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Published: Sunday, Aug. 19 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

It's called hypocrisy.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT


But the RomneyRyan camp is banking that the public doesn't do any research but merely continue to drink the kool-aid that foxnews keeps serving.

Salt Lake City, UT

So Roland, you can vote blindfolded in the next election. They're all the same, right?

T. Party
Pleasant Grove, UT


Precisely the reason you haven't seen me leading cheers for anyone. That said...

We have a binary system. There are now two national tickets that have any chance of winning the general election. With Bailout Bob, we had more conservative alternatives. With Romney/Ryan, we don't. So we vote for the ticket that most closely matches our views. Just like you do.

West Valley City, Utah

The Tea Party and much of America were reacting to a period of highly elevated and wildly irresponsibly spending. It was a period of outrage in which Mr. Bennett fell victim to high emotions.

Sandy, UT

Yes, Paul Ryan has a disgraceful voting record as a Congressmen, namely his approval of the bank bailout scam of 2008. Joe Biden, Ryan's counterpart, also has a poor record as a Senator (he, too, voted for the bailout). Therefore the two cancel out. That leaves the actual men running for President: Romney, who never has voted in the halls of Congress, and Barack Obama, who voted for the bailout scam as a Senator, then as President pushed through the equally horrifying ARRA, not to mention Obamacare. I will definitely be voting for the lesser of two evils, Mitt Romney.

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