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Published: Thursday, Aug. 16 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

@Uteology "No. I expect them to quit just like they did last year by middle of the 3rd quarter."

Why? Again, short of giving you the ball 4 times, including 2 that directly led to TD's (Jake Heaps fumble in the 1st half, JD Falslev having the ball bounce off his chest on a kickoff in the second half, put the Utes on the 3 yd line) and putting our D in horrible positions, why would they just give up? Remember, outside of the aforementioned TO's, it's a 16-10 game in the middle of the 3rd quarter.

"I expect Utah defense to destroy BYU's running game like last year (22 carries for 11 yards)."

That could be the case, Utah's D line is fantastic. However, I expect BYU's running game to be much improved, and for Riley to help soften up that line, much like he did against TCU, who also had a great D against the run last year (Riley had 84 yds rushing on 23 carries...almost a 4 yard average).

Provo, UT

@Uteology continued "Thus forcing Riley to throw, I expect Riley to be as good as he has been against good defenses."

Against TCU, Riley accounted for almost 300 yds of offense, more than the entire TCU team combined. That was also arguably the best that a QB from the state of Utah has done against TCU since Max Hall back in 2007 (yes, that includes Brian Johnson in '08). The guy's not Jake Heaps, but he's a much better passer than people give him credit for. Heck, Kyle Whittingham recently said that Jordan Wynn has the 3rd strongest arm on the team, but he's still the starter.

And with our WR's, I actually want Riley to throw the ball, especially against the Utes secondary.

@Juice Box "Your team is IRRELEVANT!"

Irrelevance is having to get a contract with KJZZ because the PAC 12 wouldn't air your games,, and running your football facilities out of a trailer park. As for the 'tantrum', I simply listed some of the facts about last year's game, and why I feel that BYU will crush the Utes this year. Nothing you said has changed my mind about that.

Provo, UT

@Uteology "I just looked at the two scoring drives, there were no such penalties on BYU."

Good catch, I believe the PI call I was referring to came on the Utes FG drive in the 3rd quarter.

"The current talent on BYU's offense has averaged 13 points against Utah's defense, at 21-10 with a 3-2 TO margin the game was over. Which is why BYU quit shortly after."

Not entirely sure what that phrase meant, but the current talent on that BYU roster had average a little more than 10 points a game against defenses that were far worse than Utah's.

The current talent on this year's team put up 20 points on a TCU defense that was comparable to Utah's last season, and that was with two TO's in the blue zone.

The fact that the defense quit in the 3rd quarter is also not a good thing for Utah fans. BYU's season changed when Riley came into the USU game and the team as a whole played better.

So again, unless BYU just gives U the ball 4 times like last year, I expect a big Cougar win.

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU will fill Edwards stadium regardless of how the teams fairs going forward. Going to a BYU football game is a great escape for students and a nice fun - filled autumn afternoon with the family for most other fans. BYU has a unique culture that you would be hard pressed to find just about anywhere and wins and losses are really not the top of the list - not for Bronco not for the administration and not for most fans. There are some hard core football fans who really ache for BYU getting a shot at the BIG 12 and getting Texas and OU every other year in Provo but for the most part BYU fans aren't all that football - literate and just want to come and enjoy the festivities. I think a loyal fan base is a great thing regardless. The Y's glory days are over for good but I still expect to see 60000 every week.

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