divine destiny of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 99 percent of those who have come to our country for 250 years have wanted a better life through the hard work. A land of opportunity with freedoms that no other country has enjoyed is what people want. The unfortunate aspect is that some have put their lives on auto-pilot and let others do their guidance plan for them. They let others decide for them, not God and study.

South Jordan, UT

Amen. Enough said!

Centerville, UT

Nice, but why is this news?

Kaysville, UT

In a world of bad news at every front and people who label news as bad, it is a refreshing moment to have good news about people who have led good lives in a world of "trouble".

Thank you, Deseret News, for you publishing great good news. We need all the prayers that we can get in today's world.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Red Corvette SACRAMENTO, CA
"They are just too politically naive."

Let's wait until November 6th to see how politically naive the voters are. There is no question as to who people that that don't want to work and think others owe them a living will vote for. A growing number of people are dissatisfied with our current administration and think its time for a change.

Provo, UT

Serve with a guy in a Bishopric and you get to be nervous in front of millions of people

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