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Published: Monday, Aug. 20 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

That's funny, the caption on the photo fails to note that he is walking with J. Willard Marriott Jr.


ya Moderatebob that is hilarious

Centerville, UT

His role as a Bishop and Stake President should be touted. Those are not easy jobs and it takes a very level-headed person to fill those rolls. Hopefully more light is shed on this part of his life.

Eureka, UT

Yea, it is kind of funny Moderatebob because it appears that even at church he doesn't hang out with "normal" people but only with other rich and famous people. I think I would have rather had him with the "normal" bishop of the ward or better yet just a home teacher who was talking to him.

Millie Bess

How pathetic that anyone is making a big deal out of who Mitt Romney is with when he goes to church. Did ever occur to anyone that even people with money can be down to earth and kind and considerate human beings. That is far more important than trying to find fault with any and every little Mitt Romney does

Well Read

Some of the core beliefs of the Church do not seem to be honored during his run for the presidency. Such as being honest in his dealings with his fellow man. Or being humble and not boastful. Treating others with respect and kindness. One could go on and on.

Some may say one can not be in politics and display good christian principles. Some may say that his oponents have not demonstrated good christian principles. That is probably true, but is no excuse.

I think hrying now to act the good christian may come back to bite him!

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Anxious to see God's influential opinion on this in November.

Sacramento, CA

While I don't want a "Pastor/Bishop-In-Chief" as POTUS, I do want someone whose belief system, whatever it is, informs their daily life and decisions. I don't want my faith to be the law of the land, or anyone else's, either, but I do want to know that I and everyone else's faith--or choice to follow some other moral guideline--will be respected. When I say I want his beliefs to inform his daily life and decisions, I mean that I would know that, although I may disagree with his policies, that those policies are going to be the same. If he has a change of heart, he will, as President Obama stated on gay marriage, that he has changed his opinion on the matter and now feels differently. I admire someone who can do that. I may still not agree, but at least I know what he thinks. Is that too much to ask?

Joey D

ModerateBob - thebig1 - Instereo - wear2manyhatz

Thou ahypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

Tooele, UT

Re: "OH PUHLEEZE! Mitt Romney is the absolute worse [sic] 'representative' for Mormons ever to be a politicians [sic]!"

Hey -- maybe we ought to pay more attention to this post than its diction and grammar would ordinarily merit -- liberal Mormons know a fair bit about being our "worse" representatives.

Kaysville, UT

When you see that Vice President Biden donates a couple hundred dollars each of the past couple of years, even with his small salary and compensation from the people of the United States, it is like comparing apples and oranges with Governor Romney. You have to take the whole picture of the situation, not a microscopic view of Biden. His mouth is spewing out gobbledegook in order to keep people talking about the small stuff and not VP Biden's personal finances, taxes, etc. The Press always skews their views in non-journalistic behavior and gets away with it from the other media critics. They are only positive about anything the DNC or present White House pushes to them to quote, state, etc. as the gospel of Obama. His change and hope in 2008 has dwindled and is now unbelievable he ever got away without saying much about real accomplishments he wanted to make in our world. He gets the Nobel Peace prize in his first week as President which lowered the value of that award for anyone else that gets it. You give an award for performance and his Senatorial time was not a performance except on the stage.

Ogden, UT

It's true that in name, Mitt Romney and I belong to the same church, but I'll guarantee we don't hold the same religious beliefs.

I suggest you read Luke six especially from verse twenty-eight to the end of the chapter. Then listen to Mitt's political speeches. You'll be amazed at how different the two discourses are; i.e. Jesus's admonition to love your neighbor and Mitt's rhetoric to love your money.

Centerville, UT

It is interesting to read the condemnations from 'members of the church in good standing' about a man they have only met through the filter of the television media.

In your condemnation of Mitt and his money, maybe you ought to go watch a few of Barack's speeches and see if the commandment 'Thou shalt not covet' is violated more than a time or two. Maybe you could ask Harry Reid about bearing false witness the next time someone 'calls on the phone' and he makes a wild, unfounded accusation.

Romney was a Bishop and Stake President. Either you believe those callings are inspired or you don't. You may disagree on issues and that's fine. But before you form a self appointed judgement bar for Romney, consider where you are getting your information about him from.

Medical Lake, Washington

I suspect that what ever Romney does, it will be the wrong thing. If he doesn't discuss his religion, it will be because he is hiding something. If he does try to explain his background by virtue of his beliefs, then he is dragging religion into the political scene.

So all we can really say is this: The perfect candidate won't be on the ballot again this year. Then again, they never are - because one way or another, the available candidates seem to somehow be an overall fair representation of the populace at large.

Provo, UT

To see the reality of the beliefs of a member of the LDS Church, follow a senior couple serving a welfare services mission in one of the many poorest of the poor nations in the world. They serve because of a commitment to the belief that we are all children of a kind and loving Father In Heaven. They help the lame to become mobile with the donations of wheelchairs, the hungry to be provided food, medical training and equipment to save newborn babies, medical surgery missions to restore eyesight and clean water made available by the drilling of wells. Funds are donated by the 14 million members worldwide who often sacrifice the expense of their own meals and other necessities to give to the humanitarian department of the church. The couples serve at their own expense paying for their living quarters, their food and their transportation. They spend from six months to two years away from families and those beloved grand children. They truly represent the meaning of Christian goodness by a totally unselfish expression of compassion. That is what LDS Christianity is about.

Ogden, UT

Sorry A1994,

You err; how much you err you do not know. I hear Mitt's rhetoric, I hear his denials, I hear his accusations and condemning words of his political opponent--not his opponent's program or his agenda to improve the nation and it's people--but his personal and not even his political beliefs. Mitt, on the other hand, presents no plan, denies his previous record, refuses to disclose his tax returns and says only that he pays a whopping thirteen per cent tax. He pays a smaller percentage on his taxes than almost any other American citizen.

No, A1994, I strongly believe and suggest that it is you who knows nothing about your presidential candidate than I.

Spring, TX

Let's see, Mitt Romney hasn't taken a salary since when? His income is derived from capital gains. The capital gains tax is 15% is it not? If Mitt is paying 13% effective tax rate, he's not taking much in deductions.

The only reason democrats want Mitt to release his returns is so they can demonize the fact that he makes money and pays on capital gains. Those who pay no taxes will be upset that Mitt doesn't pay his fair share. I suppose they feel they need him to pay more in taxes so they can benefit more.

Provo, ut

By putting his religion out there it will help people draw a clearer conclusion between two men who want to lead the country. Then its up to the people to decide whether to choose one with some moral backbone or an opportunist politician who will say anything to gain the power. Maybe in the future the media might also look into the actual policies of each candidate rather than just mouthing the sound bites of the candidate speeches?

South Jordan, UT

I would recommend that everyone see "2016-Obama" at movie theaters right now. Especially citizens who voted for Obama in 2008. It is an important documentary by Dinesh D'Souza who was born in India the same year as BHO and came to America the same year as he did also. He journeys into the heart of the man who is President and who no one really knows. A real eye opener. This election November 6th is the most important one in the history of our country. It behooves us to know if Obama's dreams are our dreams for the United States of America.


You know, I really hate politics for all the reasons you guys describe in each of your comments above. Stop judging Mitt Romney, the Mormon. It is not our place to judge anyone. Nor do I judge President Obama. I too see the political ads and each election year the ads get worse. When the ads come on, exercise your right of freedome of speech and turn the channel! Study the candidates then choose the person you feel will best do the job as Commander and Chief of the armed forces and the person who will be selecting any Supreme Court Justices over the next 4 years.

I go to church with CEO's, CFO's, farmers, ranchers, businessmen, accountants, stay-at-home mom's, police officers, Fire fighters, those with money and those living in poverty. When we walk through the doors of the chapel, the hats go off and we become Brothers and Sisters in the Gospel.

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