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Published: Sunday, Aug. 19 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

Edited from a Ute fan trying to cause contention:

Quarterback is the toughest position to recruit at Utah"

Interesting. I've said similar things and I get criticized when I do.

Utah does not have the "athletes" needed to be a true national title contender like BYU, Alabama, Texas, Boise State, and USC. Why do I include BYU? By virtue of having an undefeated season and National Championship. BEATING the likes of Oklahoma along the way - we've proven we have the athletes and coaching staff to be the best in the nation.

We know what when you have a football team, winning games is #1.

This is another reason Utah is not and will never be a true national title contender.

When was the last time you heard someone like Saban, Mendenhall, Stoops, or Spurrier say winning football games doesn't need national television coverage? Never

I applaud Utah for sticking to what they believe in.

but Utah fans need to wake up and smell reality - your program is incompatible with being a true national power. So stop acting like you are.

You are a great WAC team like Wyoming, and that is all you will ever be.


Worf -- The Utes have been undefeated twice in the last 8 years how about BYU...Also, for some reason your team can't beat Utah...Only 30% of the time in the last 10 years.


Worf, Beating the likes of "Oklahoma along the way" You beat them by 1 point and Oklahoma lost 5 games that year. The Utes won the Sugar Bowl to a much, much, more superior Alabama team (superior to Oklahoma)...And as far as our athletes are concerned..the Utes way outshine the Cougs...Alex Smith was the #1 overall pick after his senior season...star Lotulelie of the Utes is projected to be taken 1st or 2nd overall in next years NFL draft.....John White was ranked the 9th best running back in college football last year..and etc. etc...

Syracuse, UT

Wilson is a stud! He has the skills and attitude to be a very successful quarterback.

worf, your comments are laced with jealousy. I'm truly sorry your team wasn't invited to the PAC-12 so the rivalry could continue. Your comments were entertaining and humorous, I hope that was your intent.

I'm sure you know that Utah does have the "athletes" to contend for a national title. In fact, Utah currently has 30 players on NFL rosters, byu has 14. I'm not saying Utah will contend for a national title this year but the Utes have finished in the top 5 with two undefeated seasons in the last decade. Has byu? Has bronco, as a head coach, ever had one of his recruits drafted by an NFL team? No. Yet you mention him with Saban, Spurrier and Stoops?

FYI, byu did not play "Oklahoma along the way" to their *National Championship*. Did you mean Tulsa? byu didn't play a single team that finished in the Top-25 during 1984 and beat the 7th place BIG-10 team in a pre-Christmas, lower tier bowl game.

Good luck Travis Wilson! Go Utes!

South Jordan, UT

The best part about Travis is his desire to continue to improve. Having to play against Utah's defense each day will only make him better. Travis will get playing time this year. Look for Travis to get significant playing time this year.

Springville, UT

Interesting to see the 'media grooming' of a new Ute QB when the 'old' one just has a 'sore arm'.

More stories like these will whip up a full case of 'panic mode' in a heart beat!

It's going to get fun this week.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Im not so sure the Utes wont be better off with Wilson. Wynn has trouble staying healthy. I'm glad it's a positiion Utah is fairly deep at.

Salt Lake City, UT


Sorry, but the skewed record from the Crowton era is meaningless. BYU and Utah both have new coaches, who have been in place for 7 years. During the Bronco/Kyle era:

BYU has been ranked in the Top 25 FIVE times; the Utes only three.

BYU has THREE Top 15 finishes, Utah only ONE.

BYU has FIVE 10+ win seasons, Utah only three.

BYU has TWO conference championships, Utah only ONE.


BYU 65-25
Utah 66-24

Sorry to disappointment you little sister, but Utah is once again lagging behind.

No worries; the Utes are so deep and talented, and Brian Johnson is such an amazing Offensive Coordinator, that the Utes don't even need a QB to beat Northern Colorado. After that, well...

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

Isn't it funny that despite all of BYU's accolades mentioned above you still decide to end it all by stating that Utah has one more win in this era than BYU does? and lets not forget that Kyle and the Utes have the rivalry edge as well. sooooooooo....

Spanish Fork, UT


You forgot to mention...

BYU top five finishes, ZERO
BYU NFL drafts last two seasons, ZERO
BYU BCS game victories, ZERO
BYU invites to an elite conference, ZERO
BYU corny T-shirt slogans, endless

Sorry to disappoint you little brother, but Utah will only continue to out recruit and play the Y from here on out. If Utah wins come Sept 15th (very likely) then you guys will disappear for only a couple weeks. Then reappear on here posing as Washington or USC fans. You guys are priceless.

Magna, UT

Jenny3 and MidMajor

You took the bait completely, Worf's comment is, just as he said in his opening line an edited version of a post by a BYU hater a few days earlier. All he did was turn the tables and poke fun at u. That it was at your expense is the best part.

LOL at silly girls and silly boys!

As an occasionally jealous but ardent BYU fan, I like this Travis Wilson kid and believe he will be a star at Utah, I agree with PAC12 and Spokane Ute, I wish Wynn well but I don't hold out much hope he will survive the season.

CO Ute

Hey worf, Minnesota also has an undefeated season and a national championship on their resume. Would you call them a national title contender? Accomplishments in the previous century are nice but don't mean a think in 2012.

From what I have heard, there are no plans to redshirt Wilson this year and I suspect he will get some playing time. Hopefully it is time in games where the outcome has already been decided and Wynn can make it through the season. We shall see.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Worf is funny. Like many TDS players and fans their conversation each preseason is about a NC.

Utah, on the other hand, is disciplined to focus on winning rather than talking. This is more my style.


Magna, UT

At Jenny3

Jenny, your rant is just that, a rant. Alabama (2008) on paper was and is far superior to Utah. I do not mock Utah's win over Alabama though. Utah had a superior game plan and shell shocked the Tide in the first quarter particularly but to infer that Alabama was that much superior to Oklahoma is ridiculous at best. Remember, BYU took out the #1 QB in the country which completely altered the fortunes of Oklahoma.

Utah's Sugar Bowl win will forever be a glowing historical achievement and it should be but to compare Utah's wins and BYU's wins is all conjecture. It's like comparing BYU's 70-31 win over Utah and Utah's 54-10 win last year. A win is a win and should be enjoyed but to gloat in the face of your opponent will get you a personal foul and will come back to you as humiliation like the loss to Colorado which diminished the BYU win.

Orem, UT


"Isn't it funny that despite all of BYU's accolades mentioned above you still decide to end it all by stating that Utah has one more win in this era than BYU does?"

What's even more funny is LonestarRunner misspoke.

The actual record is

Bronco 66-24
Kyle 65-25



You left out a couple of stats - let me help you out:

LOSSES to 10-loss Teams
Bronco - ZERO
Kyle - TWO

SHUTOUTS to 10-loss Teams
Bronco - ZERO
Kyle - ONE

LOSSES to conference bottom dwellers - CSU, Wyoming, New Mexico, UNLV, Colorado
Bronco - ZERO
Kyle - SIX

Sorry to disappoint you little brother, but Utah will NEVER out recruit USC, and Kyle's propensity for losing to conference bottom dwellers will keep the Utes from ever winning a conference championship.

With a playoff starting in 2014, BYU doesn't need to be associated with a power conference in order to be a contender for a national championship. The Cougars have enough quality teams on their schedule that they're well positioned to be a serious contender when their next breakthrough year comes.

Highland, UT

@utah "fans"

You fail to realize that Worf's post is an almost word for word copy of one your very own christina b posted on a BYU article. Worf just took it and changed it slightly for your benefit. If you think it is ridiculous then you are really criticizing one of your own. LOL! Nicely done Worf!

@go utes

Actually Lone Star Runner is wrong about the overall records of Mendenhall and whittingham. It is Mendenhall with more overall wins than whittingham. Glad to see you just assumed the opposite was true. It's not. LOL!

Sandy, UT

The Utes success lie in the future, not necessarily this year. One would hope that they have a short fuse with Wynn and look for playing time for Wilson.

We have seen what Wynn and Hayes can do and it's not a pretty sight against PAC 12 talent.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Utah, on the other hand, is disciplined to focus on winning rather than talking."

You mean, like the entire week before the Utes were DESTROYED by TCU 7-47?

However, you are correct about the need for Utah fans keeping mum about championships. Until the Utes master the art of beating the 10-loss teams and conference bottom-dwellers on their schedule, it would be wise for the Utes to avoid any talk of championships of any kind, be they conference or national.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Wilson will get plenty of playing time. History proves Jordan Wynn will get knocked out early.

Baltimore, MD

Sounds Utah is getting ready to throw Travis to the wolves. At least the Utes have an experienced OC to help take some of the pressure off.

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